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FULL DISCLOSURE - Fidel O. Abalos (The Freeman) - December 19, 2020 - 12:00am

Amid this ongoing pandemic, if there is one thing that remained unperturbed, that is the pace by which science and technology have moved and evolved. We are not talking here about the incredible pace by which vaccines are developed. Though it is one of them, what we are trying to mean are the technologies that somehow kept us, at the very least, sane in this difficult time. 

Though some of them already existed, the pandemic made them more valuable. Truth to tell, among others, Zoom, Amazon, Netflix, Teladoc and Shopify have been very useful. 

Their usefulness were demonstrated to the hilt as the pandemic pushed the dispersal of some business/backroom activities from developed countries to the developing and third world countries. Likewise, as it prompted the transfers of some jobs that can be done remotely to employees wishing to “work-from-home.” 

As companies (multinational and local) are relocating, the need for real-time technology is rising. So that, right now, there are a lot of platforms/applications that are developed by both the tech giants and startups that are geared towards that direction. We have already discussed some of these platforms/apps previously. Again, the pace is so fast that after we’ve looked into it, another one better comes along.

To recall, on top of the already available operational software, we have singled out several applications that are in use and can be used to address the other business concerns, like the need to communicate. 

Notably, we’ve already discussed how the conduct of meetings have evolved. From the synchronous in person meeting, to synchronous virtual meetings (like, Zoom), then, to asynchronous virtual meetings (like, Loom and Comeet). Then, recognizing the need to constantly collaborate, we stumbled upon an app called Remotion. It is an app that put premium on collaboration. A kind of collaboration that happens where workmates are all physically present in one workplace though physically they are thousands of miles away.

It is built based on the premise that “collaboration is best face-to-face.” As discussed then, it is a “quick video chat app that puts your team on your desktop so you can see who’s free and jump into lightweight video chats.” This is possible as the app gives the team members the opportunity to let everyone know what he is up to or his work status at the very moment. 

Therefore, a team member in need won’t hesitate to poke the person he will seek some helpwith if he is available for a talk. 

However, just this week, we again came across with another tool that is far better than these tools combined. Founded in April this year by Roux, Leonard Witteler and Pascal Steck in Berlin, the pandemic gave them a good break “to bring the project to the remote working world.”  Called “Wonder”, it was known as Yotribe, initially. 

While similarwith the other applications which provide virtual spaces where people can meet and talk, it works in large and multiple groups all at the same time. Amazingly, just like real-life situations, participants can move from one group discussion to another.

Figure out, for instance, that each department (probably, there could be eight of them) in a company is having a meeting simultaneously. The general manager sneaks in and participate in all of these meetings in his own time. “Wonder” makes it possible too, virtually. 

Imagine also a seminar where the entire class is split into several groups and the facilitator assigns each (group) a topic for discussion. Just like in person seminars, the class can be split and the facilitator may join in each group’s discussion when necessary, again, virtually.  

On a larger scale, the same could also be true to conventions or conferences. Not only that delegates can listen to speeches in the plenary, they can also do the same during break-out sessions in another rooms. Just like real conferences, they can hop in from one break-out session to another. Again, virtually. 

Not only that, this tool is very useful too in trade fairs/exhibits.  Just like real life fairs where an exhibitor has a stall to interact with potential buyers, “Wonder” will also give him a room for it. 

How are these possible? “Wonder” has rooms that can collectively host up to 100,000 people.  Each room can accommodate up to 1,500 people. So, whether it be meet ups, virtual offices, networking, trade fairs, seminars, conferences, “Wonder” will be truly useful.

Actually, it is not just a videoconferencing tool, it “mimics real life” situations.

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