Why 1834 Premium Distilled Gin is the gin the world has waited for

Each bottle of 1834 Premium Distilled Gin bears the story of the Philippines. The shape of the bottle is a nod to the first gin bottles used in 1834. The bottle etching is inspired by the first map of the country with its navigation lines.  No detail was spared in the design as even the botte cap has a significant meaning.

MANILA, Philippines — The year 1834 marked the opening of the Port of Manila to the world, introducing Filipinos to new cultures, food and technology. Manila became one of the best places to trade luring American, Asian and European businessmen. 

As the Philippines interacted more with the rest of the world, its perspectives, customs, traditions and tastes expanded—making it more refined and sophisticated.

For almost 200 years, gin has been the drink of choice for many Filipinos. Introduced in 1834, gin became one of the most celebrated liquors in the country, paving the way for one of the most iconic and popular brands in the country, Ginebra San Miguel. 

The Philippines remains to be the world’s largest consumer of gin with more than 40 million cases consumed per year, making up 43% of the entire world market. This comes as no surprise as gin is one of the most exciting, unique and versatile spirits.  

Introducing 1834 Premium Distilled Gin

With almost two centuries of producing quality gins like Ginebra San Miguel, GSM Blue and GSM Premium Gin, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) began crafting 1834 Premium Distilled Gin in 2021. Every detail of the 1834 Premium Distilled Gin was well considered, from the bottle, its design, down to the taste and bouquet of the spirit itself. 

GSMI wanted to create a premium distilled gin that was proudly Filipino, evoking the glory of the era it was named after—a drink that is sophisticated yet approachable. 1834 Premium Distilled Gin boasts of a distinctive infusion of gin botanicals, sampaguita and calamansi essences endemic to the Philippines, making 1834 Premium Distilled Gin uniquely Filipino. 

Each bottle of 1834 Premium Distilled Gin bears the story of the Philippines. The shape of the bottle is a nod to the first gin bottles used in 1834. The bottle etching is inspired by the first map of the country with its navigation lines. 

No detail was spared in the design as even the botte cap has a significant meaning. The maroon color signifies the creativity and strength of the character of the Filipinos, while the top is embossed with the detailed face of the old Katipunan flag. 

1834 Premium Distilled Gin wins as one of the Most Popular Gin at the 2024 Manila Gin Festival.
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There are also etchings of the gin’s ingredients gin such as calamansi and juniper, as well as etchings of the star compass and the Philippine sun—making it proudly Filipino. 

When drinking 1834 Premium Distilled Gin, you get a smooth finish thanks to the intricate distillation process of using copper stills. The alcohol and botanicals are placed directly in the pot for maceration and distillation, producing a well-balanced gin with both citrus and floral notes. 

With each sip, you can pick up the zesty notes of calamansi and the delicate and floral notes of sampaguita. Other botanicals used are orange and lemon peels, juniper berries, cubeb berry, grains of paradise, angelica root, coriander seed and orris root—resulting in a distinctive blend that gives 1834 Premium Distilled Gin its unique taste, aroma and finish. 

Drink it on its own or on the rocks. Or create a glass of refreshing Gin & Tonic, or your favorite cocktail with 1834 Premium Distilled Gin as liquor base.

'The Most Popular Philippine Gin' at Manila Gin Festival 2024 

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Acknowledging the love for gin of Filipinos, the Manila Gin Festival was held in celebration of the creativity, diversity and spirit of craft gin culture last March 8 and 9.

As one of the participating brands, 1834 Premium Distilled Gin staged a booth that evoked the flavors of 1834 with baskets of calamansi and cuttings of sampaguita flowers covering the greenery wall. 

It also featured a buffet of cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, lemon slices, pepper corns and dried berries for visitors to customize their gin and tonics. 

Visitors were also given the chance to win their very own bottle of 1834 Premium Distilled Gin if they were able to pick the key that successfully opened the treasure chest with the prized item. 

During the event, 1834 featured three cocktails: the classic Gin & Tonic, Adobo Gin and Tonic and Sol Delas Islas. 

Gin Enthusiast and 1834 Brand Ambassador Paolo Abrera enjoys an 1834 cocktail.
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1834 Gin and Tonic is an elevated version of the classic gin and tonic. The sophisticated and elegant drink is topped with ginger slices and whole peppercorns, highlighting the centuries of excellence that come with every drop of the 1834 Premium Distilled Gin. 

The Adobo Gin and Tonic is an homage to the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines. Inspired by the “national dish,” this cocktail is infused with just the right taste of sweetness and savory flavors enhanced by the scent of charred laurel leaf. With 1834 Premium Distilled Gin providing a sophisticated base, this cocktail brings the whole drinking experience to a new level. 

Sol Delas Islas is a refreshing cocktail that embodies the essence of the Philippine islands. It is a medley of lychee, dark chocolate, grapefruit bitters, calamansi juice and, of course, 1834 Premium Distilled Gin. This cocktail is like paradise on a glass, transporting the drinker to lush tropical landscapes and sun-drenched shores. The drink is garnished with a wafer printed with the “Face of the Sun,” similar to the image of the 1834 Premium Distilled Gin cap design, an ode to the Katipunan flag. 

Hundreds of gin enthusiasts queued to the 1834 Premium Distilled Gin booth to get a taste of the gin in its natural form and of its three exclusive cocktails. And it was evident when at the end of the night, 1834 Premium Distilled Gin won second runner-up for the “Most Popular Gin” category of the festival, a true feat as it was the only Philippine Gin to place in the top three, beating others and a variety of brands from France, Spain, Scotland, the US and UK. Just the final flourish after two nights of nonstop entertainment, music, good food and all things gin. 

What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of 1834 Premium Distilled Gin and experience its smooth and refreshing taste with your friends, colleagues or fellow gin aficionados. 

1834 Premium Distilled Gin is available at The Marketplace, Shopwise, SM Supermarket, Ralph’s and Mitsukoshi Supermarket and online via LazMart and Shopee. It is also served in fine establishments like Edsa Shangri-La Manila, Marriott Manila, Sheraton Manila Hotel and The Westin Manila.


For more information about 1834 Premium Distilled Gin, visit their Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Drink responsibly. 


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