Yulo’s Japanese coach takes blame

Caloy Yulo

MANILA, Philippines — “Blame me.”

Japanese coach Munehiro Kugiyama yesterday said he was at fault over Filipino gymnast Caloy Yulo’s heartbreaking performance that resulted to the latter’s shocking exit in his pet floor exercise event in the Tokyo Olympics.

“If you want to blame, please say (it) to his coach. If you want to say waste, please say (it) to his coach,” said Kugiyama in a Facebook post.

Kugiyama’s statement was also in response to the criticism Yulo received after his failed attempt to make the finals in the same event which he topped in the 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany.

Kugiyama said the 21-year-old has suffered in silence and has moved forward.

“He (is) already seeing (moving) forward now, please support and play (pray) for him,” he said.

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Yulo, though, has a chance to make up for the missed opportunities as he made the finals of his next favorite event – vault.

And Kugiyama vowed Yulo will be better after this experience.

“I’m 100 percent respect the day of his tears and I promise this experience (will) make him stronger than now. Do not give up until the very end. Never give up and go forward always,” he said.

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