Is your God an alien?
BUSINESS AFTER BUSINESS - Romelinda Garces (The Freeman) - June 6, 2019 - 12:00am

It is easy for us to be influenced by stories of the existence of aliens, ghosts, territorial spirits, and other extra-terrestrials or ETs but it is hard for us to believe that we come from a God, let alone, a God who saves us from the fires of hell.

More so, people search scientific explanations and look into archeological findings of events that may have precluded the landing of an alien space ship, or seek a medium to search for the loss of a loved one in a deep forest where anitos were said to rule. 

We read and note events in history and science that show evidence of the continental drift, the earth movement leading to the parting of the red sea or the blood red color of the river Nile when Moses struck the water with his rod. There are explanations for these events as vegetation and the river bed of the Nile turns red at certain times.

We dig into scientific studies and some mock the attribution of the events to the truths that are laid out in the Bible. We seek explanations, and sometimes find sound evidence that substantiate our theories that indeed the Red Sea parted. But was it Moses, or more specifically was it God’s work?

Forever, that thin line of faith will always be tested. Sadly, instead of also reading deeply into the text of the Bible, we prod on to search science. My question is, granted everything is explicable, and has scientific data to prove the hypotheses that there indeed was a strong storm more than the strength of Yolanda that parted the waters, why were people gravitated to the ground? Or if there was a quake that forced the waters apart, why were the Israelites allowed to cross first before the waters fell? Why were the Egyptians still on their horses until they reached the Red Sea?

I will not refute the science nor will I attempt to defend God. He does not need my defense. God is a God of order. He plans everything. He knows all. He can foresee our questions and He provided answers even in the olden times. He knew we would fall. He knew we would seek explanations. He knew Adam and Eve would sin. He knew we would search knowledge and find power in it that is why He prohibited Adam to eat from the tree of good and evil. For He knew how pride will take over the prowess of knowledge, and He was not wrong.

He knew we will find out about how the sea was parted or why the Nile turned red. But human as we are, we forgot to look into the timing. Why did it happen at that time? And even now, when we call on God, a God we cannot see, or hear, why does He answer? Why does He heal? Why does discipline? Why does He protect or provide or persevere in spite of the many persecutions?

Why does the Bible not get stale? Why does it find its way even into countries that ban the practice of Christianity? Why is it still the best-selling book and the world-renown book?  Not everyone knows  George R.R. Martin, the author of the Game of Thrones except those who read his books or watch the series. But almost everyone knows that there is a Bible and that it is the book that Christians use as their guide in their practice of their faith.

Perhaps the fruit of knowledge got stuck in Adam’s throat that is why some of us still do not understand the truths that God has been long telling us to believe. He did not just talk to us then, He provided us with stories of experiences of His providence, His love, and His faithfulness. He even gave us our own hero in Christ who does not only save us from witch craft and alien invasions but from eternal damnation but we have to seek that in the guidebook He left for us.

Sadly, it is easy for us to believe spiritists and séance masters and we read more about them in fiction. We avidly watch the X-files and get intrigued by the existence of aliens as we get bored and yawn at the stories in the Bible which are actual files. We find excuses not to read the Bible only waiting for our golden years to read and understand more about God. Why do we want to be afraid? Why are we not pursuing the safety and security that our God has promised?

I envy those who look forward to their meeting with Christ with excitement. We pray every day to be closer to God, but honestly we still are afraid to die.

God has promised peace. And this will only happen our heart is at peace within. And it will only be peaceful when we let go, and let God. And all the answers to our questions will be explained in detail and it will take faith far stronger and beyond our human understanding to accept, that God exists and is in control of the entire universe. But it will take a first step. We have to know our God better and read about Him. Then find out, our God is not an alien trapped in the burning bush.

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