Cayenne pepper: The hot way to fitness

Jojo G. Silvestre (The Philippine Star) - July 29, 2014 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines - So many things have been said about losing weight, it could easily be one of the most popular topics to bug mankind in the past few years.  Many diets have been invented —  Cohen, South Beach, Atkins, etc.  Many procedures have cropped up — liposuction, cryogenesis, body wrap, etc.

But many will agree natural is still the best.  You don’ need to introduce foreign matter into your body.  You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket by hiring nutrition consultants and/or subscribing to various procedures. All you need to do is to check out the unassuming cayenne pepper for the solution.

Dr. Ray Salinel swears by it. “It’s a good antioxidant,” he explains.  “It fights free radicals. It makes the blood less sticky and therefore reduces the danger of having a stroke.  In fact, an anecdotal report shows that heart attack patients who are given cayenne pepper eventually improve.”

The doctor, who often gives expert advice on national TV, doesn’t run out of good things to say about nature’s wonder spice. 

Salinel says cayenne pepper stimulates the adrenal glands to produce more epinephrine or adrenaline, which speeds up metabolism. This, in turn, will lead to weight loss, the natural way.

Salinel’s other good news for weight watchers is that cayenne pepper burns fat.

“It’s just that it really tastes maanghang (spicy),” he warns.   

But if you look at what cayenne pepper gives you in return (it also fights inflammation),  it’s worth the little sacrifice it requires from your taste buds.

 The good doctor found a kindred spirit in fitness guru coach Toni Saret.  She says cayenne pepper, taken with proper diet and exercise, is a big help in attaining one’s overall health and fitness goal. “Cayenne pepper builds up heat in your body from the inside. Combined with the right diet and exercise program, it can help burn fat and metabolize energy,” the very fit Toni reveals.

Toni is not quoting Wilkepedia.  She is speaking from experience. Many years ago, she  ballooned from 100 to over 200 pounds.  Toni was depressed.  She hid under extra large clothes.  She could hardly climb stairs. After getting teased a lot, she decided to embark on a serious weight loss and fitness program. The first step was to “detox” her body.

She remembers that it was a cleansing program with cayenne pepper as one of the main ingredients that made her jump-start her weight loss program. 

 “I took a mixture of lemon, cayenne pepper, non-iodized salt, water, and maple syrup.”

She lost seven pounds in five days. After the detox program, she started eating properly, exercising  regularly, and taking cayenne pepper.

“When I did my research, I discovered so many wonderful benefits of cayenne pepper, one of which is that it aids in digestion. Cayenne pepper produces gastric juices, including enzymes that help the digestive process,” Toni notes.

Cayenne pepper also increases saliva production by stimulating the salivary glands. And saliva, as we all know, fights germs in the mouth, helps us chew, and prevents tooth decay and gum disease.  Toni also found several studies that showed that cayenne pepper stimulates the lymphatic system, thus aiding in detoxifying the body.

Another natural benefit of cayenne pepper is its “burning properties” that make us sweat, thereby releasing body toxins.

“It releases heat within you. It’s another way of metabolizing your core temperature,” explains Toni.

It is like having your own natural sauna inside you. 

“Taking cayenne makes you go back to the basics. It’s very natural.  If you research cayenne pepper, you will see that it is a natural ingredient. Nothing about it is artificial,” she adds.

In other words, you lose weight, get rid of aches and pains, and feel better the natural way. 

For coach Toni, being healthier and looking good is just a side reward of cayenne pepper. Wellness is far more important.  It will keep you feeling great, inside out.

 As coach Toni says, wellness is becoming more and more important in this day and age of added stress.  The growing number of people — young and old  —attending her fitness clinics all over the country, can attest to that.

* * *

Cayenne pepper, now in capsule form as Capsinesis, is available at all Watsons pharmacy outlets nationwide for only P900/bottle of 100 capsules. For details, call  705-7149 or 099899CAPSI. Visit www.capsinesis.com or follow facebook.com/Capsinesis and instagram.com/Capsifit.


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