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FULL DISCLOSURE - Fidel O. Abalos (The Freeman) - January 16, 2021 - 12:00am

Due to the ongoing pandemic, millions of jobs are lost. While some of these jobs will be back as soon as the vaccine will be successfully administered globally, still, it is a fact that some will remain unemployed.  

As a testament, even before the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) wreaked havoc globally, the bricks and mortar businesses were already on the receiving end of online retail’s surge. Online retail’s advantage though rose exponentially during the onslaught of COVID-19.  Thus, some have folded up and jobs were gone forever.

We can all see this happening in our midst. Inarguably, online retail platforms are sprouting and are into their own sorts of competition. Just like the usual bricks and mortar businesses that we’ve seen growing up, they are also on sale, more often, to increase traffic or patronage.

True enough, online retail’s dominance is well demonstrated by Amazon. A company that only started selling books online is now into everything we can imagine. Impressively, just established in July 5, 1994, it has expanded into cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Consequently, it is now considered as one of the Big Four technology companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook.   

However, the fact remains that though it has so many undertakings now, its wealth accumulation started with online retail, particularly, with just one product, books. To those who have the itch for entrepreneurship or those who were rendered jobless, that fact is something truly inspiring.   

Needless to say, some are into entrepreneurship already. To most of them, modern technology made their start relatively easy. They are into dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is a kind of business where a store doesn’t really keep the products it sells.  It is a business model wherein a store sells a product (online) it purchases from a third party (online) and has it delivered or shipped directly to the buyer. Consequently, the seller does not handle it or has not even seen the actual product. 

Simply put, the customer puts an order in the dropshipper’s online store, the dropshipper, in turn, places an order with the supplier. The dropshipper’s supplier will then ship the order to the customer. As the flow will suggest, this is a retail fulfillment method. Obviously, the dropshipper does not maintain stocks or inventories but an online store. Therefore, there is no need to invest thousands of pesos in it.

Apparently, it is so easy to get started. The fact that stocks aren’t carried, a warehouse isn’t needed and all storing activities like packing and shipping the orders and handling incoming or returned items do not exist. Consequently, overhead cost is so minimal.

Moreover, store location isn’t an issue because the netizens are everywhere. The items that maybe sold are unlimited. The internet is awash with these.   

Due to the seeming ease in starting an online retail business, a lot of brick and mortar entrepreneurs have shifted to ecommerce. Others have entertained the idea of still having their physical stores but added ecommerce at the same time.

Moreover, due to the popularity of ecommerce, a lot of those who have the itch for entrepreneurship and have yet to start, opted for it.  Also, out of despair, those who were rendered jobless because of the ongoing pandemic went into ecommerce as well. Their common question though is, what to sell online?

The good thing is, there is a website that will guide you in addressing this concern.  It’s called whattosell.online.  So easy to remember, isn’t it? So user friendly, it shows new product ideas. Not only that, it tells you how to market the product. Or, if you wish to ask a friend who happens to be a blogger to help you, there are blog ideas as well. More importantly, it gives you supplier information. 

Simply put, if you wish to be a dropshipper, it will be very convenient for you. If you wish to buy, store and sell online, you can always find an array of products in this website.  Surely, regardless of your business model, you will be overwhelmed by the number of products that you may be able to sell.

On the other hand, if you have the itch for designing and making items for sell, you can simply visit this site for product ideas. Not only that you can probably make better profit, you can also help generate labor and help families survive this current crisis.


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