LIST: 5 greener alternatives to everyday items that will help save the environment

While it takes extra effort to lead a sustainable lifestyle, we can always start with something, no matter how small or simple.

MANILA, Philippines — Going through our everyday lives involves items that we purchase, use, dispose of, and accumulate. But do we really know the impact of these everyday items to the environment and wildlife?

Now more than ever, we must be more conscious about everyday items that end up in landfills, and even in our seas and forests. While it takes extra effort to lead a sustainable lifestyle, we can always start with something, no matter how small or simple.

Here, we list alternative items we can use and reuse to reduce waste and ultimately, help save Mother Earth:

1. Canvas bags

This is an easy one. Instead of the constant use of plastic bags that generate colossal amounts of waste, opting for canvas bags is an obvious alternative. These multipurpose totes are certainly sturdier and can hold up weight more reliably than plastic counterparts. Plus, they’re less unsightly and are washable for when you need to use them again.

2. Unused gadgets

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Find new use for extra or old but working devices in your home instead of piling them in some bottom drawer, where they can just break down due to disuse. You can always give them away to relatives who need them or donate them to charitable initiatives. Who knows, you might just change the lives of those who have the most need for these.

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3. Upcycled fashion, thrift store clothes

There’s no shame in moving away from fads, especially in clothing. For one thing, “fast fashion”—trendy clothing that’s cheaper to produce and move—is one of the main culprits that’s causing extensive environmental harm.

What we should really make into a “thing” are thrift stores and upcycling—recycling old and unwanted clothes, transforming them into brand new pieces. And if you really have no use for extra clothing lying about in your home, you can always donate them.

4. Your OWN tableware

This especially applies to getting takeout or having food delivered. Make it a habit to opt out of disposable plastic spoons and use your own dinnerware and utensils at home instead. What’s a few minutes of washing them in the sink compared to using plasticware and contributing to global waste?

5. Ice cream tubs, biscuit tins

Say what you want about feeling “duped” upon discovery of frozen fish in ice cream tubs in your freezer or of sewing materials instead of cookies or confectionaries in tin boxes. There’s certainly nothing funny about our mommies and titas having the best idea in reusing these receptacles—they’re helping save the environment for all our sakes.

Speaking of reusing containers, Robinsons Supermarket, too, has an environmentally friendly solution in its Share & Save promo.

With this promo, get a set of reusable storage bags for free when you purchase a minimum of P3,500 inclusive of P500 worth of participating items until August 31.

These reusable bags, available in small, medium, and large sizes, are not only perfect for shopping, packing snacks and lunches, or organizing stuff at home, but they’re also the perfect single-use plastic alternatives.

What’s more, participation in the Share & Save promo lets you donate to World Vision—a non-profit organization that carries out relief operations for less fortunate communities. For a minimum purchase worth P500 from participating brands, you contribute P5 to the cause.


For more information on the Share & Save promo, visit the Robinsons Supermarket website here.