One Terrible Day
FROM MY HEART - Barbara Gonzalez Ventura (The Philippine Star) - July 6, 2019 - 12:00am

I slept so well last night. I looked forward to a lazy day working on a necklace, but...

My phone rings. I receive more orders for the medicine I sell. I am down to three bottles when I need five bottles before noon.  I text my supplier who asks if I want 100.  I wish I could afford 100 but I just need 20. He says I can send for them immediately.

I sit down to watch TV with my husband when he asks if I have called my friend, the neurologist. He wants to see her this morning. It’s past 10. She will be showing up at her clinic shortly. I call. We can still make it, her secretary says. So, slightly frazzled, I rush to get dressed while my husband watches TV. He dresses very quickly, you see. But the driver gets back at around 11:30. We wait a little.

Suddenly there’s a text from a customer in La Union. He still has not received his medicines. He is mad as he thinks it’s my fault. This is complicated. There was a time when I was overwhelmed with orders. He ordered from La Union. Someone else was ordering from Binondo. When I asked them both for their addresses, I thought the man from La Union asked me to send it to somebody who lived in Binondo. They must be good friends, I thought. So I sent the La Union man’s order to Binondo. My mistake.

I would not have straightened that out if La Union did complain.  At almost the same time, the courier texted that the Binondo address no longer existed. I went rushing to their office and asked them if they could forward the Binondo order to La Union. Yes, they could. Could you also send these brochures?  Yes, they could, they assured me. I thought the meds would be in La Union in two to three days. The La Union man was excited because he received the brochures but not the meds.

As I’m putting on makeup, an attorney calls up my cell asking questions. You know I have had a stroke. Yes, StemEnhance Ultra restored my personality. But I believe my pulse is slow and my fingers almost dead. Every time my phone rings, I’m supposed to wipe from the red to the green phone icon. As hard as I try I don’t get it done because my fingers are dead. I have to run to my husband and ask him to do it for me so I can answer the call. THIS IS THE REASON WHY I PREFER TO TEXT RATHER THAN ANSWER CELL PHONE CALLS! Also the reception here is really, really bad. To calm my nerves I play word games in the car. But in the end they frustrate me more.

We arrive at the hospital at 12:30 or thereabouts. Makati Medical is being remodeled. The elevator we used to take is closed. We make it to the second floor but we are totally lost.  We ask and ask until somebody gallantly escorts us to Hall C.  Then we wait. Finally the doctor issues prescriptions and my husband is happy but I am starved. It is, after all, 2 p.m. We search for the restaurant that serves delicious adobo rice and we get lost again. “It’s an adventure,” I tell my husband to comfort him.

We get home and my husband sends the driver to pick up his prescriptions. I also ask him to bring some packages to the courier. I send the last receipt they issued me saying that they would send the Binondo package to La Union. “Ask them where the product is,” I say. Then suddenly the Binondo client wants the courier to deliver his medicine to the Binondo church and hand it to a woman who sells medals there. What courier will do that?

Our driver returns saying they’re asking for the other receipts.  The salesgirl doesn’t know who the people concerned are.

By now I am highly infuriated. I storm into the LBC Wack-Wack office and demand to know where the package is. She looks in her computer. It is still with the “team.” “Why? I was here four days ago. You told me you would send it to La Union. It usually takes one to three days. Now you tell me it’s still in Pasay. My customer is so frustrated.”

In the end I said “Return it to me.” She said okay. “Will you return my money, too?” She said she didn’t think so. This got me really enraged so I stormed out of her office.

I write this because I am so angry. I am looking for a company that can bring my packages from my condo in Mandaluyong to Aparri and Jolo, other than this current courier. Is there anybody out there who can help? Please text me at the number that appears below.

I’m sorry but I have had a terrible day! But that’s life!

* * *

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