The election circus starts
VERBAL VARIETY - Annie Fe Perez (The Freeman) - March 30, 2019 - 12:00am

The campaign period for the local candidates has finally commenced. This is it, finally the election season. There are motorcades left and right, along with sorties by national candidates. Promises are being delivered on the spot coupled with free fans, t-shirts, and other giveaways. Candidates shake hands with the voters as they make their rounds with the hope that they won't be forgotten as the election draws near. Radio and television will be filled with different advertisements and jingles for candidates. I say good luck to your last song syndrome.

I feel like this is a child's play, a circus that keeps going in the same direction. Every day and night it is the same script --same promises, same speeches, and same entertainment for the people. The voters are wooed by the charm of the candidates, forgetting the real essence of the elections. They often forget the role of the candidates in government, thus disregarding their credentials and educational background.

As the following days unfold, it will be filled with controversies and candidates mudslinging against each other. Cases will be filed against one another with the purpose of tearing one's reputation down. Media practitioners have to be very vigilant so their stories will not jeopardize their own credibility. They must choose the story angles and slants very carefully or they will be labelled as biased.

But the election is just a season; it is not an event that happens every day. Once candidates are elected into office, they go back to their real selves -¬-above all others. They disregard the public and the true needs of the people. They go back to their real interests and how they can maximize power in their position. We are left to be blamed for the poor choices made and protest for these leaders to step down. Isn't it already too late? This could have been avoided had there been thorough research into the candidates.

I wish we all keep in mind that the government is not all glitz, glamor, wit, and charm. We need people who know their job well. We need individuals who can chew governance for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner --that way we will be sure of a good government-- although I am not undermining first-timers with potential. All I am saying is it is best if we elect people who have done their homework into office. This is not a joke. The Philippines is in a sick condition and needs uplifting. How else can we do that but vote legislators and leaders who know their job well?

There is a month and a few weeks left before the elections. As anticipated, there will be a lot that will transpire. I hope we all learn our lessons. Our mindsets should be changed by now. We should disregard vote-buying and all the cheating that comes along with the election. Let us keep it sacred as it should be. No vote is worth a penny, not even one's life. Choose wisely.

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