LG's appliances, home entertainment lineup for 2013 go smarter, greener

Dexter Rodrigo Matilla (The Philippine Star) - March 20, 2013 - 6:22pm

MANILA, Philippines - LG Electronics on Wednesday unveiled its latest in home entertainment, kitchen appliances and air conditioning at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel, with the promise of products that are more eco-friendly and have advanced features suitable for smart homes.

Highlighted were two TV models packed with features that pave the way for the next generation of Home Entertainment. The flagship model, LG 55LA8600, takes inspiration from the consumer to create the simplest and most intuitive user experience possible.

Its Smart Control feature allows users to easily access their favorite programs, premium and newsworthy content, and practical applications through the customizable Smart Home interface projected on the TV screen. The user can access the menu content with the aid of LG’s upgraded Magic Remote, which entails simple command options such as point, wheel, gesture, and speak.

LG’s SmartShare technology allows users to browse and share files from external devices wirelessly on the LG Smart TV or watch TV on another smart device. New SmartShare features are Tag On, Time Machine II, and LG Cloud. The Tag On feature allows mutual content sharing and mirroring by simply “tagging” the smartphone to an NFC sticker provided with the TV.  Time Machine II, meanwhile, allows TV programs to be recorded so that users can rewind, pause, or re-watch favorite TV shows without an external storage. Footage may be played backward or forward, transferred to other gadgets via LG Cloud, or recorded while watching a DVD. LG Cloud is a storage service that allows users to access content from phones or laptop to the LG Smart TV anywhere, anytime.

LG also introduced the LG 84LM9600, the world’s first 84-inch Ultra HD 3D TV. At 84-inch, picture quality is taken to a whole new level with four times higher resolution than Full HD. Showcasing an extensive range of colors and impressive degree of picture accuracy, the screen projects rich and vivid details even when viewed up close.  Users are able to immerse themselves in the TV’s flawless visual and text display, maximizing their viewing experience.  Comprising eight million pixels, the Ultra HD TV sets a new record of resolution in TV history.

The gigantic size of the screen gives way to a more lifelike, enthralling viewing experience.  The scale of the TV is so massive that it makes users feel like they are part of the motion picture.  Even while standing at 84 inches, the Ultra HD TV makes sure to always deliver crystal clear quality for the users.

Together with the world-class picture attribute, the Ultra HD TV boasts of powerful sound quality with its 50W audio bursting from a 2.2 speaker system.  The sound brings as much depth and liveliness to one’s ears as the screen brings to one’s eyes.  The exhilaration of watching movies in the big screen can be taken home with this all-in-one package.

Cooling solutions for the summer

To help alleviate the grueling heat wave this summer, LG’s newest Split Residential Air Conditioner (SRAC) with its advanced Inverter V technology, ensures energy savings up to 69%. The LG Inverter V Compressor is ideal for hot summer days in which air conditioners are essential for long periods of time.

This premium model comes in a stylish and seamless design and ties together fully-functional features that result in overall comfort and convenience.

Together with its excellent and reliable cooling capability, the AC provides clean freshness with its 3M Micro Protection Filter.  Its Plasmaster Ionizer grants health benefits to users as two million ions sterilize not only the air going through the device, but also surrounding harmful substances.  This system is further enhanced by the Plasmaster Auto Cleaning and Plasmaster Skin Care components.

Noise from an air conditioner can get in the way of one’s relaxation, but LG spares users from this disturbance with its Inverter V AC.  This model guarantees complete silence of as low as 19dB.  It also provides Optimized Cooling, which delivers a quick cooling operation so that users can immediately be relieved of the scorching weather outside.

The LG Premium Inverter V AC presents a well-designed package of complete cooling solutions. It is able to reduce the burden of steep electricity bills without compromising its cooling and revitalizing capacity.  On top of this, it offers a ten-year warranty.  Granting energy efficiency, convenience, a sanitized environment, and health for users, LG’s Inverter V Air Conditioner projects itself as the Smart choice of air conditioners, just in time for summer.

As part of the LG Smart Appliances series, the company recently unveiled the new side by side refrigerator with Inverter Linear Compressor as well as the new front load and top load washing machines with Inverter Direct Drive system.

Inverter Linear Refrigerators

LG promotes its Inverter Linear side by side refrigerators equipped with the smart feature called the Door-in-Door (DID). This feature provides quick and easy access commonly accessed food and drinks. Frequent trips to the refrigerator is made more energy efficient with this new feature, minimizing energy consumption by as much as 16%.

The Inverter Linear Compressor prevents mechanical loss by using only one friction point driving the piston, in comparison to a conventional compressor which works on four friction points. Thus, this core technology allows the refrigerator to work quietly and with less vibration. The same system is also designed to maintain a steady temperature—ensuring stored food products stay fresh and safe for consumption for a longer period. 41% energy efficiency is reached with this technology and the durability of the motor is backed up with a 10-year motor warranty.

Hygiene Fresh promotes inner air circulation and eliminates odor and bacteria through the 4-step filtration system that guards against dust, bacteria, fungi and odor. This filter system eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria within 15 minutes.

Sheryl Tayag, product manager of LG Electronics Home Appliances, stated: “Our Inverter Linear refrigerators are powerful machines and yet they are 41 percent more energy-efficient than conventional models. So with our Smart appliances, not only are you able to do a little good for the environment, you also get substantial energy savings.”

Tayag also mentioned that LG is proud to introduce this year their newest line-up of 2-Door No Frost Refrigerator that features Inverter Technology. These products are also guaranteed with a 10-year motor warranty is equipped with great features like Hygiene Fresh, Door Cooling, LED Lighting and Fresh O Zone.

Inverter Direct Drive

LG’s Inverter Direct Drive offers the biggest capacity for Front Load and Top Load Washing machine models in the market. Equipped with its core technology, Inverter Direct Drive, the system increases the motor’s efficiency, thus making it less prone to breakdowns. The simplified mechanism—no belt and pulley unlike in traditional motors—also helps reduce noise levels, and increase energy and cost efficiency. This comes with a 10-year motor warranty.

Another feature, the 6 Motion Direct Drive, enables the drum to not only move in tumble motion but also adds stepping, filtration, rolling, scrubbing and swing. This feature offers perfect washing performance that delivers a complete and efficient washing solution just like hand wash.

LG washing machines also feature the Smart Diagnosis, a simple and quick service solution. With the smart diagnosis feature the WM can directly communicate via phone to LG service center to detect which among the 78 common problems are occurring in your washing machine.

Smart features also present in LG top load washing machines include: 1. Warm Wash – a heating system that increases water temperature to 60 degrees Celsius – helping eliminate bacteria on your baby’s clothes. 2. Auto Lint Cleaner – a built-in filter which floats on the surface of the water and drained automatically during the finish course cycle. 3. Smart rinse – using a smart jet system, less water is used by not filling the tub. 4. Smart Lid – slowly closing the cover to prevent it from slamming on your fingers.

“More than the superior technology behind each product, what’s truly smart about LG’s new line of Home Appliances is the enhanced user experience that comes with the use of our products,” Tayag added. “Each of our Inverter technology-based refrigerators and washing machines come with a 10-year warranty. It’s our way of adding consumer value to the LG Smart Appliances experience.”

LG executives together with esteemed guest speakers at the launch of the new line-up of Home Entertainment and Home Appliances.
(L-R):  Mr. Youngmin Chae, vice president of Home Appliances, LG Electronics Philippines (LG); Mr. Hoony Bae, vice president of Home Entertainment, LG; Mr. Sungwoo Nam, LG managing director; Raquel Huliganga, Department of Energy (DOE) director; Carol Chuaying, marketing head of MagnaVision Philippines, Mr. Taewon Han, vice president of Air Conditioner and Energy Solutions, LG; and Mr. Roland Dallarte, head of Corporate Marketing, LG.
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