Losing confidence in the UN…WHO, UNCHR
SHOOTING STRAIGHT - Bobit S. Avila (The Philippine Star) - July 7, 2020 - 12:00am

Last week, just six days before it would have lapsed into a law, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte signed the Anti-Terror Bill and only the anti-Duterte trolls attacked him in the social media… believing that this would be a huge negative in the coming presidential race two years from today when the reality is Pres. Duterte can no longer run for president. I would like to believe that he is already tired fighting for this country for a man of his age. But he is still the President and one of his biggest headaches is the insurgency of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the Abu Sayyaf. These are violence driven organizations that can only be driven out of existence through force.

Of course the Human Rights Watch organization led by Phil Robertson, Deputy Asia Director issued a statement saying “By signing the Anti-Terrorism Bill into law, President Duterte has pushed Philippines democracy into an abyss. The law threatens to significantly worsen the human rights situation in the Philippines, which has nosedived since the catastrophic “war on drugs” began four years ago. The Anti-Terrorism Law will give a green light to the systematic targeting of political critics and opponents, as well as ordinary Filipinos who dare to speak out. Human Rights Watch is especially concerned by provisions that permit warrantless arrests and weeks of incommunicado detention, which facilitates torture and mistreatment. The law threatens increased “red tagging” of activists, journalists, and social media users, with dire effects for freedom of expression. Foreign governments should publicly denounce this development, which amounts to a stealth declaration of martial law.”

A stealth declaration of martial law says Robertson as if he doesn’t know that Filipinos endured 14 years of martial law while the countryside endured the merciless killings of innocent people. Where was the statement of Human Rights Watch when the Inopacan massacre was uncovered? Where was the Human Rights Watch when the Morong 43 was arrested in 2010 posing as health workers, but was being trained for bomb making? They were ordered to be released by then P-Noy Aquino and years later many of the Morong 43 continued to fight for the New People’s Army and up to this year.

To be totally honest about it I have lost confidence in the United Nations (UN), which has not solved many international issues like Cyprus, North and South Korea or the Palestinian question. Lately, we have also lost confidence in the World Health Organization (WHO), which gave the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accolades in the way they reported the coronavirus to the world. How the entire world has suffered a great economic fallout because of their hiding this pandemic until it was too late?

Now they want us to believe in the UN Commission on Human Rights where China is even a member. As we all know China just signed a National Security Law in Hong Kong, which is a violation of the human rights of Hongkongers. They curse Pres. Duterte for many people allegedly killed in the drug wars, yet we all know that the drug wars in Mexico, the US or in Nicaragua have also killed thousands more. So what’s the problem of the Human Rights Commission? I dare say that the UN has lost its credibility and is run by well-paid people who don’t care what they say as long as they say it for their organizations.

Incidentally I was able to watch live the July 4 speech of President Donald Trump at the Mt. Rushmore monument in North Dakota, and I dare say that in the aftermath of the protest movement over the death of George Floyd, which was hijacked by some from the Marxist group that calls itself Black Lives Matter that literally destroyed many small businesses in many American cities, where statues of America’s past heroes where torn down and defaced because many American liberals wanted to forget American history and many of them openly admit that they are Marxists.

That speech by Pres. Trump was for Americans to return to their past glory and prevent extremists from defacing American history. Imagine these idiots want to destroy Mt. Rushmore because Pres. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had slaves? What stupidity!  America might as well return all their lands to the Native Americans! These Americans are taught that socialism is good for America when the reality is socialism is not much different from communism… and this is espoused by liberal democrats.

What’s wrong with America today is that many of their schools and universities teach their children the wrong lessons of history. Imagine an atheist named Shuan King wants to deface the statues of our Lord Jesus and Mama Mary because he thinks that since they are white, therefore they belong to the white supremacists! How stupid these people have become!

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