Rally of the people, for the people
HOTSPOT - Mocha Uson (The Philippine Star) - April 1, 2017 - 12:39am

April 2, 2017. This is the day where the people will show that the future of the Philippines and the Filipinos is worth protecting. All government officials are bound by their duty to the country and to the people, and their personal interest or ambition should just come second, if not last, to their duties and responsibilities. Being elected by the Filipinos means that they put their trust in you to do what is best for them and for the future generations.

The result of last election already indicated that the Filipinos have had enough of politicians who continue to take the people for granted. They have had enough of politicians who prioritize ambitions and selfish needs over the needs of the people. However, there are some politicians who continue to destroy the image of our President and our country using lies and inaccurate information. They seem to be deaf to the cries of the people, their cry for change and their cry for a better tomorrow. Which is why on April 2, we will show the world that the Filipino people support President Duterte and that we say no to politicians who seek to destroy the image of our country using lies and deception.

This rally is not organized by politicians so that it cannot be used to serve the personal agenda of anyone who only seeks to use the event for political reasons. This is also the reason why the funds for the rally came from voluntary contributions of Die-hard Duterte Supporters. We were able to gather around P2.2 million in just a few days and this shows that the people are getting tired of not being heard; that they are willing to fund their own rally so that the selfish politicians and people around the world will finally listen to what the Filipino people are calling for: true change in our country.

The yellow politicians and the foreign community should listen to the Filipino people. We voted Duterte because we believe he can bring in the change in government and change in our country that we’ve been longing for. His name is being smeared both here and abroad but he welcomes all these challenges while he continues to work for the people. However, the people are getting tired of the attacks coming from politicians who seek to get back to power and the United Nations criticizing him without knowing the real situation in our country. Instead of being able to concentrate on his duties, they are distracting Duterte with all the baseless issues they are throwing at him which they are peddling to everyone as if the truth.

Now, why is the rally on April 2 important? Because it will be our way to show the world that Filipinos will protect their duly elected President and their hope for a better future for their nation. The rally will be our way of expressing the voice of the people that we are supporting the President amidst all the attacks against him as well as the impeachment case filed against him. The rally will be our way of telling the yellow politicians that we have had enough of their lies, deception and their continuous attacks which are already affecting the image of our country as a whole. They must be reminded that they lost last election and their only win is still shrouded in doubt. They have lost last election because the people have lost their trust in them and their capability to do what’s best for the Filipinos. Which is why through this rally, we will show them that we can see through their mask and that if the people can put them in power, the people can also take it away from them. They have been in power for a long time now and maybe they have been used to getting what they want all the time. So, on April 2, we will let them know that they do not have the support of the people and that if they intend to get back to power by taking down Duterte, the power that was given to them by the people can also be taken from them by the people.

The people-funded rally will make noise that will surely be heard by the enemies of change and the people around the world. We will make them finally listen that the attacks on the President are not for the good of the Filipinos but just for the good of a certain political party. The President has done a lot for the Filipinos in just his nine months in office and the people have decided to give back by protecting him from those who seek to take back the power for themselves. And this is why the April 2 rally is a rally of the people, for the people and the future of our nation.


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