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Holy Mother Mary describes how Jesus looked like

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“The life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics,” by Raphael Brown, is a compilation from the revelations of the Blessed Mother in the 12th to the 19th centuries to mystical saints: St. Elizabeth of Schoenau, Hungary, St. Bridget of Sweden, Ven. Mother Mary of Agreda, Spain and Sister Anna Catherine Emmerich, Germany.

‘Nothing unclean ever touched Him…’

The last public appearance of Christ as a child was when His Blessed Mother and foster father St. Joseph lost Him for three days in Jerusalem. At 12, they found Him in a temple with the intellectuals known historically as the Pharisees and the Scribes. In His youth, this was how the Blessed Mother described Him to St. Bridget of Sweden:

“As the Gospel says, my Son was subject to His parents, and He acted like other children until He grew up. Nothing unclean ever touched Him, nor was the least disorder ever seen His hair. When He grew older, He was constantly in prayer.

“His features and His words so wonderful and so pleasing that many persons when in trouble used to say: ‘Let us go to Mary’s Son – He will console us!’ As He grew in age, He worked with His hands, and He talked with us so inspiringly about God that we were continually filled with indescribable joy. And when we were in fear, in poverty, and in trouble, He did not produce gold and silver for us, but urged us to be patient, and we were marvelously protected. What we needed was sometimes given to us by compassionate and devout persons; and sometimes came from our work, so that we had what we needed to live on, but nothing superfluous, for we sought only to serve God.

“At home, with friends who visited us, He talked familiarly about the Law of God and its meanings and types. He openly disputed with learned men, so that they were astonished and used to say, Joseph’s Son instructs the Scribes – there is a great spirit in Him!”

Even the wicked were inspired looking at HIM

During the four years between the death of St. Joseph and the beginning of Christ’s public ministry, this was how Jesus Christ looked like, as revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden by the Blessed Virgin: “You are not able to see my Son as He is in Heaven, but let me describe to you his physical appearance as He was in the world.

“When He was 20 years old, He reached His full growth in manly stature and strength. He had no superfluous flesh. His muscles were well developed. And He was powerfully built. His hair, eye brows, and beard were light brown. His beard measured the width of a hand. His forehead was neither prominent nor retreating but straight and erect. His nose was well proportioned, neither large nor small. His eyes were so clear and pure that even His enemies enjoyed looking at Him. His lips were not thick, but light red. His chin was pleasing and finely proportioned. His cheeks were moderately full, and His complexion was a clear white mixed with fresh red. He held Himself straight and erect, and there was not a spot on His whole body.”

in the privacy of Mary and Jesus’ home

Jesus and Mary usually took one meal a day, at about six o’clock in the evening. Frequently, they ate nothing but bread, although sometimes Mary added fish or fruits or vegetables. She served her divine Son on her knees. Often in the privacy of their home, Mary would remain prostrate on the ground, adoring her Lord until He told her to rise and then with tears of reverence, love, and humility she would kiss His feet or hands. She did all the housework for Him with joy and eager zeal, and whenever her angels would begin her tasks before she did, she would order them to stop, so that she could do the work herself.

Upon meeting Jesus, people knew that the Messiah had come

After reaching His 27th year, Jesus began to mingle more with men and to go away on trips. He spent the nights in prayer on the hills of Galilee. When He returned after two or three days without rest or food, He gave His Mother His hand and greeted her with great affection, yet also with grave restraint. He told her about the hidden blessings which had been communicated to many souls.

In His appearance Jesus showed so much beauty, grace, peace, kindness and gentleness of manner, and His way of speaking was so vivid and strong, that with the help of divine grace many persons decided to give up their sinful ways of life, and thus became capable of believing that the Messiah had already begun His reign.

In addition, usually accompanied by Mary, Jesus visited the sick and the grief-stricken, especially among the poor. He restored health of body to many and assisted the dying, giving them true peace of mind. Mary did the same, particularly among women.

‘Mary My Daughter, offer your Son to Me…’

One day, when Jesus was 30 years old, Mary heard a voice of marvelous power say to her: “Mary, My Daughter and My Spouse, offer your Son to Me as a sacrifice.”

Realizing that the time had at last come for the redemption of mankind through the Public Life and Death of Christ, she replied generously: “Eternal King and Almighty God, Lord of all, He is Thine and so am I. What then can I offer Thee that is not more Thine than mine? Yet because He is the life of my soul and the soul of my life, to yield him into the hands of His enemies at the cost of His life is a great sacrifice. However, let not my will but Thine be done. I offer up my son in order that he may pay the debt contracted by the children of Adam.”

The Blessed Trinity immediately rewarded and consoled her by a vision in which she was shown the glory and the good that would result from Jesus’ sacrifice and hers. When she came out of his rapture, Mary was prepared to endure the pain of being separated from her beloved Son and Lord.

Mary witnessed Christ’s baptism and His fasting in the desert

During the absence of Christ, Mary spent nearly all her time in prayer. In conversation with her holy angels, whom the Lord had commanded to attend to her in visible form, they kept her informed of all her Son’s actions and prayers, so that she was able to pray with Him whenever He prayed.

The Blessed Virgin was also able to witness in visions all the most important incidents of the public life of Christ, no matter where He was at the time. Thus, she saw him being baptized by John and then go up into the mountainous desert and begin His 40 days fast. Mary then locked the door of her house, and entering her little oratory she began to pray and fast with her son, imitating and co-operating with Him in His work for mankind.

After 40 days of uninterrupted prayer and fasting, she witnessed the threefold temptation of Christ by Satan, and from her retreat she likewise entered into conflict with the Tempter. When she saw the devil carrying Jesus from place to place, she wept, but soon she rejoiced over the victory of the Lord. Then, her angels brought her some of the heavenly food, which administered to Jesus at the same time, and with them came a number of birds that had kept Him company during His fast, and they gathered around her and sang sweetly while she ate the miraculous food, which quickly restored her strength, for Jesus had sent it to her with His blessing.

Mary accepts the Apostles as her spiritual children

When she saw Jesus call to His service His first Apostles Andrew, John, Peter, Philip, and Nathanael, Mary accepted them as her spiritual children in the Lord and prayed fervently for them. The Savior taught them to revere and admire His Mother even before they met her, and He impressed upon them her extraordinary sanctity and virtue. At the very first words of the Master concerning Mary, St. John conceived a holy love and esteem for her. The five Apostles begged Jesus to let them meet and honor His Mother, and He therefore led them northward to the Lake of Galilee.

As soon as Mother Mary was aware that they were approaching, she set the cottage in order and prepared food for them. When Jesus came near, she waited for Him at the door, and when He entered she prostrated herself on the floor and kissed His feet, while she asked for His blessing. The profound humility and reverence with which the Blessed Virgin received her Son filled the disciples with new devotion and awe for their Master. Feeling a mystical attraction toward the holy Mother of God, they immediately knelt before her and begged her to accept them as her sons and servants.

The trinity of shrines in the Philippines reveals the true-likeness of our Lord

How blessed are we Filipinos that in the most critical time of our history – the Martial Law days, the EDSA Revolution and the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, the three mystical shrines at Hacienda Tamsi, Cadiz, Negros Occidental, the O.B. Montessori Shrine in Greenhills and the Mt. Pinatubo Hidden Temple Shrine in Sitio Palan, San Marcelino, Zambalez allowed “DIVINITY TO DESCEND FOR HUMANITY TO ASCEND.” All of the statues of Jesus reveal the true likeness as described by the Blessed Mother.

When our Lord personally comes down in our midst, won’t you accept His invitation to visit Him? Join us on April 5, 2014 for our 22nd pilgrimage to the Mt. Pinatubo Hidden Temple Shrine as we celebrate the great feast of Easter on top of a 60 -hill, at 5 a.m. if possible to reach the 10 a.m. mass celebration. It’s a 3-hour drive via SCTEX SBMA. Take Olongapo, San Marcelino market where shrine road starts.

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