COMMENTARY | TikTok Shop: Leveling the playing field for Filipino entrepreneurs

The author, Jonah Ople
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MANILA, Philippines — Filipinos are inherently entrepreneurial. This trait is vividly demonstrated in diverse scenarios: from a mom with a small carinderia in Bicol who built a popular home-made food brand now shipping nationwide, to an enthusiast who turned her passion for Korean-inspired products into a growing skincare brand, and even a young entrepreneur whose brand successfully promotes women's undergarment comfort and convenience.

Our creativity, resiliency, innovation and adaptability are illustrated in how we envision and bring to life great ideas that reshape our communities and daily lives, and contribute to our vibrant economic landscape. 

In the past, such small, homegrown business ventures would have found it hard to compete with established brands because of high barriers to entry, limited financial capital and these brands’ dominance in traditional retail spaces. But with the advent of e-commerce, Filipino entrepreneurs are finally able to create their products, market their benefits and express their creativity to a broad audience. 

Through TikTok Shop’s innovative platform that merges content and commerce into a seamless shopping experience, SMEs have the capacity to grow through a digital storefront that can showcase their products to a nationwide audience. 

TikTok’s potential to drive significant traffic and customer engagement for local businesses has been well documented. By integrating TikTok’s engaging content creation features with TikTok Shop, the platform has become an invaluable asset for stimulating the entrepreneurial aspirations of a diverse audience.

This includes stay-at-home moms venturing into online retail, freelancers and gig workers offering specialized services to niche markets, even rural workers or farmers looking to broaden their ability to sell their products directly to consumers. 

As part of its ongoing commitment to empower local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), TikTok Shop has catalyzed a new wave of digital entrepreneurship that aligns seamlessly with the government’s digitalization and economic goals.

Empowering local MSMEs through digital innovation

TikTok Shop has successfully integrated more than two million MSMEs into its platform, tapping into the heart of Filipino enterprise across various provinces. 

This remarkable engagement from local businesses across diverse categories—from crafts to tech gadgets—illustrates the platform’s pivotal role in redefining consumer experiences and enhancing business growth.

This is not merely about e-commerce; it's about creating a thriving digital ecosystem where innovation meets traditional business values.

A cradle for entrepreneurial success

TikTok Shop is dedicated to supporting Filipino entrepreneurs by providing them with essential resources and guidance to expand their businesses. 

This commitment includes initiatives like the Buy Local Shop Local campaign, which was launched within the app last November 2023, aimed at increasing visibility for local vendors. This initiative not just aims to boost local businesses but also instills a sense of community pride and economic solidarity among consumers.

Josefina Barcela and Abbie Ricohermoso, founders of local brand Josefina’s Homemade Food, found success on TikTok Shop.
Photo Courtesy of TikTok

A further testament to its commitment to empowerment is the recently conducted TikTok Shop Business School, which aims to further equip Filipino entrepreneurs with the skills to enhance their digital business presence. 

This one-day program offers master classes on various topics such as corporate strategy, financial management, human resources, brand identity and supply chain oversight, featuring insights from industry experts. 

This pioneering initiative reflects TikTok’s commitment to empowering local MSMEs, providing them with a comprehensive e-commerce experience that combines education, entertainment and engagement.

Strengthening partnerships with the Philippine government

Aligned with the administration’s advocacy for enhanced digital empowerment, TikTok Shop’s initiatives are perfectly poised to support the national digital transformation agenda. This strategic alignment underscores a shared vision of fostering a competitive and inclusive digital economy.

Through significant partnerships with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), TikTok Shop has become a cornerstone for digital training and entrepreneurial support. 

Dynamic initiatives such as the eBizNovation Buy Local Bazaar Caravan in collaboration with PLDT and its wireless unit Smart Communications Inc. have equipped thousands of MSMEs with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in a digital-first market.

TikTok Shop is committed to actively engaging in other notable partnerships to develop a community of entrepreneurs and creators, building strong connections between small business providers and their target consumers.

As TikTok Shop continues to redefine the e-commerce landscape in the Philippines, it remains committed to empowering local entrepreneurs by leveraging its vast reach and innovative tools. 

This commitment is poised to not only enhance the digital shopping experience but also significantly contribute to the economic vibrancy of the country. By driving forward the national digital agenda, TikTok Shop stands at the forefront of digital transformation, ready to lead the next wave of e-commerce innovation and ensure Filipino businesses thrive in a globally competitive market.


About the Author: Jonah Ople is the cluster lead for the fashion category at TikTok Shop. With extensive experience in digital commerce, he has played a pivotal role in enhancing the shopping experience on the platform. Known for leveraging innovative approaches to e-commerce and shoppertainment, Jonah brings valuable insights into the evolving landscape of online shopping.

Editor’s Note: This Commentary is published by the Advertising Content Team that is independent from our Editorial Newsroom.

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