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Kids’ Month TLC: Tricky treats for Halloween, UN Month 2023 |

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Kids’ Month TLC: Tricky treats for Halloween, UN Month 2023

Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo -
Kidsâ Month TLC: Tricky treats for Halloween, UN Month 2023
Babyflo brand ambassador Iya Villania-Arellano
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MANILA, Philippines — Parenthood is a beautiful journey filled with love, joy, and challenges. 

For modern parents, keeping the child’s happiness and well-being is an important responsibility and an exciting adventure. 

This Children’s Month, treat your home and family to show them how much you care!

The following treats have added tricks up their sleeve for celebrating Halloween and United Nations Month:

Kenny Rogers brings garlic greatness with new Great Garlic Roast

Whether it’s roasted, sautéed or even used raw, garlic undoubtedly has an unforgettable and versatile flavor that adds depth and aroma to many dishes.

While its taste is rich as is, it can be further enhanced with the wonderful combination of other herbs and spices to make a dish truly mouthwatering and enjoyable to eat.

Kenny Rogers Roasters is highlighting the irresistible aroma, depth, and complexity of garlic flavor as it introduces its newest offering that’s both healthy and extremely flavorful – The Great Garlic Roast.

Available in all Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants, customers can enjoy their beloved roasted chicken that’s uniquely seasoned in a special blend of herbs and spices for an enriched garlic flavor. The crisp, golden-brown skin is bursting with bold flavors and topped with roasted garlic cloves and bits for that extra garlic kick.

For customers who want to enjoy it solo, there’s The Great Garlic Roast Solo B (P305) consisting of quarter roast chicken marinated in a special blend of herbs and spices, served with two side dishes including the new Roasted Garlic Carrots, one rice, one Great Garlic Sauce, and the signature corn muffin.

For those looking for a hearty and scrumptious meal, The Great Garlic Burger Steak (P305) is the perfect choice. The plate offers Kenny Rogers Roaster’s signature 1/3 pound beef patty poured with The Great Garlic Sauce and topped with roasted garlic cloves. It’s also served with two side dishes including the new Roasted Garlic Carrots, one rice, and the signature corn muffin.

Enjoy the greatness of the garlic flavor with The Great Garlic Roast, available for dine-in, take-out or delivery through, hotline: 8-555-9000, or via Grab Food and Food Panda.

Parents, kids create special jolly memories at Jollitown Kiddie Fair

Kids and their parents had the jolliest time at the Jollitown Kiddie Fair, held recently at the SMX Convention Center. The event served as the jolliest bonding experience for families, with its engaging learning activities, unique games and challenges, interactive shows, and all-day, all-around fun helping create special memories they’ll remember for a long time.

Jollibee has become a champion of joy for Filipino parents and kids throughout the years, and the Jollitown Kiddie Fair continues to give them more cherished moments. The event was opened by Jollibee’s brand ambassador, Jolina Magdangal Escueta, and her kids, Pele and Vika. She and her kids got to participate and have fun in all the event activities, while also getting interviewed about being a mother and brand ambassador.

“I’m so excited to be here at the Jollitown Kiddie Fair, having fun with my kids,” said Jolina. “Time passes so quickly, so I make sure that I spend quality time and make meaningful memories with Pele and Vika every chance I get.

“Jollibee is honored to be a part of many Filipinos’ core memories, from childhood to adulthood,” said Kat Facun, Jollibee Brand Manager for Noodles and Kids Category. “And with the Jollitown Kiddie Fair, we hope to give kids and their families more reasons to have happy, cherished moments because jolliest ang kids sa Jollibee.” 

The event offered activities where kids not only enjoyed with their friends, families, and fellow kids, but also engaged in unique family-friendly challenges that helped them learn along the way through creative play. Kids got a chance to make their own Jolly Spaghetti, Yumburger, and test their store manager skills in the MiniBee station as they had fun assembling delicious Jollibee food for their friends and parents. They also had the Party Palooza, which was an energetic all-day party celebration that had a whole host of games and activities that offered the full party experience.

The Jollitown Kiddie Fair also offered activities that challenged their skills, like the Chickenjoy Bucket Throw game where they tested their aim to win prizes, and avoided spaghetti-shaped wires in the Spag-o-wired game. Kids also solved different puzzles in the Jollitown Puzzle House, which was also a fun learning challenge and an interactive experience for kids of all ages. They also uncovered fun prizes in the Fry-nd The Treasure activity, while other kids tried to grab theirs at Yum’s Claw Machine.

Alongside the many activities and fun games, kids also got to watch an incredible set of shows happening on the main stage. This includes the bubble show where kids rushed to the stage to get closer to participate in blowing and popping bubbles. The magic show had jaw-dropping tricks that left kids in awe with each routine. The Dancing Balloon Show by Tectonix was also a highlight, as kids were dancing along to the music while being fascinated by the many balloon tricks.

Aside from the activities, parents and kids enjoyed delicious Jollibee food. This included sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti, which families enjoyed so much during the event. With delicious food and the jolliest activities, the Jollitown Kiddie Fair gave families moments to remember, and memories that they cherish together.

Red Ribbon introduces new Rainbow Dedication Cake

For kids, birthdays are celebrations that create special childhood memories they’ll cherish as they grow up. Each birthday isn’t complete without gifts, excited party guests, and a delicious cake on the table. Cakes are the highlight of any kid’s birthday, giving them a sweet reminder of their special day. Seeing kids experience happiness during these moments is a fulfilling moment for parents, giving both of them memories that lasts a lifetime.

Kids love colorful parties and chocolate-rich cakes. This is why you want to give kids a celebration to remember with the help of Red Ribbon’s all-new Rainbow Dedication Cake, which ffers a new and improved design, with rainbow icing and lollipops on top to give the cake its signature party look. Cutting each slice reveals even more rainbow colors, as the soft chiffon has blue, pink , and green colors.

When it comes to chocolate-rich taste, the cake also delivers with its rich chocolate icing around the cake, and each layer of chiffon has even more chocolate inside. Price starts at P520. You can also order it via the delivery website, the Red Ribbon app, the delivery hotline at #87777, or Grab Food and Foodpanda.

Celebrate with a Goldilocks cake

This September, the most popular month for birthdays, Goldilocks makes every celebration extraordinarily wonderful with two new offerings — Luscious Chocolate and Rainbow Magic — that are perfect for one's yearly thanksgiving day.

Milkana’s creamy lollipops are here

Paving the way for a new, delightful, and healthy habit of snacking for kids – Milkana, Savencia’s international brand, was born more than 60 years ago in the Alps, using excellent milk from Allgäu. The number 1 processed cheese in Germany and sold across Europe, China, Egypt, and Africa – Milkana now introduces its latest Creamy Lollipops to the Philippines.
The Creamy Lollipops were launched officially via a virtual event hosted by celebrity mommies Karel Marquez and Pat Sevilla. The nutritious and flavorful Creamy Lollipops, made with care and innovation, are new premium dairy snacks for kids with no added preservatives. They are excellent sources of milk proteins naturally containing essential amino acids, as well as calcium and vitamin D, which contribute to kids’ stronger bones.

Available in four delicious honest-to-goodness flavors: Fruit Heart Strawberry – the main variant with real fruit filling, Yogurt N Fruits, Mixed Berries, and Milky Ice Cream, these Creamy Lollipops are perfectly adapted to kids’ tastes to be enjoyed as a great snack and as a fun dessert anytime and anywhere. All it takes for the kids is to open up the lollipop, lick, bite, nibble, and savor slowly. They can also collect the Creamy Lollipops' fun sticks and animal designs, which come in practical and fun packaging. With kids back in school, they’re also the perfect “baon” lunch box treats – becoming the special partner of moms as they contribute to building their kids’ health and growth development. 
Flora Guyenot, Southern Asia Marketing Director of Savencia Fromage and Dairy, makers of Milkana, said, “Here at Savencia, we are always looking at new ways to provide better nutrition to consumers worldwide. Guided by our company’s mission – To Lead the Way to Better Food – we are happy and proud to launch our Milkana Creamy Lollipops in the Philippines in the spirit of contributing and helping parents bring healthy and nutritional snacks to their young ones.” Savencia Fromage & Dairy is an international, family-based, and independent food group among the world’s leading dairy processors.
Parents who are interested in trying the all-new Milkana Creamy Lollipops from Savencia may purchase the products from these leading supermarkets and outlets: Robinsons, The Marketplace, Shopwise, South Supermarket, SM Supermarkets (SVI, SM Hypermarket, and Savemore), S&R, Landers, All Day, Unimart, Cash&Carry, Makati Supermarket, Pioneer Centre, Hi-Top, and Alfamart. Kids are also invited to come along to choose the flavor they want! Suitable for children from three years and above.

Treat yourself to a payday pizza

Here’s the deal! This payday, indulge in Greenwich as the leading pizza chain in the country is giving its customers all the right reasons to make every day a pizza day. 

If you’re a fan of Greenwich pizza and looking for a delectable twist on your favorites, their newest offering is just perfect for you! Introducing Pizza-Rice Bakes, the brand’s delicious newest pizza-inspired rice meals at an affordable price!

“Pizza-Rice Bakes is all about offering the barkada an experience like no other. With a base of light and fluffy rice, topped with Greenwich’s all-time favorite pizza toppings and melted mozzarella cheese, this affordable dish is made to please the taste buds with the burst of textures and flavors and offers a new and exciting way to get your fill!” said Ali De Torres, head of marketing.

Starting at P79, this pizza-inspired meal could be a fantastic choice for “kabarkadas” looking for a new go-to lunch order, or students who are craving something delicious yet affordable. There are three flavors to try:

  • Chorizo and Pepperoni: This flavor features a delicious combination of pepperoni and chorizo and creamy tomato sauce poured over hot streamed rice. It is topped with melted mozzarella cheese and garnished with parsley.
  • Roast Beef: This flavor is made with savory and juicy roast beef with sauteed onions, mushrooms, over hot steamed rice. It also has melted mozzarella cheese placed on top and parsley for garnish.
  • Ham and Bacon: This flavor features savory ham and smoky bacon bits in creamy white sauce over hot steamed rice. It is topped with melted mozzarella cheese and parsley for garnish. You may also order via their delivery hotline #5-55-55,, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.

3 fun Halloween ideas for the whole family

The Halloween season is one of those occasions where kids, teens, and adults can get creative and have fun together. Whether it’s dressing up for a Halloween costume party or sharing candies you’ve gathered while Trick or Treating, there are a number of ways you can bring smiles to each other during this spooky occasion.

Here’s how you can inject more fun into your Halloween party with loved ones:

  • Paint your spookiest and cutest looks: Level up your costumes with attention-grabbing face painting, which you can do at home with your family. You can go the creepy route and help turn ate or kuya into a zombie or skeleton, while bunso can be a cute kitten. You can also let the kids paint on your face to let their creativity shine. Don’t forget to take a family photo to preserve the fun Halloween memory!
  • Bond over horror movies, ghost stories: Bring an extra spooky vibe to your Halloween parties with a movie marathon of horror movies and sharing ghost stories with loved ones. You can also put on family-friendly Halloween movies for the kiddos. Of course, don’t forget to prepare treats you can enjoy, like soft Lush candies.
  • Get your dose of Trick or Treat sweets: Complete your Halloween with Trick or Treat activities. Let your kids experience Trick or Treating within your neighborhood or participate in fun Halloween activities at a nearby mall. You can also bring packs of Lush Strawberry Milk and Chocolate to bring smiles to other kids and adults alike at these events.

Make your Halloween gathering with family and friends even more fun by sharing a pack of Lush candies. Their deliciously sweet Chocolate and Strawberry Milk flavors will bring smiles to anyone you share them with. These are also great treats to have for your Trick or Treat needs. Lush is available at your nearest supermarket and sari-sari store, as well as URC’s official stores in leading E-commerce platforms. You can also order now and have it delivered to your doorstep via Shopee for only Php38.00 per pack of 50.

Quality eggs for every Filipino home

Cage-free hens produce quality eggs. This is why Universal Robina Corporation (URC) ensures that Filipino households can have only the best for their everyday meals with Robina Farms Cage-Free Specialty Eggs.

Under URC’s agro-industrial arm, Robina Farms focuses on providing clean and safe quality meat and produce to Filipinos. Its Cage-Free Specialty Eggs are harvested from the Robina Poultry Farm, which received the Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP) certification from the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI). The product is also certified No Antibiotic Residue, No Hormone Administered.

Now becoming a global trend, cage-free eggs are laid by free-roaming hens. According to a  study, these are said to have dramatically lowered risks of salmonella and other dangerous bacteria compared to eggs from caged hens. By allowing hens to carry out natural behaviors before nesting, there are far greater chances to achieve food safety, nutritional value, and overall quality, while also keeping hens healthy. As of 2022, more than 2,000 companies worldwide had pledged to source 100% cage-free eggs. (Source: Lever Foundation).

Robina Farms ensures that its Cage-Free Specialty Eggs can meet the Filipinos’ demand for high-quality products. These are available in packs of x12s and x6s at Robinsons Supermarket and Puregold branches, as well as in Fisher Mall. These can also be ordered online through GoCart. For more information, you can check out Robina Farms’ Facebook and Instagram pages and or join its Facebook Community,

KFC’s the bucket list

Inspired by Colonel Sanders’s origin story where he went through struggles in his seniors years to produce the finger lickin’ good chicken we all come to love, KFC is encouraging you to dream just as big and make it happen by creating your own bucket list.

Iya Villania, Neri Naig on childcare

Enriching moms’ motherhood journey, making it even more rewarding and fulfilling is Babyflo, a trusted name in baby care for 46 years.

Celebrity moms, Iya Villania-Arellano and Neri Naig-Miranda said that they only trust the brand for their kids and also shared their happy experiences using the brand’s products for their children.

Iya Villania-Arellano shared how the brand changed her perspective on products, emphasizing that high-quality items don't need to come with a hefty price tag.

"As a mother, I always wanted the best for my babies. I used to think that only expensive baby products could provide high-quality care, but I was wrong. When we tried Babyflo, it changed my perspective and made me realize that high-quality products don't have to be expensive. Now, I only use (the brand’s) products for my babies, and I'm glad that all the moms out there can also experience high-quality baby care without breaking the bank," said Iya.

Neri Naig-Miranda also shared why the brand has always been number one for her, ever since she first used it with her baby, Miggy.

"Lahat ng mga anak ko simula kay Miggy, laking Babyflo. Ang gusto ko talaga sa brand na ito, they have high-quality baby products and toiletries that are also affordable. From soon-to-be-moms to official moms, lahat na ng products na kakailanganin mo for yourself and your baby kumpleto-- from gentle soap, shampoo, powder, cologne, and more. Alam nyo naman, kung saan ung quality at affordable, don ako. It’s also a brand that will benefit more families, lalo na sa panahon ngaun na kelangan natin maging wais hindi lang sa budget, kelangan alamin din natin ang mga produkto na kalidad at mapagkakatiwalaan ng buong pamilya. I highly recommend it to other parents, and I'm sure you'll love it too," said Neri.

The brand is excited to present more happiness with a cute and cuddly ensemble of characters, the Buddies, to bring delight to babies and moms alike. Every buddy represents the different facets of baby care. The products are available through trusted online platforms, including the Philusa Online Store, ShopeeMall, ShopeeMart, LazMall, LazMart, and Edamama.

Neri Naig on keeping her home a safe space for her family

With more Filipinos choosing to spend more time at home as a way to stay safe, it has become important to keep it clean, clutter-free, and comfortable for the family. Celebrity mom Neri Naig makes it a priority to ensure that her husband, musician Chito Miranda, and children Miggy and Cash can bond in comfortable and safe surroundings.  

“Pag hindi kami busy sa work or school, we make it a point to bond. Habang maliit pa ang mga bata, we believe that spending quality time with them is very important. Mabilis ang panahon, and Chito and I just want to make memories with them kahit nasa bahay lang kami,” Neri said.

With small children around, Neri said it can be a challenge to clear away the clutter, but she tries to stay as organized as much as she can with their help. “Gusto ko marunong sila gumawa ng chores. I want to train our kids to do simple things like picking up their toys, wiping up spills, or putting their clothes in the laundry basket. Ok lang maglaro, pero tinuturuan ko din sila magligpit after.  I think this teaches them responsibility.” 

“Syempre, importante na germ-free ang bahay. Particular ako sa paglinis ng bahay para walang magkasakit sa amin. Halos lahat ng surface pinupunasan namin lalo na mga madalas hawakan. Knowing that we can also get sick from air-borne viruses and bacteria, I am glad I also found Albatross Disinfectant. It kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses, and mold, and it is more affordable compared to imported brands. What’s more, ang bango ng Albatross Disinfectant Spray, unlike other brands I have tried before!” 

A Filipino-owned brand by PHILUSA Corporation, Albatross is a quality name homemakers can trust. The brand’s banner product Albatross Deodorizing Block is the no. 1 in its category for decades. Neri, supporting local trusted brands like Albatross means more savings and accessibility. “(Apart) from being budget-friendly, we love  how it makes our space a comfortable place for our family and friends.”

The disinfectant brand comes in two lasting fragrances, Clean Breeze and Flower Festival, which Neri said she also appreciates. “Talagang nakakapang relax ang mabango at malinis na bahay. ” she adds. “Another thing I like about it is that it is CFC-free. This helps to protect our environment para may maabutan pang mga puno sila Miggy and Cash pag laki nila. After all, they are the ones we are working hard for. At the end of the day, being able to provide them with a happy and safe home, while taking care of the planet they live in is what matters most for us moms.”

Albatross Disinfectant in 300 mL Clean Breeze and Flower Festival variants are now available in all leading groceries, supermarkets, and Mercury Drug nationwide. Shop online at

Enjoy these breezy weekend activities with your kids

Kids nowadays are mostly engrossed with different types of gadgets as their way of having fun. But from time to time, it’s best for parents to let them pursue other pursuits, such as playing outdoors and being one with nature, which helps their physical and mental growth.

If you’re wondering what activities you could do with your children, we’ve rounded up some tried-and-true outdoor adventures which will surely have them enjoy a breezy day of fun
ahead! A good mix of loved ones, laughter, and engaging activity is hard to beat. Gather the kids, escape the house, and try one of these bonding activities that can be done with your kids.

  • Outdoor scavenger hunt: Having a plan can be helpful when you take your child outside to play. A scavenger hunt is a perfect engaging activity that teaches kids to use their senses in new ways and keeps them mindfully occupied. This is something you can do outside your home or in nearby parks. Incorporate what your kids are interested in, such as characters from their favorite TV series, to keep them hooked. Ensure your kids’ safety by checking around the vicinity and playing only in places that are well-kept, clean and fenced-in. Don’t forget to take extra precautions and use safety equipment such as helmets and protective gear.
  • Gardening: This activity doesn’t require a big garden for you to make it happen. Give your kid an easy introduction to nature by getting them involved in gardening from a young age. They’ll be physically and mentally exhausted in a healthy way, thanks to the meditative nature of this activity. While it is fun to get your hands dirty from time to time, remember to practice garden safety and proper hygiene, like washing your hands thoroughly after gardening even when wearing gloves.
  • Backyard Obstacle Course: For this, you can use any number of materials, such as foam blocks or stepping stones, but you can even create an obstacle course using only objects you find in nature but ensure that it will not cause a risk of falling or tripping. In either case, the result is enjoyment while developing important gross motor skills.
  • Bike ride around the neighborhood: A classic bike ride is the perfect outdoor activity for families to enjoy together. Even younger kids, with supervision from their parents or guardian, may join in on the fun, whether you're taking them on the trails at a local park, exploring and admiring the houses in your neighborhood, or traveling just down the street. Keep in mind to wear biking safety gear, and parents should always look after their kids. Familiarize and follow road safety rules to ensure an enjoyable and safe ride.
  • Shopping at a farmer’s market: Before going to the farmer's market, ask your kids what they want for your home-cooked meals and create your shopping list. Involving kids  in shared household tasks is a great way to bond and introduce basic helpful tasks to them. Get the kids immersed in picking out fruits and vegetables to make it an exciting and engaging activity. Let them explore as much as possible to learn new things along the way.

After all these recreational experiences, you can effortlessly bid farewell to any worries about stains, thanks to Breeze ActivBleach. Lab tests with mud and sweat stains on polyester fabric
shows that Breeze ActivBleach can loosen and provide easier stain removal during the clothes' first soak. Results often vary on stain intensity and other factors. So, plan out that next
outdoor trip or activity and make your kid’s remaining vacation days last! For more information about Breeze ActivBleach, visit Breeze Philippines' YouTube channel. Breeze Rose Gold is available on Unilever Home Care's Shopee and Lazada pages.

Act on acne with Benzac

Acne, a common skin condition that plagues many teenagers' lives, can profoundly impact self-confidence during this crucial stage of development. Teens often grapple with a barrage of acne myths and unsafe DIY tips, such as slathering toothpaste on pimples or squeezing pimples, in a desperate bid to gain control over their skin. It is time to debunk these misconceptions and embrace effective, scientifically-backed solutions.

The misinformation surrounding acne is pervasive, leaving many adolescents frustrated and uncertain about how to deal with this common skin issue. Among the most widespread myths is the belief that toothpaste can miraculously cure pimples overnight. While it may provide a temporary cooling sensation, toothpaste contains abrasive ingredients that can irritate the skin, leading to more significant problems. Additionally, the notion of squeezing pimples is riddled with peril. This practice can rupture the follicle wall, pushing bacteria and debris deeper into the skin and potentially causing infection, scarring, and more extensive breakouts.

These myths and misguided DIY tips often worsen the situation, causing unnecessary discomfort and exacerbating acne-related issues. Educating young individuals on the dangers of these methods and guiding them toward safe and effective alternatives is vital.

To effectively combat acne, it is crucial to understand its root cause. Contrary to popular belief, acne is not solely the result of poor hygiene or oily skin. The real culprit behind those pesky pimples is bacteria. When hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells, it creates an ideal breeding ground for the acne bacterium, contributing to acne development.

These bacteria thrive in oxygen-deprived environments within clogged pores, leading to inflammation and breakouts. Tackling this bacterial invasion at its source is the key to achieving clear, blemish-free skin.

In the quest for an effective acne solution, Benzac introduces Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment) and Benzac Microbiome Equaliser. These products are designed to address the root cause of acne by targeting P. acnes bacteria while maintaining a healthy skin microbiome. These products aim to deliver benefits when used as part of a three-step acne routine alongside Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a mild, non-irritating cleanser that effectively removes impurities without disrupting the skin’s natural balance, preparing it for the next steps in the routine. 

The Spots Treatment is formulated with benzoyl peroxide that can kill 94 percent of acne-causing bacteria, with visible results in less than 48 hours. Benzoyl Peroxide is clinically proved to reduce inflammation, unclog pores, and absorb excess sebum.

Finally, Microbiome Equaliser is an innovative product supporting a balanced skin microbiome, ensuring skin remains healthy and resilient, even during acne treatment. It helps prevent future breakouts and promotes smoother, clearer skin.

Advancing wellbeing, celebrating sustainability 


A post shared by Kenvue (@kenvue)

Recognizing the importance of sustainability to achieve a more eco-conscious future for the Philippines, Kenvue Philippines’ much-loved brands, like Aveeno, Johnson’s Baby, Neutrogena, and Listerine, continue to make significant strides in making a positive impact on our planet’s wellbeing by adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Driven by a shared dedication to advancing the well-being of people and planet, these brands have joined forces with Watsons Philippines to support Filipinos in their pursuit of greater wellbeing through a more sustainable way. With Watsons' reach, these consumer health brands can connect with consumers across online platforms, including the Watsons website and official stores on e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada. Additionally, Filipinos who prefer to go shopping in person can continue to enjoy the in-store experience at Watsons’ 1000+ stores around the country.

Mela Quiroz, associate sales director of Kenvue Philippines and Sharon Decapia, senior AVP for marketing, PR and sustainability of Watsons Philippines on stage after the event.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Watsons Philippines and pilot our first online and offline (O+O) eco-friendly effort, allowing us to showcase our shared goal to provide our valued customers with an opportunity to experience the extraordinary power that arises when sustainable practices become an integral part of our daily lives,” stated Mela Quiroz, associate sales director of Kenvue Philippines.

With an unwavering commitment to both people and our planet, our favorite consumer health brands are on an ongoing journey of product innovation and enhancement.
Vince Velasco, Aveeno brand ambassador, poses together with Nica Rollan, senior marketing manager of Kenvue Philippines Skin Health Franchise, and Ira Santos, senior brand manager of Aveeno, which harnesses the power of oats to help soothe and restore dry, itchy skin using ethically sourced ingredients and responsible packaging. The oats used are ethically farmed and sourced while the bottles are made with 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, showcasing their commitment to caring for sensitive skin and the planet through one of nature’s most restorative ingredient.

Johnson’s Baby, on the other hand, promotes healthy skin for babies by only using ingredients that are gentle on a baby’s natural skin barrier in their products. This promise is reinforced with the latest addition of Milk + Rice Baby Creams to their portfolio, which can help protect the baby’s skin from dryness. Their message is clear: love for your baby can be shown through everyday choices, like choosing products that gently cleanse, moisturize, and protect their skin from their very first bath.

Meanwhile, Neutrogena demonstrates its commitment to protecting the planet by introducing refill pods for its best-selling Hydro Boost Water Gel moisturizer. These pods use 89% less plastic than their jar counterparts, providing users a more responsible way to boost skin hydration. Additionally, Neutrogena empowers Filipinos to adopt healthy skin care habits by using effective products backed by science.

Listerine also showcases its efforts in responsible packaging by using bottles made with 30% recycled plastic and designed for 100% recyclability–a significant step in minimizing waste in our surroundings. Furthermore, they are dedicated to promoting oral health education through their “Fight Mouth Aging” campaign, encouraging Filipinos to maintain a healthy mouth even as they age by following a proper oral care regimen.

“We applaud the efforts of Aveeno, Johnson’s Baby, Neutrogena, and Listerine to become ever more sustainable. We are glad to see their commitment, which resonates with our mission of guiding consumer behavior through heightened awareness of their choices,” said Sharon Decapia, senior AVP for marketing, PR and sustainability, Watsons Philippines.

These brands go beyond skin and oral care, showcasing their dedication to the planet while empowering Filipinos to experience the extraordinary power of everyday care.

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