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Growing old, younger  and  fresh

FROM MY HEART - Barbara Gonzalez Ventura - The Philippine Star

It’s the first day of May, what used to be a non-working holiday. Now all I know is that it’s a Sunday, time for Mass day. Sunday is a day of rest, we were once told back when we were going to school or working hard. When you are retired, almost every day is the same.

My grandmother would daily ask my cousin and me what time we wanted to be awakened. We would say, “6:30 in the morning, please.” At around four she would shake us and ask, “What time did you want to be awakened? I forgot.”

One Saturday night, my cousin and I were up late playing cards. We all slept in Lola’s room then. It was the biggest room in the house and it had many windows so it was always cool. This was the time before air conditioners were invented. We were tiptoeing into the room at around midnight when my cousin gestured to me to keep quiet. He went to our Lola who was fast asleep, shook her a little and said, “Lola, go to sleep. It’s midnight already!” That was one of the funniest moments of my childhood.

That was probably around 65 years ago, when we thought growing old was just something our grandparents and parents did. It was not for us. Now our grandparents and parents are all gone. We are sitting side by side in the pre-departure area. We may not feel it but the truth is: we are old, maybe we will depart any time. We are just waiting for the call.

Lately I have been having lunch with my childhood friends and relatives. Everyone seems to be having a hard time. One of them boasted that the last time she traveled she had to drop her husband and caregiver off at the airport then drive off to where she parked the car long-term. “I needed three men to help me disembark. I can drive. It’s getting on and off the car that’s impossible for me,” she said. Of course, they are wheelchaired onto and off the plane.

My husband and I were also wheelchaired on and off the plane before he got sick, not because we couldn’t walk but because we couldn’t walk the distance. My husband couldn’t, but I knew I could.

I can still walk without a cane and without falling. I can still do so many things that people who are in their 70s have a difficult time doing. And when my picture was published here last Sunday holding my great-grandson, friends texted me saying I still looked fresh and young.

Of course, I felt flattered even if I know I have more wrinkles now than I did the last time we saw each other. But what do I do that gives me this strength, this energy and — best of all — this look? The one medicine I do not fail to take every morning is StemEnhance Ultra. I have been drinking it since 2009. I started selling it in 2010, after it healed me of my two little and one medium-sized stroke in my right brain that completely changed my personality and writing style. I took it for eight months then suddenly I was laughing loud again and writing well again. That cure made me believe in it and made me sell it to people who want to heal themselves.

StemEnhance Ultra gives you stem cells, which are your body’s natural healing cells. They move around your body repairing damaged cells, getting rid of dead cells and replacing them with new ones. What they do is hard for you to notice. They don’t turn you into Superman or Superwoman in a month. But they give you energy and strength and, most of all, they do something for your looks. That youth and freshness my old friends refer to is — I am convinced — the work of Stem Enhance Ultra.

I have a client who buys from me in batches of six bottles every time. She doesn’t really know what it does for her body but she told me her family and friends always compliment her looks. In fact, she’s the one who made me realize that, expensive as it is, it really does something for your looks.

I sent a photograph of me with Tristan, my baby great-grandson, to his grandmother, my daughter. “Wow, Mom, you look great,” she texted back. I really don’t see it when I look in the mirror. I see me looking old, pale and tired but people who haven’t seen me for a long time are very complimentary, so... I’m just happy I sell StemEnhance Ultra because that way I — and others, too — can afford to occasionally look young and fresh.

But it is expensive. On the other hand, what product that keeps you looking young and fresh at 77 isn’t?

* * *

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