4 real parenting tips from medical experts and experienced moms

The notion of “perfect parents” is nothing but a myth when it comes to raising kids. New moms, in particular, don’t know it all yet, but it doesn’t mean they can’t get help and support. Experienced moms (from left) Flordeliza Cejes, Madison Reyes and Iza Osial share helpful pieces of advice.
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MANILA, Philippines — The notion of “perfect parents” is nothing but a myth when it comes to raising kids. New moms, in particular, don’t know it all yet, but it doesn’t mean they can’t get help and support.

The true testament to good early motherhood is researching and asking the right people the right questions. This way, new moms hear tried-and-tested experiences, as well as answers backed by science.

In this regard, we hear you, new moms! Here are some very helpful pieces of advice from experienced moms and medical experts so you can take care of yourself as you take care of your newborns.

1. Hygiene is key

Mommy Iza Osial and her 4-year-old daughter.
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For teacher Iza Osial, who has a 4-year-old daughter and a baby boy on the way, one of the most important things to observe when taking care of babies is proper hygiene.

“I make sure that (my daughter) always has clean hands, takes a bath twice a day, and brushes her teeth every after meals,” she shared.

“Always remember that good skin care routine and proper hygiene start at home,” she added.

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2. Get the right support

Mommy Madison Reyes and her children.
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Here’s something very real and very serious that people rarely talk about when it comes to early motherhood: Postpartum depression.

For Madison Reyes—mother to two children, years 5 and 2—caring for your mental health is very important.

“There will be times that we break down while a thousand other things are running through our heads, we will face hardships. That's why we need to make sure our mental health is taken into consideration,” she said.

“Your children need you but you need yourself, too. So seek professional help if you need to. Our kids deserve a mom that is happy full of love,” she added.

3. Research on breastfeeding

Mommy Flordeliza Cejes and her baby girl.
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Infant nourishment isn’t easy, especially since they rely on how well your body produces milk. Sometimes new moms need that little boost.

Flordeliza Cejes, full-time mom to a baby girl, stands by a healthy diet complemented by the right supplements.

“Prepare while pregnant, take supplements to boost your milk production like malunggay capsules. Don't rely so much on popular baby food brands on the market. Those are usually considered junk food because of their preservatives.”

Meanwhile, Reyes believes in finding alternatives when breastmilk isn’t readily available.

“Breastfeeding is not easy. I tell my new mom friends it's 10% milk supply and 90% determination. Some discover that exclusive breastfeeding is not for them or that they have a medical condition that hinders them,” she said

For this, she suggests seeing a breastfeeding consultant to know more about your options.

4. Complete, all-around care

Baby skin is definitely more sensitive than adult skin by a mile, which is why it needs more special attention.

“A baby’s skin is immature, fragile, and is adapting to the new environment. It is 30% thinner and loses moisture five times faster than adults. Additionally, its lower lipid content means being prone to dryness and has poor protection against harmful bacterial and skin injuries,” Dr. Donna Marie Leelon-Sarrosa, pediatric dermatologist at Makati Medical Center, said.

That’s why she recommends baby cleansers that not only wash away germs but also have moisturizing properties. The formulation must also be chemical-free, unscented and without dyes.

When it comes to cleansing your baby’s skin, Baby Dove has everything you need.

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It comes in two variants:

  • Dove Rich Moisture range has hypoallergenic formulas and fragrances that deliver gentle care with a light scent.
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Celebrating #RealMoms

With expectations and challenges surrounding first-time moms, who else can uplift them than their fellow moms with their personal experiences and advice for early motherhood. After all, there are no perfect parents, only real ones.

When it comes right down to it, there’s not one parenting style that fits all. All that matters is a mom’s real care that drives her to find what works and do her best.

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