5 moments that show what happiness looks like for every Filipino

Happiness may be an abstract concept, but one thing we all know is that happiness can be found almost everywhere and even in simple ways—like reminiscing happy memories.

Campaign aims to spread happiness by creating 700 million happy moments with Filipinos this 2021!

MANILA, Philippines — Filipinos are known to be a bunch of happy people, to the point that other races find it peculiar how Filipinos can still smile and laugh amid unfavorable circumstances.

Happiness may be an abstract concept, but one thing we all know is that happiness can be found almost everywhere and even in simple ways—like reminiscing happy memories.

Take a trip down memory lane with these moments that capture what simple happiness looks like to Filipinos. 

1. Opening a balikbayan box

Whether from our parents or a relative abroad, a balikbayan box never fails to excite everyone in the family.

Balikbayan boxes mean plenty of goodies from relatives, so it's impossible not to get excited when you see one. You race with everyone in the family to see what's inside, ready to get the first dibs on the best finds, be it the best pair of jeans, skincare products or even gadgets.

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2. Showering under the rain

Our parents often remind us to not play in the rain because we might catch a cold. But when the rain starts pouring, sidewalks become large shower rooms that you share with other people! 

Not only kids are seen jumping in puddles but even grown-ups who savor the moment with their dippers. 

3. Free spa sessions at home

We all grew up volunteering ourselves to do crazy tasks like removing our parents’ white hair or giving them a good massage all in exchange for money.

But even if we’re simply doing it for the reward, we also enjoy doing it in the process because we find ourselves spending a good time with them talking about anything under the sun and listening to their words of wisdom.

4. Bringing home pasalubongs

Be it dad’s leftover snack or a pint of ice cream mom bought on her way home, pasalubongs are always a good source of bonding, conversations and laughs in the family.

To see parents arrive at home with pasalubong gives happiness and comfort that someone took the time and effort to get you something special to spend a moment with you, even after having a long day at work.

5. A Selecta ice cream tub that doesn’t have ulam in it

Ever felt betrayed after finding a tub of ice cream in the fridge, only to find out that it doesn’t have ice cream in it?

Because Filipino moms just love recycling, used ice cream containers are often reused to store pork, chicken or fish. This has caused trust issues and fear of seeing frozen raw fish inside the tub!

So nothing compares to the happiness you get when you finally open a Selecta ice cream tub that really has ice cream in it! Aside from satisfying your craving for a good scoop of ice cream, you also get past the misfortune of falling into one of life’s funniest, yet most savage betrayals.

No one can deny that as Filipinos, ice cream plays a role in our love for human connection, and many of our happiest family moments are shared over good scoops of our favorite Selecta flavors.

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*According to the Global Happiness Report

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