Bet you didn’t know this secret ingredient that can elevate your dishes? Try out these Tiktok recipe vids

From main courses and snacks to desserts, this ingredient has been used by many chefs and food content creators to transform ordinary food into shume-chef sa sarap dishes.
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MANILA, Philippines — From weird but tasty food combinations to new takes on classic dishes, it’s no doubt that our palates are always on the lookout for new flavors to experience. 

This is why it’s always best to expand your kitchen repertoire and try out new ways to prepare dishes. You’ll discover new ways to mix flavors or food combinations and say #AngSarapNga! 

Of course, you love your original, tried-and-proven recipes, but there are ways you could master a brand-new dish by simply just adding one super versatile ingredient: the Nestlé Carnation Evap. 

From main courses and snacks to desserts, evaporated creamer has been used by many chefs and food content creators to transform ordinary food into shume-chef sa sarap dishes. Curious how? Here are some milky-namnam creations made with Nestlé Carnation Evap. 

1. Milky Chicken Mami 

A surefire dish for rainy days, this Milky Chicken Mami will surely satisfy your cravings for a hot, tasty bowl of soup. 

This recipe by Ninong Ry uses Nestlé Carnation Evap to give that milky-creamy taste that we all love in our soups, then combines it perfectly with the flavors of vegetables and chicken. 

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Learn how to make it with this recipe video: 

@ninongry #AngSarapNga ? original sound - Ninong Ry

2. Milky-Creamy Bistek with Mushroom 

So you want to impress your family and guests this upcoming holiday season with your cooking skills? Try this new, creamy take on the classic, holiday staple Bistek. 

Perfect for those who love their Pinoy dishes, this Milky Creamy Bistek with Mushroom recipe by Sherill Melendez will make you rediscover the fun and warmth of eating at home instead of going outside. 

Follow her guide video to make your version of this dish: 

@sherrillhannaah Gawin niyo 'to sa Chicken at siguradong no need ng kumain pa sa labas ???? Ito ang very easy recipe na nai-level up ko pa lalo. ???? Basta kasi may Nestlé Carnation Evap, #AngSarapNga! #Food #Recipe #ViralFoodTrend #FoodiePH #LearnItOnTiktok #fy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #foru #xyzbca #viral #trend ? Cute and fun food - zomap

3. Butterfly-cut Chicken with Milky Béchamel Sauce 

Because we know that you love chicken nuggets and fried chicken, try making this Milky Bechamel dip—the perfect partner for your fried favorites. 

This super-creamy béchamel sauce by AngSarapGrabe is sure to elevate every dish it touches and add extra oomph to meat, pasta and even vegetables. 

Check out this recipe: 

@angsarapgrabe Butterfly-Cut Chicken Legs with Milky Bechamel Sauce. Join our #AngSarapNga ? original sound - AngSarapGrabe

4. Fried Milky-Sauce with Cheese 

Yes you can fry it! With just Nestlé Carnation Evap, cornstarch, cheese, egg and some bread crumbs, you can make these crunchy, golden bites which are the perfect creamy merienda and finger foods for the fam and your barkada. 

Follow this guide by Krisha Bernal to make this delicious dish: 

@krishabernal21 Fried Milk? ???????? BONUS: let's add cheese! ???? #LearnItOnTikTok #AngSarapNga basta may Nestlè Carnation Evap! Share your milkynamnam recipes na din ???? #FoodiePh #ViralFoodTrend #ChefU #krishabernal21 #recipe #easyrecipe #friedmilk #food #foodtiktok #tiktokfood #homecooking #milk #milkrecipe #deepfried #yummy #evapmilk #cheese #foodporn #friedrecipes ? Funny Song - Cavendish Music

5. Milky Creamy Leche Flan Cheesecake 

Of course, there’s always room for dessert. For Pinoy’s sweet tooth, there are two things that are too good to resist: Leche flan and cheesecake. 

Luckily, this easy-to-follow recipe by Toni Morales combines the best of both worlds and even elevates them further by making them creamier and tastier. This is a perfect dessert for the holidays, a good gift to give to your loved ones, and even a nice recipe for business. 

@tonirmorales #AngSarapNga because of Nestle Carnation Evap. One of my best creations so far!Nestle, beke nemen #recipe #baking #cheesecake #lecheflan #experiment #food #foodie #dessert #pastry #foodtok#foryou #fyp ? How`s Your Day - aAp Vision

#AngSarapNga with Nestlé Carnation Evap 

As demonstrated by these shume-chef sa sarap, milky-namnam creations, milk is indeed more than what we thought it to be, and #AngSarapNga when you use Nestlé Carnation Evap.

The Nestlé Carnation Evap is that versatile ingredient in the kitchen that does a lot of wonders when it comes to bringing rich, tasty flavors to almost any food. It is made with more milk (vs. previous formulation) which allows you to transform and elevate your classic favorites into new, tastier dishes. 

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