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How Georgina Wilson coped without a 'yaya' for her son
Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo (philstar.com) - December 11, 2017 - 8:57am

MANILA, Philippines — Can’t find a “yaya”? Do not worry because you are not alone.

Model, entrepreneur and TV host Georgina Wilson-Burnand was among the celebrities who did not have a babysitter for their babies.

In a recent interview with the press during her launch as Chicco endorser, the first-time mom recalled how she coped without a “yaya” to help her with her son, Archibald.

“It’s much easier to put up a company than it is to become a mother,” she said. “So, to everyone who’s done it and has done it more than once, I don’t know how you do it. It’s incredible and I’m honored to be a member of the community.”

When the help Georgina was expecting did not come, she was left without a “yaya” for the first four months since having Archie.

“So, I really have to learn from zero on what to do,” she enthused.

But instead of feeling sad about it, she was even thankful for the experience.

“What I love about it is that now that I have help, I taught her how to do everything,” she shared.

Thus, for moms who have no “yayas” to help take care of their little one, she reminded them that “things happen for a reason.”

“I’m so happy I had that chance to be with him, just me and him, so I think ‘yang bond na ‘yan is so special!”

‘It’ girls love ?Georgina’s ‘i?t’ boy

Georgina said she chose the name “Archibald” for her baby even while he was still in her tummy because as a half-British, she wants a “super English name.”

Breastfeeding Archie was so much harder than she thought it would be. “Because people don’t talk about it. Yes, it’s amazing, but there’s a lot of pressure on it,” she admitted. “It has been challenging for me, but I just persevered for as long as I could.”

Although she did not have a yaya for Archie, she is happy because “a community brings up a baby.”

“When you become a mom, there’s like this tightly-knit community… It’s all about your support group,” she observed.

Apart from her mom, Georgina also got help from her friends, including the ‘it’ girls. When she gave birth to Archie, she recalled having at least 20 visitors every day, so Archie has become used to being carried by different people every day.

“Archie loves to spend time with the ‘it’ girls,” she said. “I don’t read that much, so I learn more about being a mom from the people around me…I’m still learning how to feed him.”

Her friend, Raymond Gutierrez, also helps her lose her pregnancy weight.

“You know, there are moms who look amazing just after a month. I’m not that at all!” she professed.

She also finds it fortunate to have companies like Chicco that support moms and help them become better through helpful baby products. 

The only problem she has with having a community to help her is that sometimes, some parents try to impose their parenting styles on her.

“Moms pass on judgment on each other on how to be a proper mother,” she fretted. But for her, as long as your baby is happy and you are doing a good job, you have nothing to worry about.

“What is really important is that everyone respects each other’s mothering styles. If somebody wants to be a full-on mom, go for it. Somebody wants to be a career mom, go for it…I try to stay true as much as possible. I think like with other moms, sometimes you lose yourself. I feel like I am who I am, but I added ‘mom.’ I didn’t change myself completely.”

She wants to consider herself a “modern mom,” who, like what her mom is to her, is a friend to her son.

“I want to be his friend. I don’t correct him. I don’t discipline. I guess, I’m just like my mom. I just bond with him a lot. I think I’m a relaxed mom…I don’t think that at this age he could be mean, so he does not need scolding, really. I think if not the future he becomes rude or unpleasant, I will not be okay with that,” Georgina expounded.

Like her, will she also allow Archie to enter showbiz?

“I’m not a strict mom and I just want him to be happy in life. He can make his own decisions and we can talk. But one thing that I feel strongly about is going to school,” she explained.

Whether or not her son has a “yaya,” Georgina treasures the time she spends with her son and finds every second of it to be precious.

“I didn’t know how happy I could be until I met Arch,” she stressed. “It’s the best adventure I’ve been on. I guess I’m more emotional nowadays. Kids bring tears…happy ones!”

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