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Five types of road users you love to hate

STANDING START - Lord Seno - The Freeman

All of us have something we find annoying while driving. For some, it's those jeepneys that stop anywhere they want. Others are drivers who fail to signal or give way. In the following list, I highlight five things that constantly annoy me during my daily commute and hope that the new year will enlighten these drivers. Check them out below and let us know if you agree with the list.

1. Double parkers

We see these every day. Inconsiderate drivers who are so bad at parking, they might as well pay double the fee. Some probably don’t want dings on their expensive cars. We get it, but it doesn’t give you the right to take up two spaces in a parking lot. Kindly spare a thought for other drivers.

2. Drivers who fail to use their signal lights

Possibly one of the greatest annoyances of Cebuano drivers are motorists who fail to signal. The simple act of using signal lights is one of the forms if not the only form of communication that us drivers have with one another. By failing to signal and abruptly cutting into someone's lane, you are endangering the lives of several people. There's a reason why most drivers will react angrily when someone suddenly cuts into their lane without signaling.

3. Rude Drivers

From revving their engines to their disgusting driving etiquette, these impatient drivers tend to treat the roads like an arcade game, crisscrossing traffic like there is no tomorrow.We also see these drivers who park on critical bottlenecks not realizing they have created a kilometer-long traffic jam.

These drivers will also honk at the cars in front the moment the traffic light turns green as if there is no tomorrow. A real annoyance on the road.

4. Erring Cyclists

Don’t get me wrong, I too am a cyclist. Not all of them deserve the hate but there are some who errantly break traffic rules. Luckily for these rascals, nothing is at stake if they violate the law, except safety.

5. Drivers who won’t give way

These drivers will not let you pass even if you've signaled your intention to merge into their lane. Or if you caught them slacking and you filter into their lane, they honk at you as if you stole something from them. These types of drivers often make driving in Cebu rather unpleasant.

Special Mention:  Jaywalkers - Pedestrian crossings were built for a reason, to give pedestrians safe passage while crossing the road. Even those “white elephant” skywalks have a purpose. If you decide to gamble with your life and cross the road without using them, please do not point fingers at motorists should you get into an accident.

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