Getting the New Year right and moving on
FROM THE HEART - Gina Lopez (The Philippine Star) - January 2, 2018 - 12:00am

From my experience, there are three qualities that are absolutely essential for moving on in life.

1. Clearsightedness. One can’t move on adroitly if one doesn’t see the landscape of one’s own consciousness, one’s weaknesses, the forces that are at play when one’s buttons are touched, why those “buttons” get activated, and what it takes to calm down.

This entails keen intuitive insight — and more often than not, it entails having a commune of people or even just one person who is wise, smart, and truthful who can give you feedback. I have this with my meditation group. We meet every week — and we look at each other’s energy, share the goings on in our lives — and say what we see. I also have someone I work with daily who helps me maneuver to higher spaces so I am not limited to a mental framework. I have access to higher energies — and more “enlightened” perceptions on life.

My main “button” is when things don’t go well. A seer did a reading on me several decades ago — and said I was a “Chinese general” in one lifetime. Whatever — it makes sense to me because I am quite amazed at how “general like” I oftentimes feel — especially when I am with a group and we have a project. I really like things well done. Patience has never been my virtue; however, I have very much improved. Accepting things as they are will never be advisable but more and more, I am learning the art of making things happen while keeping my cool. It is life in progress. Social injustice is another button. This one, for me, is very difficult especially if I meet with the suffering up close and personal. However, addressing things out of anger is never the way to go. There is goodness in everyone. All situations have possibilities. Life continues to present me with triggering circumstances and I pass, and oftentimes I fail. But I keep on going on. That is the key.

2. Humility. The way to not go forward is to be defensive. This means digging in one’s trenches and refusing to allow for the possibility that one is remiss. It’s always the other person at fault. This kind of attitude can never be productive because it doesn’t allow evolution to take place. In the same vein, beating oneself on the head for any “failure” is also counter productive. Just see it as it is — and then determine how to move forward.

3. Courage. In life, no guts, no glory. This is true in operations but much more so in internal life. It takes guts to look at oneself. And guts to fix it, and guts to keep on living life regardless. It’s true in life operations and critical for internal growth.

Lastly, I just celebrated my birthday — and I had a lovely time with family. This is what I felt right after my morning meditation. I felt a deep desire for the Divine.  Tears rollling down, I felt the heavens listening. And as light poured down on me, I felt the love “structuring” me, making me strong. I felt an infusion of incessant light and strength. The key was to open and receive — and to allow Heaven to work on me. I can still feel it now. It gave and is giving me a sense of bigness and stillness.

Christmas, my birthday and then New Year... I was born between these two important events. When I was a child, I would think, shoot, my luck, I only end up with one gift instead of two had I been born in another month of the year. But now, I think I was born at a very special time of the year, sandwiched between a Great Event of Love and the Time of New Beginnings. Love and new beginnings...

There is a key aspect I would like to point out. In this process of internal positive moving forward, we are never ever alone. We just aren’t. Whether we feel it or not, it is a resounding principle of life. Take a walk along on the beach, or walk in a forest or just light a candle and offer your wishes for the new year. Sincerely, and then pause in the silence — you will be surprised at the energy that surfaces and how you feel. It is magical.

My suggestion: Clean your house, or at least your room. Give away things you don’t like, things you don’t need, share it, give it to Caritas or The Give Shop.

It’s such a good way to start the year — by giving away non-essentials.

So, this is what I offer you all as my cup spilleth over and we enter the next phase of our lives. Clearsightedness, humility, courage. And the ability to open and receive the blessings that are there for you. These are my wishes for all of you as we approach 2018. Life is beautiful. We just need to learn how to navigate.

Let 2018 begin with the brightest of hopes. The future starts in our hearts. Go for it!

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