5 TikTok moms who make motherhood work through community support and creativity
At a recently-concluded webinar for Mother's Day, TikTok gathered some of the most inspiring and influential moms that you can follow on the platform, to talk about how they make motherhood work.
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5 TikTok moms who make motherhood work through community support and creativity

(Philstar.com) - May 10, 2021 - 5:00pm

TikTok celebrates Mother's Day by sparking meaningful conversation on how mothers succeed in managing their careers, families and selves.

MANILA, Philippines — Moms deserve to be celebrated every day, plus a little bit extra on Mother's Day.

At a recently-concluded webinar for Mother's Day, TikTok gathered some of the most inspiring and influential moms that you can follow on the platform, to talk about how they make motherhood work.

Through TikTok, mothers can become part of a community of women who freely and creatively express themselves, support one another and provide each other with wisdom and motivation that can help them slay their day-to-day challenges.

Here are some insights that they shared:

1. Dianne Medina-Ilustre

Celebrity host, Dianne Medina-Ilustre inspires other moms on the app by sharing content that not only focuses on family, but also showcases her strength and personality as well. Apart from hosting the live event, she also shared her own insights as a first-time mom.

According to Dianne, online support groups have been a huge help so far. "I remember I got pregnant during the lockdown," she shared. "It was really hard for me because I don’t have a mom anymore, I don’t even have a mother-in-law anymore. So I was really starting from scratch. It’s nice that TikTok is doing this initiative to reach out to all the moms out there to guide them and support them."

Dianne also said that she learned a lot from mom tips shared by other TikTok creators, and these ultimately helped her learn to trust herself as a mother.

2. Kaye Ang

Kaye is the founder of Mamacademy PH, an online community for moms that advocates continued learning even after motherhood begins. During the event, she talked about the community's mission to encourage, enable and empower women to pursue #LearningAlongsideMotherhood together with the other hats they wear, while honoring God in every season.

She also talked about the importance of finding outlets that make her feel like herself again, and how these make her better as a mom and a woman. "I find it very helpful to do something that really pleases your heart, for example you're fond of reading. Very constantly in my life is that, from time to time, go back to my passion project and see where it is in terms of progression. So have something that is constant. It doesn't have to be too fancy or too grand," she shared.

3. Mirah Borja

OB GYN and first-time mom Mirah Borja uses TikTok as a platform to share pregnancy-related medical advice. The tips she shared during the webinar focused on helping other moms juggle their careers, families and lives.

Her best advice is, "Carefully plan your week or month ahead. Leave work at work. Disconnect after work hours. Don't hesitate to ask for help from your helper or husband. Order online and buy in bulk. Stay positive."

She also talked about the things you can learn from raising kids. "Raising kids teach you a lot of skills. One is multi-tasking, two is time and stress management. Moms, especially working moms, have countless tasks and responsibilities during the day. It is important that we perform several tasks at one time. These skills will definitely come in handy at the workplace."

4. Dette Zulueta

Dette, the woman behind Millennial Moms PH, established the community to address mom-shaming and the need for a more open support group for moms.

At the event, she said that there is no better person to take care of you than yourself. Some of her self-care ideas include exercising with your child, enjoying quiet time, eating healthy, delegating tasks, and finding your passion.

"Self-care is essential, but more than essential it should be a non-negotiable. As moms, we have to take care and nurture ourselves, just like how we take care and nurture others, our spouse, and our children. I feel like when I take care of myself, what happens is I have more love to give to my children, my husband and to other people. It's the effect of self-care," she shared.

5. Omni Larrosa

Omni is best known as one-half of the husband-and-wife TikTok tandem, Omni & Bryce. Together with their kids, they form TheClingyFam, and share all sorts of meaningful content, covering marriage, parenting, homeschooling and anything else that is relevant to families.

At the event, Omni spoke about parenting changes that their family experienced during quarantine, calling it a dream come true to be able to work from home while homeschooling. Apart from saving travel time and becoming more productive, she got to see her husband and kids 24/7.

"The challenges and the management dilemma was really overwhelming. There were days na feeling namin kulang ang 24 hours a day. To be honest minsan di namin maiwasan ang mag-complain at magtalo during the early stage of adjustment. Pero instead of grumbling and whining we got reminded of this verse in the bible that says there is time for everything," she explained adding that it was this verse that helped maintain her sanity, and allowed her to believe that she can do anything.

Celebrating moms with TikTok

TikTok hopes to continue playing an active role in starting meaningful conversations about motherhood through activities and events like this webinar.

"We often forget, though, that our mothers are women first. Some of them also manage careers and run businesses while raising kids. They have their own dreams outside of their children. We at TikTok hope that event will start meaningful and positive conversations about mothers being total women. We want you, moms, to know that we see you beyond your role as mothers. And we love you just as much," Conrad Bateman, TikTok Global Communications Regional Team, said.

As a special Mother's Day activity, TikTok is launching the #MySuperMom hashtag challenge, where creators can highlight mothers who are supermoms, not just at home but also in their careers and chosen fields.

The challenge will last until May 13. Entries can either be a video that features your supermom, a video of yourself being mom for a day, or a video showing you doing a difficult task that your mom usually does.

Top 5 creators with the most engagement will be featured on TikToK Philippines page and will receive official TikTok merchandise.


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