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ROSES AND THORNS - Pia Roces Morato - The Philippine Star

In a nutshell, Pastor Quiboloy said it best – one must reflect on national interest vs personal interest. When President Bongbong Marcos ran for the presidency, it was in our unified interest that PBMM wins. The day came when we got our wish – 31 million of us. Like Pastor Quiboloy, I too consider myself as one of the stakeholders who, in those days, dedicated every moment to a campaign that not only meant so much to me personally but also, witnessed with my own eyes, the overwhelming clamor for the UNITEAM.

I will never forget how our riders came to meet with me frequently as they arranged motorcades together with my support where my role was to help mobilize successfully. In those days, it would have been easy to shine as bright as I possibly could but in my heart of hearts, I knew that I was not the only stakeholder and that my friends and comrades in our campaign trail deserved the spotlight for all their hard work and dedication. This was really the time I learned about real unity, where it was my job to make sure that others were heard and had the chance to move freely while I embraced a more strategic and supportive role, especially for my friends whose roots were mostly coming from the north.

As stakeholders, we must all understand that our personal interests come second to the common good and, in this case, second to national interest. Today, President Bongbong Marcos carries the interests of every Filipino regardless of whom they voted for. Nation building, as Pastor Quiboloy spoke of in his recent interview, was what propelled all of us to rally behind the UNITEAM and by understanding this, it is clear that Filipinos want to be participants in such.

In President Marcos’ hands therefore is the will to uphold not only the law but good governance, which every citizen so rightfully deserves. Having said this, we must, as the good pastor says, protect our President as now, national interest is in his hands. Our focus lies in our economy and peace and order as the focal areas we have placed both faith and trust on when it comes to nation building.

Clearly the presidency is not an easy job. We knew we were electing someone in the middle of a world recession, yet we made the unanimous decision to place our trust in a president who puts his people first. President Bongbong Marcos continues not only to represent us around the world but more so, he continues to express his gratitude for unity, just like he did at the UN General Assembly in behalf of 110 million Filipinos while elaborating the strides we have made on our path, as the President said, to sustainable development, making the Philippines a prosperous country by 2040.

By putting the Filipino first, President Bongbong Marcos appealed to the UN member-states for the candidature of the Philippines to the Security Council for the term of 2027-2028 for peace building which, we all should know by now, stands crucial to nation building as it impacts all stakeholders. While we depend on our President’s wisdom in governing his people, he too depends on us as we provide valuable support and insight for the success of his governance.

Just like the campaign trail that brought many people together far and wide, each one of us has a significant role to play, even to this day. What we have achieved from unity as part of the UNITEAM was a formidable connection of millions. A platform of unity that is resilient and inclusive, as the President said at the UN General Assembly, is to me the very definition of our astounding votes where the voice of the people was the voice of God. Winston Churchill once said, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, it is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

That was the victory we earned in the Bangsamoro peace agreement, where a consultative mindset benefited the very people our leaders serve. Filipinos indeed have proven to be resilient throughout the years and inclusiveness in good governance has proven to be effective when it serves and engages all people in the interest of every active stakeholder involved in building our nation today and for the many days to come.


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