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A LAW EACH DAY (KEEPS TROUBLE AWAY) - Jose C. Sison - The Philippine Star

Our very own Constitution recognizes the family as the basic, autonomous social institution which is the foundation of the nation (Article XV Section 1, Constitution). On the other hand, the family is founded on marriage as an inviolable social institution which shall be protected by the State, (Section 2 Article XV) so that our nation will have a strong and solid foundation. More importantly our Constitution also values human life itself and mandates the State to equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception (Article II Section 12).

Unfortunately however, with the forthcoming changes under the incoming administration, several practices are being introduced which may seriously devalue human life, weaken the family as a basic autonomous social institution, and desecrate marriage as an inviolable social institution. Thus it seems that these changes also present so many challenges to us because they do not strictly adhere to the Constitution. In fact, the incoming administration has already made some pronouncements which are apparently subverting these basic constitutional principles. The incoming President himself, whose marriage has been declared null and void because he is found to be psychological incapacitated to perform his marital obligations, has been repeatedly telling us that he will implement population control in our country allegedly pursuant to the provisions of the RH law. As in his many other pronouncements the incoming President is fomenting controversy in this regard.

He should be reminded that the RH law does not actually empower the government (or the President) to control the size of the family. Limiting the number of children is left to the discretion of the married couples in the exercise of responsible parenthood. And in the exercise of responsible parenthood, the couple is not allowed under the law to use artificial contraceptives that primarily or secondarily induce abortion (abortifacients). Hence there is an existing Temporary Restraining Order issued by the Supreme Court (SC) prohibiting the distribution of artificial contraceptives until the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has determined and certified that said contraceptives are not abortifacients.

Changes are indeed being anxiously awaited by our countrymen whether or not they voted for Duterte. But Duterte should bear in mind that these changes and the manner of implementing them must be in accordance with the basic law of the land. He should not think that he is always correct and that all his projected programs and plans of action are in accordance with law. He should not condemn or hate his critics but instead listen to them because they also want him to succeed as President for the best interest of our country and our people.

It seems however, that as his assumption into office draws nearer, he continues to be arrogant, self righteous and unmindful of the views, opinions and criticisms of other people even if they really want him to succeed. Hence these are the times indeed when our countrymen should be more vigilant. We must protect our core values and principles especially those enshrined in our Constitution. So these are times indeed when we should be more vigilant. And to be more effective we must organize ourselves and act as a group.

Fortunately, there is already a movement in our country existing for 60 years now which has been so active and vigilant in protecting the sanctity of life, marriage and the family. It has withstood the test of time and the vicissitudes of life that have shaken the very cornerstone of our society. This is the Christian Family Movement (CFM).

The CFM was introduced in our country in 1956 by Pat and Patty Crowley of the USA. It is composed of married couples and their children and even solo parents who have been widowed or whose spouses are forced to work abroad to earn a living (OFWs). Its main purpose is to meet the challenges and cope with the major changes occurring in our lifestyles, values, environment, in the government and in the Church itself. The first CFM Philippines president was the couple Tony and Teresa Nieva. Other stalwarts and pioneers of the movement who sustained its growth through the years are Sito and Sony Sison, and Joe and Annie Meily.

It is a person-oriented, family-centered and parish-based cell type organization that meets regularly twice a month to discuss events and developments they have observed in their community (observe); determine whether they are detrimental or beneficial to their family and to society (judge); and take steps or adopt measures that will protect life itself, preserve the sanctity of marriage and family as a basic social institution and promote other humanitarian projects for the poor in their community.

Through the years, the CFM has already come up with several projects. Notable among them are: (1) advocacy program to get CFMers involved in major issues threatening the integrity of the families and their core values such as addressing the problems of the victims of domestic violence, promoting grassroots good governance by electing officials with good moral values and doing away with the evils in our political system like political dynasties and the pork barrel; (2) youth development by incorporating into the CFM, the youth of the land and training them to be leaders of the community where they belong;(3) Family of overseas Filipinos program to address in calibrated steps, the psycho-social and other problems of millions of families with single parents due to overseas employment of their spouses who significantly keep our economy afloat.

Notably, the CFM of the Philippines has already its own building called the Nazareth Home which was built on a donated land at the corner of N. Domingo and Horseshoe Drive in Horse shoe village, QC. In view of the increasing number of CFM members and activities, especially those directed at the youth, the CFM Foundation Inc. headed by Rene and Inday Pronstroller as president couple, assisted by Frank and Nini Ramos as anniversary project chairman, plans to construct another floor in the building. So a Dinner, Entertainment and Dance Affair will be held on June 17, at the Christ the King Parish Hall, Green Meadows, QC in order to raise funds. Performers will be Jun Polistico and the Rockin 60’s Band. Tickets are at P2,000 each. Please attend and help CFM become more stable and effective.

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