What insurance means to a family’s brighter future

Insurance is a solution that may address a family’s financial woes and ultimately, give them a brighter, better future. It is something that solo or co-providers can take a closer look at.

MANILA, Philippines — To financially provide for a family is never an easy feat. Parents — or even children who have taken the role of providers from their parents — would always want to give their loved ones not just the most comfortable but also the best possible life.

So they work hard and save harder, always willing to sacrifice when needed. But this may never be enough in the most trying times.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that may address a family’s financial woes and ultimately, give them a brighter, better future. This is insurance, which is something solo or co-providers must take a closer look at. Here’s what it means to their families:

“Insurance is a highly misunderstood and undervalued financial tool. It can address liquidity when you need it the most. It can protect your and your family’s hard-earned savings,” says Darwin Uyco, a father and financial advisor at Sun Life Philippines.

“As a parent, it gives me great comfort to know that I can secure and provide for my family, if I am to leave this world unexpectedly,” he adds.

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With this, Uyco advises his fellow parents to first and foremost have a basic insurance coverage. He explains, “It is a responsibility that stems from the fact that no matter how well we take care of ourselves, the possibility of a debilitating critical illness or an unexpected accident can strike and rob our families of financial security.”

Eric Tan, another parent and financial advisor at Sun Life, agrees. “It is important that we get insurance — even just consider it — when we can afford it so that our families can better be prepared for whatever lies ahead.”

Tan, for his part, tells his fellow working parents to prepare for retirement this early. He explains, “Know how much you need to retire and create an investment plan that will allow you to reach it while taking into consideration your risk appetite.”

Also recommended are other Sun Life policies such as critical illness and disability insurances, as well as insurance with investments like Variable Life Insurance Plan and Sun Flexilink.

“Sun Flexilink is an investment-linked insurance product that differs from traditional plans because it provides the owner a certain degree of control over the plan. Owners can now choose where to invest their money, decide how long paying periods will be, and access to withdraw or add to the funds anytime,” Uyco explains.

Uyco and Tan are just two of Sun Life’s caring, professional, inspiring and winning financial advisors who can help parents provide a brighter future for their families.

More Filipinos can now find a Sun Life advisor who matches their financial needs, concerns and goals as the leading insurer in the Philippines launched Advisor Match, its latest online tool.

“We are happy to share that we are now empowering Filipinos to choose their very own Sun Life advisor with just a click of a button. With the Advisor Match, they can be assured of finding competent and committed financial advisors to help them achieve their financial goals,” Sun Life Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa says.

Sun Life Philippines is a leading advocate and supporter of financial freedom among Filipinos. It launched the #SunLifePerfectMatch campaign in time for the Financial Independence Month this June.

Visit https://advisormatch.sunlife.com.ph to experience the Advisor Match tool. Just follow the simple steps and find the right partner in your financial journey.