Heart Evangelista taps into interior design for RLC Residences' 'Love Marie Designs'

Actress Heart Evangelista
Instagram/Heart Evangelista

MANILA, Philippines — Fashion icon Heart Evangelista revealed her collaboration wih RLC Residences, "Love Marie Designs," as a way to encourage individuals to not only purchase condo spaces for the future but to also design them according to one's preferences.

Heart's particular venture was for her condominum unit at The Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas, where she had the help of designer friends Geewel Cabungcul-Fuster and Astrid Bello in capturing her vision.

A major tip from the actress-model is to never rush designing a unit, "It's a story, book, or chapter that you build... don't be pressured to have everything all at once."

The socialite says that "when you're home, you should feel like you're home," which is why she is grateful for the opportunity to have some creative liberty in designing her unit.

Heart uploaded a video on her YouTube channel showing the final product, her redesigned unit, from the curtains to the carpet.

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She shared that she took items from her home, such as artworks and personal items, in order to spruce up the unit with the vibe of memories and not just get into the habit of having to buy new things.

For Heart the essentials in a brand new unit, whether purchased or rented, is having mirrors as makes the space look bigger as well as having curtains that drape like a gown to the floor.

Heart believes her redesigned unit is unique because of how her team was able to transfom and maximize the space — a particular feature being a curatin as a divider which Heart called "very New York."

But how is Heart as a neighbor? "I'm not bad, I'm actually okay," she said. "I'm not the type to be chika-chika, I'd like to be a nice neighbor... I hope I'm not noisy either."

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