Greenhills Mall celebrates healthier, more active lifestyle with Active Playground

Those biking for their errands or solely for fitness, Greenhills now has dedicated bike lanes and bike parking for them.
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MANILA, Philippines — A healthy immune system is key to safeguarding yourself against COVID-19. The IATF recommends taking extra measures in improving overall health and wellness by eating healthier meals, taking vitamins regularly, and having a more active lifestyle.

To support this protocol, the San Juan City government and Brgy. Greenhills launched pop-up bike lanes within the city to provide a safer and healthier mode of transportation to its citizens.

In lieu of this, Greenhills Mall also recently launched the Active Playground, which promotes a convenient space for bikers, joggers and people who want to have a leisurely workout throughout the day.

In an effort to accommodate the increase in bikers due to the limited transportation amidst this General Community Quarantine, Greenhills has also worked to create a bike-friendly zone for everyone.

To accommodate the increase of bikers during General Community Quarantine, Greenhills created a bike-friendly zone for everyone.
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“Ortigas Malls has always been promoting a more active lifestyle in all its malls. Since our launch of the internationally-acclaimed Bike Playground in 2017, we have been incorporating more open and active spaces within our malls,” said Architect Renee Bacani, vice president of Ortigas Malls.

“Since most of us have been staying at home in the past months, it is important to find creative ways of staying active and fit even when going about our day-to-day lives, such as grocery shopping, dining out, or doing errands,” she added.

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Whether biking for fitness or biking to get your essentials, Greenhills now has dedicated bike lanes and bike parking. There are also signage placed throughout the center to guide bikers to the designated parking spaces where they can lock their bikes before shopping.

For those who bike for fitness, Greenhills will be providing dedicated bike lanes every day from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. around the 1-km mall route.

From 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., dedicated bike lanes around the 1-km mall route will be provided for those biking for fitness.
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Ortigas Malls has always encouraged everyone to continue to stay active and is constantly providing ways to motivate consumers towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle.


For more information, you may check their official Facebook pages: Greenhills, Estancia, Tiendesitas, and Industria.

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