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Valentine's 2022: 'Love guru' Luis Manzano weighs in on relationship red flags

Kathleen A. Llemit - Philstar.com
Valentine's 2022: 'Love guru' Luis Manzano weighs in on relationship red flags
TV host Luis Manzano

MANILA, Philippines — Is it okay for the woman to pay on the first date? Or to keep her ex-boyfriend's gifts? Or for your partner to know your social media password?

Luis Manzano weighed in on these hot, relationship issues as this Valentine's Day's "love guru."

The TV host was tapped by popular chocolate brand, Toblerone, for its Valentine's Day campaign. As its love guru, Luis was asked his opinion on several relationship or dating concerns during a game of red flag or green flag. The limited-edition Toblerone Valentine’s Day Pack is a sweet treat to give as a gift as it boasts of a blank pack feature where you can write a personalized greeting. It also has a special QR code function where you can record a video message for your loved one. 

The girl insists on paying on the first date

Green flag. "It shows initiative. It shows sharing something together, not just monetary, not just the dinner. When a woman wants to pay the bill, parang she's saying this time we're together, we share this moment."

Luis shared that he and his wife, actress Jessy Mendiola, take turns in paying their bills. 

"It goes past the monetary aspects, 'yung actual act of paying. The way I see it, you're sharing a responsibility together," he explained.  

Insisting on a label after just a month of dating

Red flag. Luis said there's a way to go about if one is curious about one's status after just one month. He suggested to ask about it in joking manner. 

"The keyword is insisting. If you simply ask, it's okay. In every relationship, it's about the journey. It's hard to enjoy the journey kung every month pinipilit mong may label. The other person might just be simply be taking his time. That might put undue pressure," he said. 

Introducing to parents after second date. 

Green flag. This is a topic that might see people on the opposite side of the fence but Luis said this is another way of getting to know a potential significant other (SO). This will especially be helpful to gauge how the other person behaves with his/her family. 

"Kasi 'di ba meron tayong kasabihan na, 'Kung ano 'yung puno, 'yun ang bunga.' I wouldn't mind seeing their interaction lalo na if I get to see the parents and I see a loving family, how she treats her parents. It may add pa sa ganda points," Luis explained. 

Discussing marriage and kids on the first date

Green flag. Even Luis admitted that he sees this as a "surprisingly green flag" moment. 

"I just want to know if we're on the same page kahit papano. It could be a very casual conversation naman e especially if you're medyo mature like me. It's nice to know if you're on the same page with your potential SO. Kesa naman magkagulatan kayo," he said. 

Asking for your Facebook password

Red flag. Luis again categorically sees this as a no-no especially when the other party is insistent. 

"Jessy knows my phone's password but she never checks. I know her phone's password, I never check," Luis revealed. 

He added that a couple can have their own, separate online activities apart from them living a life together outside of the social media bubble. 

If you learned they cheated on a previous relationship

Red flag with reservation. It might work against the potential SO but it's not reason enough not to give it a shot. 

"Things happen for whatever reason. I'm not condoning it but the thing is, I saw a meme that says everyone has a history. If you focus on that, nothing will happen. Focus on the present. Kumbaga, it will make you more aware, more cautious but hindi siya automatic judgment," Luis explained. 

You know very little about their previous relationship

Green flag. Luis repeatedly stressed that he's not the type to dwell into a person's past. He's a believer in enjoying life yet being responsible about it.  

"I'm not an asker unless there's a bit of information I really need to help our relationship. Then I will ask or will hope that she will tell me," he explained. "For me, she has her memories. I will respect that, leave them behind. Let's create new memories."

If they prefer to sleep on an argument rather than resolve it immediately

Red flag. Luis said that he has learned from the past, and Jessy made him realize this and how short life is. 

"It was a learning experience. I was the type na tutulugan ko muna ang problem not because I don't care but it's because I want everyone to cool down and talk. Gano'n ako before," he said. 

Luis said to give oneself time to think about it but never to let the day pass by and sleep on it. 

"Cool down just for a bit. Give yourself maybe an hour. Watch TV. Pumunta sa isang kwarto. That's okay but at the end of the day, bago matulog or right after dinner, talk about what the problem was," he said. 

You've never fought about anything

Red flag. It may seem ideal but Luis sees it as not a good sign. 

"Maybe you're not invested a lot in the relationship when you're saying you've never had an argument," he stressed. "Your relationship, no matter how fairytale like it may seem, no matter how kilig kayo, you will fight. You will have arguments. It is impossible that there's not going to be arguments. Being individuals, we will always disagree about something. The question is how intense will you disagree on certain things." 

If they still keep their ex's gifts

Green flag. He does not mind because he is set on making even more memories with a potential SO. 

"I'm not gonna ask you if you have a shoebox of pictures or tokens. I'm never gonna ask that. Kung anuman 'yan, enjoy mo, itago mo. Gagawa ako ng mas malaking shoebox para sa atin," he mused.  



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