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Season to go green: Eco-friendly tips, picks from top lifestyle labels

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Season to go green: Eco-friendly tips, picks from top lifestyle labels
Top 5 things to recycle at home
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MANILA, Philippines — Time is ticking before the world will have to deal with the irreversible effects of climate change by 2030.

Calls have been made for countries and companies to comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that include Climate Action and Responsible Consumption and Production.

Beauty brands and retailers are made aware of these sustainable goals with many of their products directly making an impact on the environment. The following are some that have drawn their own sustainability plans:

Acer's recycling program

For Acer's "Made for Humanity" Next@Acer launch, the Taiwanese tech giant revealed expansions of its eco-friendly Vero and antimicrobial ranges, the new Predator Orion 7000 gaming tower with forthcoming 12th-gen Intel CPUs and a lot more.
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Acer recently announced new additions to its eco-friendly Vero product line to include new PCs and accessories made from recycled plastics and packaged in recyclable materials. 

The TravelMate Vero, a business version of the Aspire Vero, is made from 30% post-consumer-recycled plastics (PCR) and ships in 100% recyclable packaging. The 15.6-inch laptop can be configured with up to an 11th-gen Intel Core i7, 16GB of memory, a 1TB SSD and Windows 11 Pro.

The Veriton Mini desktop is made from 25% PCR plastics and ships in a 100% recyclable box. It will be available with a wide range of component options and in three sizes. Each size is small enough to fit in a medium-sized backpack or a tote.

The Vero BR277 is a full-HD monitor on a stand with tilt, swivel and height adjustments. Its brightness can be set as low as 15%. The monitor's housing is made from 50% PCR plastic. 

There are new Vero accessories such as mice, mousepads and laptop sleeves. Acer also announced a new recycling program for laptops where you can cashback toward the purchase of an Aspire Vero when you trade in an old notebook that is still in good condition.

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Watsons' collaborations to end plastic waste

Through Watsons Philippines, the group does its part in plastic waste reduction through its Impact Program Collaboration with social enterprise Plastic Bank.
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On a similar note, the A.S. Watsons Group has been putting its efforts on reducing the use of plastics. In particular, it has banned the use of microplastics since 2014.

The United States National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and the European Chemicals Agency define microplastics as fragrments of any type of plastic that are less than 5 millimeter (0.20 inches) in length. These find their way into cosmetics, clothing, and industrial processes. Due to its size and the length of time for plastics to degrade (over hundreds or thousands of years), microplastics can endanger organisms through ingestion.  

Through Watsons Philippines, the group does its part in plastic waste reduction through its Impact Program Collaboration with social enterprise Plastic Bank.

To achieve its commitment of preventing 50,000 kilogram of plastic bottles from entering the world’s oceans - the equivalent of 2.5 million bottles over the first 12 months - it has launched ways for Watsons Philippines and its consumers to do their part.

Part of its campaign is to say no to use of single plastics by encouraging shoppers to use reusable bags and to buy products with recycled packaging. As a sort of incentive, shoppers can bring their recyclable waste to any participating SM Mall every first Friday or Saturday of the month and they can earn from just dropping these items.

Splat espouses natural ingredients

Splat Professional Biocalcium toothpaste is a multiple-action toothpaste with bioactive calcium obtained from eggshells and hydroxyapatite.
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If we are careful about the products we apply to our skin, we should be more mindful about the oral care products we use. Toothpaste and mouthwash are products we could swallow accidentally so we need to be aware of the ingredients used in these products.

Switching to natural toothpaste, natural toothbrush and other complementary products is a good way to update your dental care routine. Additionally, going natural is safer and healthier and it's also kinder to the environment.

Splat, a pioneer in natural oral care in European and Asian countries, is finally in the Philippines. The Russian brand provides natural and healthier oral care while saving the environment.

Exclusively distributed by ABGPH Corp. and is now available exclusively at selected Watsons stores and via its website, Splat's toothpastes, mouthwashes and foams contain natural ingredients, essential oils and medicinal plant extracts.

What the brand's products don't contain are substances that can potentially harm humans, animals and the planet. These include SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine, aluminum lactate, peroxide, petroleum-derived products, synthetic antiseptic agents, sodium lauryl sulfate and saccharinate. The amount of foam-forming agents in certain products is also very minimal.

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Adidas Brand Center commits to sustainability

As one of the touted pioneers of sustainability, the adidas Brand Center will also soon be home to a Sustainability Ramp, serving as the brand’s call to help End Plastic Waste.
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As a brand that has long been committed to supporting athletes, adidas is known to equip individuals with the proper channels to help them lead the charge in their journey in play. Now, they are putting their efforts to a new level – by sharing with the world their latest cathedral for sport and helping pave the way for the future of sport and style through its Brand Center.

Opening its doors in Glorietta 3, Makati this October 22, the Brand Center aims to elevate Manila and the Philippines to the world stage for adidas. From its range of sporting and lifestyle goods, to strengthening its call to help end plastic waste, adidas’ latest store is envisioned to connect and inspire the athlete in all of us, and drive its visitors to own their game – whether in Sport, in Sustainability, in Culture, or in Life.

All who visit Brand Center are promised an experience never before seen in retail, with adidas maximizing every corner of the branch by housing the country’s largest collection of adidas products, including exclusive gear such as for golf and trail and outdoor – all part of its goal to help Filipinos explore their individuality. This is further accompanied by elevated customer service, wherein guests are treated to a 1:1 service with dedicated in-store specialists and a digital guide with more details about each section that can be accessed via QR codes.

The adidas Brand Center will also take consumers’ digital experience to a whole new level – hosting LEDs that make the most of technology to showcase content exclusive to the store, all who step into the Brand Center will be treated to having their shopping experience accompanied, and even enhanced, by adidas’ digital storytelling.

Visitors will also be able to see a total of 12 "moment areas" or spaces that synergize sport and culture and draws on our unique Filipino heritage, from its artworks seen in fitting areas made in partnership with Argao weavers in Visayas and T’boli women in Mindanao, to its Women’s Ramp housed in wood slat and finished with locally- and hand-made clay disks. Local artistry is also seen throughout, with the Brand Center featuring the works of visual artist Kris Abrigo, contemporary art group Aral Cru and adidas partner Quiccs, making the Brand Center brimming with creativity in every corner.

Aside from highlighting local artists, adidas recognizes that everyone has creative potential simmering in them, inspiring the Brand Center to bring the very first Maker Lab to the country. Serving as the Brand Center’s space for customization, the Maker Lab will allow consumers to customize their favorite adidas products. With a range of art pieces, the area is open to anyone, so long as they are open to bringing their imagination to life. The Maker Lab will also be coming with all-new laser technology, ensuring that the room for one’s creativity is limitless. Rounding out this section are its unique pendant lights, designed to be in the shape of the Philippine Eagle – which, when viewed from afar, appears as the three stars seen in the Philippine flag.

With the Brand Center serving as a representation of everything that adidas is, its pièce de résistance raises awareness for its main advocacy. As one of the pioneers of sustainability, the adidas Brand Center will also soon be home to a Sustainability Ramp, serving as the brand’s call to help End Plastic Waste.

The ramp, composed of a life-sized digital tunnel with a full wall of curved LED mesh and four large OLED displays, will tackle the issue of marine plastic pollution through an immersive experience for customers, and ultimately aims to spark conversations about sustainability, and how everyone has the capability to lead the change.

“With the launch of the Brand Center, it was the perfect timing for us to raise awareness about sustainability. We hope that through this narrative, we are able inspire everybody visiting our Sustainability Ramp to accept the challenge of ending plastic waste head-on,” said John David Cortez, Manager of Sports Marketing and Brand Communications for adidas Philippines.

The Brand Center aims to be a space wherein Filipinos, regardless of identity, are represented. By inspiring them through creativity and sport, all who enter the Brand Center are closer to being their best selves.

“We envision the Brand Center to be a space where everyone is open to exploring how far their creativity and individuality can take them. With the store’s wide collection of apparel and through our collaborations with local artists and indigenous communities, we hope to inspire all to drive positive change in their fields – but most importantly, within themselves,” added Cortez.

Bioten's natural origins, 100% recyclable packaging

The legendary skincare ingredient Vitamin C is known to effectively protect against damage from environmental stressors, even skin tone, repair skin cells, and promote collagen production.
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Inspired once again by the power of nature, natural skincare brand Bioten has a fresh drop and it’s ripe for the picking. Bioten Vitamin C, the latest from the brand, is a complete line of skincare packed with potent antioxidants and energizing properties.

The line consists of a day cream and a night cream with 100% natural orange and lime extract, as well as anti-aging ampoules, which contain, at 5%, a powerful complex of Vitamin C and a brightening amino acid. Each product has 90% ingredients of natural origin, making it not just an eco-friendly option, but also a safe and beneficial skincare regimen.

And true to its commitment to sustainability, its packaging — complete with the FCS certification — is made of 100% recyclable materials, while the jars are made from 30% recycled glass. The new line is available in Watsons and online on Amorfia. 

Nivea Philippines goes for vegan formula, plastic-free packaging

Use sustainable skincare products that are kind to your skin and the planet.
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Are you thinking about shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle? Nivea Wonder Bar Ambassadors Leila Alcasid, Janina Manipol, Patch Magtanong, and Coraleen Waddell share their five ways to be kinder to your skin and to the planet:

  • Focus on doing small changes that you can carry out consistently.  "Look for changes you can make that are easy and convenient for you," said Waddell. 
  • Support advocacies on sustainability.  Magtanong said, "Be vocal, influence your peers, and take action." 
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  “Avoid waste by recycling, and consider throwing something out as an absolute last resort,” Alcasid shared. 
  • Be a conscious consumer.  "Change personal behavior on what you eat, what you purchase, and how you conserve energy and water," Manipol advised.
  • Use sustainable skincare products that are kind to your skin and the planet. One concern with sustainable skincare, especially those in bar form, is that they tend to dry out the skin. To know you’re getting the best for your skin, opt for products that are optimized to the skin's natural pH level for gently-cleansed, soft skin. As for being good for the planet, look for products that are of 99% natural origin, have a vegan formula, and come in plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging like the new Nivea Wonder Bar, available in select Watsons stores nationwide and online, as well as in Lazada and Shopee.

Avon Philippines champions upcycled materials

It recently introduced new Beauty+ products that include reusable kitchen helpers, vegan faux leather accessories, intimate apparel made with upcycled materials, and even eco-resin jewelry.
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Avon recently rolled out its 10-year sustainability plan. Its goal is to have all its products be made using only sustainable methods and resources by 2030. It plans to change its whole packaging  into reusable, recyclable, or compostable materials. From time to time, the global fashion and beauty brand introduces items that are aligned with this 10-year goal. It recently introduced new Beauty+ products that include reusable kitchen helpers, vegan faux leather accessories, intimate apparel made with upcycled materials, and even eco-resin jewelry.

It is also following the footsteps of many companies in lessening its carbon footprint. Through its partnership with the social company The Plastic Flamingo, the brand is collecting used products for recycling and repurposing. Its representatives can be contacted to collect the products or consumers can visit one of the 12 collection sites all over Metro Manila. The plastics collected will be sorted and will either be sold to recycling plants, or be transformed into industrial grade eco-planks to build emergency shelters all over the country.

Nestlé Philippines advocates for low waste living

Facilitated by Anna Oposa, Executive Director and Chief Mermaid of Save Philippine Seas (SPS), the webinars featured simple and easy ways for parents, young professionals, and students to practice low waste living and responsible solid waste management in their homes and communities.
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Nestlé Philippines places great importance on solid waste management education. Throughout the month of September, it held a series of webinars that discussed how consumers can practice a more sustainable lifestyle and become environmental "Kasambuhays" themselves.

“We believe in the power of education to inspire and encourage people to take the necessary steps to live more sustainably. Knowing how leads us to take action,” said of Nestlé Philippines Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kais Marzouki.

Facilitated by Anna Oposa, Executive Director and Chief Mermaid of Save Philippine Seas (SPS), the webinars featured simple and easy ways for parents, young professionals, and students to practice low waste living and responsible solid waste management in their homes and communities.

Here are just some of the topics that were covered:

  • Be a waste watcher

Before we’re able to reduce the waste that we consume (plastics, especially), we must first assess the amount of waste we produce and what mostly make up the contents of our trashcans. Oposa recommended using templates such as SPS’ Waste Watch Report Card to keep track of what products and items we usually use and dispose and assess what we can lessen or replace moving forward. You can download a copy of this on Nestlé’s website.

  • Practice low-waste habits

Throughout the sessions, the attendees were able to learn tips and tricks to reduce their plastic waste consumption. These are as simple as buying in bulk when doing the groceries to cut the amount of plastic packaging, opting to purchase products that are more sustainable and eco-friendly, and using reusable alternatives to plastics, among others.

  • Segregate your waste

Segregation plays a big part in diverting plastic waste away from the environment because this creates higher value for plastics and gives them a higher chance for recovery and recycling. There are three main categories of waste: recyclables, biodegradable, and residuals. For recyclables and residuals with potential for recycling, it’s important to make sure that the items are clean and dry before dropping off to collection points to make the recycling process much easier.

When it comes to their journey toward a more sustainable lifestyle, Oposa advised the attendees to aim for progress, not perfection.

“When we aim for perfection, there’s a tendency for us to get overwhelmed and when we get overwhelmed, parang nagkaka-analysis paralysis tayo and we don’t know how to act from there. But if we aim for progress, we can focus on one or two things first, do it well and consistently, and before you know it, it’s part of your lifestyle already. You just keep doing it and then you'll see other people doing it as well. We are all multiplying our environmental practices,” she said.

TeLavi Cloud helps improve public service, education via centralized Internet

Known as a fishing community, the municipality of Cardona in the Rizal province is gearing toward centralization of its Internet and voice connectivity for improved public service, official business, and delivery of education in the today’s wave of technology.

Cardona Mayor Teodulo Campo said, “This initiative will positively impact not only our business and public service sector but also the educational sector especially that Internet is a necessity right now because of the online classes. Also, with this program, certain processes in local government will be alleviated.”

Campo added that with the innovative project, it will be easier for their LGU to reach out with their constituent from their 18 barangays, 11 of which are on the mainland and 7 are on Talim Island because the technology that they are acquiring can provide updates done as quickly as possible and is efficient and consistent at the same time.

Gur Lavi Corp. (GLC), one of the fastest growing telecommunications distributors in the country, will provide the technology for this ground-breaking initiative in Cardona using one of its flagship brands – TeLavi Cloud – considered to be a pioneering all-in communication platform in the Philippines today.

GLC President and Chief Executive Officer Erwin Co said, “Having Telavi Cloud gives huge advantage for Municipality of Cardona. It will not just improve the communication inside their organization but also their collaboration. They can join an audio conference call with a single click, use individual and group messaging to communicate with colleagues quickly and easily, and it creates workspace for teams where they can chat in real time and share important information especially during calamities.”

Residents of Cardona only need to remember one number to call to be able to reach the agencies and the offices of the municipality. They just have to dial 8539-2399. Co also said that employees of Cardona LGU can stay connected with a robust Telavi Cloud App. Alternatively, they can deploy IP phones at home during this era of remote work and can still be reached by their constituents by dialing their government office landline number.

“We have similar engagement with different government offices already with the same set up that we did with Cardona, from Barangay as the smallest administrative division to Municipality up to the Provincial Government,” Co shared.

Other municipalities in Rizal that has tapped the Telavi Cloud technology are Morong, San Mateo and Teresa.

Project Lead MJ Hernandez explained the other benefits that their technology can provide, “In GLC, it is always our mission to support the community. We understand the challenges that everyone is facing now that’s why we created effective and user-friendly solutions that will connect people wherever they are to institutions or organizations the fastest way possible.”

Mayor Campo assured that the Cardona LGU has always been in fact interested in having a centralized Internet and voice connectivity, so when they received a proposal, he immediately acted on this because he knows that this project will improve the lives of his constituents. 

“To my constituents here in Cardona, I hope that this initiative shall ease your daily plight when it comes to Internet connectivity and swear that there will be more projects in the future that will be geared on improving the lives of everyone in here. So, let us continue our support for our municipal leaders from yours truly up to the vice mayor, councilors, barangay captains, and barangay social workers,” Campo said. 

The Cardona Telavi Cloud project and the centralization of voice and data system are seen as just the start of more innovative projects in the province of Rizal. To know more about TeLavi Cloud and the services and benefits it can give to organizations, visit www.telavi.com.ph.

Hernandez emphasized that GLC in partnership with PLDT is always trying to serve LGUs from Barangay as the smallest administrative division to Municipality up to the Provincial Government and are now coordinating and having meetings with different municipalities of Rizal to the Provincial Government to enhance their infrastructure and communication tool.

“Our aim to any communication system is to ensure clarity of information and thus pave the way for a clutter-free project. The end result should always be increased productivity and ultimately profits, but the journey to get there should be as straightforward as possible," Hernandez said.

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