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‘Oktoberfeast’: Celebrate Oktoberfest at home with these treats 

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âOktoberfeastâ: Celebrate Oktoberfest at home with these treats 
Anne Curtis (left); CL for Johnnie Walker
Photo release

MANILA, Philippines — Oktoberfest, Germany’s biggest beer and folk festival marked every October, might have resumed in many countries, but not yet in the Philippines due to lockdown restrictions that include a ban on mass gatherings.

That, however, should not stop Filipinos to still celebrate Oktoberfest! Here are some treats that they could try to still relive the fun from the comforts of their homes:

New menu items

Pasteria's Shiitake Ala King and Simot's Siomai Chahan (inset)

Sometimes, you just have to get your fill of comfort food to help you get through the day. For any carb craving, foodpanda has a wide array of menus to explore, with new exciting items for foodies to try.  

Simot takes rice meals to a satisfying level with their flavorful and filling rice bowls that are inspired by other cultures. Their latest food offerings are combinations of Asian flavors with Japanese fried rice that is topped with Chinese dimsum faves. Try their Lumpia Chahan Bowl and Siomai Chahan Bowl and enjoy these hearty and uncomplicated dishes that are sulit, simple, and masarap. 

If it’s pasta on your mind, try the latest comfort food offerings of Pasteria. The restaurant that specializes in hearty and nourishing pasta bowls that are made by pasta lovers is celebrating National Pasta Day by launching two new dishes that are available for a limited time this October. The Garlic Butter Shiitake is a sweet, garlicky and buttery blend of flavors in a pasta dish that is loaded with generous amounts of peanuts, spring onions and Shiitake mushrooms. For something creamy, try the Shiitake Ala King that capitalizes on the Filipinos' love for creamy sauces. Its velvety smooth cream sauce is made more umami with lightly-sauteed shiitake mushrooms.

Whatever carb craving you have, get your quick and easy comfort food fix. Enjoy the wide variety of dishes from your favorite restaurants or tap on something new to try. The Simot specialties and Pasteria choices are available for delivery or for easy pick up through the foodpanda app. For more information about these offerings, visit Foodpanda Instagram and Facebook. 

Chicken blowout

Award-winning photojournalist Hannah Reyes Morales is known for her work in such globally-respected publications as National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, among others. Max’s is proud to collaborate with her as its featured photographer for a special 2022 documentary calendar that emphasizes the narrative on how the most special days are those spent with family.
Hannah via Max's/Released


Max’s Restaurant, the iconic restaurant chain famous for its Sarap-to-the-Bones Fried Chicken, is capping off its 76th anniversary this month with another great deal and high-profile limited edition collaborations with some of the most respected and dynamic names in the creative field.  

Last October 18, Max’s actual 76th anniversary date, its legendary Sarap-to-the-Bones Fried Chicken was offered at P200 off its usual price for both Regular and Family Whole Fried Chicken. Numerous guests joined the celebration and shared these with family and friends.

Due to popular demand, Max’s is bringing back its Chicken Blowout this coming October 29. It serves as a good way to close the brand’s anniversary month and say thank you to fans throughout the last 76 years and the next. The P200 discount on Whole Fried Chicken will be available in all Max’s stores nationwide except Cebu, Antique, Bukidnon and Pavia. Price starts at P299 for Regular Whole Fried Chicken. Customers can avail of this one-time deal for dine-in, take-out and delivery.

Award-winning photojournalist Hannah Reyes Morales is known for her work in such globally-respected publications as National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, among others. Max’s is proud to collaborate with her as its featured photographer for a special 2022 documentary calendar that emphasizes the narrative on how the most special days are those spent with family. Her photos pay gentle, honest tribute to the unshakeable tenderness amidst adversity, celebrating small pockets of joy still present in Filipino homes throughout the ongoing worldwide pandemic. Customers can get the anniversary calendar for free when they buy any regular-priced Max's products for a minimum of P2,000 at select stores. This will be available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery starting October 31.

As a special anniversary offer, Max’s will be dropping limited edition t-shirts for its fans in collaboration with Linya-Linya, a young and dynamic apparel brand that offers Filipino-made t-shirts that capture everyday Pinoy pop culture and situational humor. These Max’s x Linya-Linya shirts combine the signature wit of the Linya-Linya brand with all-time favorite items from the Max’s menu from its 76-year history, making them fun to wear to flex your love for all things Filipino.

Customers can get these for free when they buy any Max's Set Meal good for 10, for dine-in, take-out, and delivery. The shirts will be available in select stores only starting October 29.

Feel the rush to keep going amid a pandemic

James Reid


During this pandemic, we need to keep ourselves sane. The plan is simple: to move forward to keep the adventure going.

There are many stories of brave undertakings in these uncertain times. There are those who shifted careers as a delivery rider or online reseller after losing their jobs. There are also those who left the city life to work remotely or to pursue a simpler lifestyle.

For Paul Anthony Estares, he took the big leap of moving back to his hometown of Sorsogon from working as a full-time writer in Manila during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When the lockdown was first implemented, it was an unsettling situation for someone like me who lives alone in Manila. The uncertainty was too much to bear. I knew that I needed to do something to alleviate the anxiety that I was feeling,” he said.

Paul felt the urge to do something. So, he kept moving — from relocating to biking solo almost every day in Sorsogon to fight boredom and feel a sense of normalcy.

“Just like almost everyone, the pandemic has really taken a toll on me. I needed to get myself out of the lockdown rut. I am lucky that my province has been very strict with visitors and returning locals. They were able to keep the cases at bay,” he shared.

“This allowed me to explore safely even amid quarantine restrictions. I am more physically active now than before the pandemic. I spend most of my afternoons either biking, jogging, or taking a quick dip in the beach. I also managed to climb a mountain full of leeches, camp in the woods, and enroll in tennis class with health and safety precautions, of course—all for the first time. And all of these were great antidotes to stress during the pandemic.”

Even amid a global health crisis, life goes on. Despite the varying pace, style, and living conditions, we can have the will and mindset to find ways to carry on.

This is the very essence of Mountain Dew. True to its slogan “Fuel for Adventure,” we and all other consumers are encouraged to have meaningful, formative experiences that fuel our youth, whatever situation we may find ourselves in.

“During these trying times, our only option is to move forward and take on more adventures. As you face life’s challenges, a bottle of Mountain Dew could be a good pair. This one-of-a-kind citrus-flavored beverage will give you the rush to keep going,” said Frederick D. Ong, president and chief executive officer of Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI) —the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country.

Mountain Dew is available in 8 oz to 1L glass bottles, 250 ml to 330 ml cans, and 300 ml to 2.25L PET bottles. It also recently launched its new 850ml PET bottle serving in Luzon and 1L bottle serving in Visayas and Mindanao. Get all these in supermarkets, groceries,  convenience stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide.

PCPPI is the exclusive manufacturer of well-known beverage brands like Pepsi-Cola, Mug Root Beer, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Sting, Premier, Milkis, and Aquafina.

Burger King launches Ghost Whopper

The Ghost Whopper has the brand's signature flame-grilled 100% beef patty, conjured with white cheddar cheese buns.


In time for Halloween, international food chain Burger King introduces the Ghost Whopper, which has the brand's signature flame-grilled 100% beef patty, conjured with white cheddar cheese buns that aims to haunt you long after your last bite.

Available in Burger King's 13 locations until November 2, the Ghost Whopper is good for dine-in, take out or delivery.

Food delivery app extends perks to dine-in

Actress and TV host Anne Curtis
Photo release


Home delivery is a convenient way to enjoy your meals, but sometimes you just want to experience the simple joys of eating at your favorite restaurant again. To add to the pleasure of eating out (with proper social distancing, of course), Foodpanda is pleased to announce that foodpanda dine-in feature is now officially available in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. A feature that’s loaded with irresistible deals and promos, dine-in is the newest Pandapro perk that lets you enjoy your next sit-down meal with exclusive discounts of up to 40% off.
As a subscriber, you can “hack it like a pro,” with discounts on your total restaurant bill inclusive of food and drink orders at partner establishments. Chili’s and Motorino in Manila, Harbour City and Casa Verde in Cebu, and Koi Cafe by Malagos Garden Resort and BBQ Nation in Davao are only some of the hundreds of partner restaurants to look forward to.

It is also a convenient and contactless transaction, as you can redeem your deals on the spot using the restaurant’s QR code.  Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a local in the area, here’s how to redeem irresistible promotions in four steps: 1. Log on to the app and check out dine-in deals; 2. Confirm the restaurant discount with the server before placing the order; 3. Redeem the selected deal via QR code provided; and 4. Pay the bill at the restaurant. 

Apart from dine-in, Pandapro also offers benefits like exclusive discounts and free delivery on thousands of other restaurants. Foodpanda Philippines Managing Director, Daniel Marogy, said that pandapro is the answer for customers who are always on the lookout for “sulit” everyday deals such as free delivery and discounts on pick-up and now, dine-in. 

“We want to give our customers the best benefits from the monthly subscription, which is why we include discounts on restaurant dine-in as part of our perks. This is also part our commitment to support the F&B industry. Pandapro is only available on the app and not on other platforms such as web or mobile web, so download the app, subscribe, and hack it like a pro.”  

The app offers great deals every day to help you make affordable choices that fit your lifestyle. Whether it’s food bonding with the fam for Sunday lunch, fueling yourself for the week ahead, or simply craving to try something new, it offers deals and discounts.

Chilly burgers and more

Sebastian's September (left) and October offerings
Photo release


This month, instead of ice cream pints, ice cream brand Sebastian’s decided to make new flavors of Chilly Burgers. 

“In the time since we first launched our online store, the Chilly Burgers have risen to become our top selling product line, both for the store and for our reseller partners. It's because of this that we created a set of new flavors (plus bringing back two beloved ones) that will hopefully please our customers as much as our present flavors. We also made an ice cream cake that is inspired by a classic Chocolate Creation,” the label explained in a statement.

With Milk & Cookies, the brand wanted to go back to the very basics yet at the same time push even further. “While it sounds contradictory, the results are delicious. We went back to our original chocolate chip cookie recipe and made it with brown butter, which gives it this toasty, nuttier dimension. We paired it with our rendition of Fior Di Latte (aka Flower of Milk), a traditional Gelato flavor which doesn't even have vanilla, just the flavor of milk. Combining both into one Chilly Burger makes for a familiar yet new taste combination,” the brand shared.
Cookie Dough is the brand’s number one seller, and so they wanted to make a chocolate version. Brownies are basically a bar cookie, so they made their own recipe of unbaked brownie batter that could be frozen and chopped up into chunks which we then put on double chocolate chip cookies. Between the brownie batter chunk cookies we made a Milk Chocolate Ice Cream filled with even more brownie batter chunks.

Since the label did not have enough fruit in their Chilly Burger selection, they came up with Berry White by making Cream Cheese Cookies which have a lovely pale color even when baked and added white chocolate chunks. “We filled it with our Simply Strawberry Ice Cream and the results are a lovely Chilly Burger for Strawberry lovers!”

A perennial seasonal favorite in the brand’s display, Mango Salted Toffee is now available at the online store so everyone can try it. “We make our own Salted Toffee which we chop up and mix into our cookie dough batter and bake into cookies, and we fill it with Mango Ice Cream. It's an untraditional combination but the flavors work beautifully and the Mango Ice Cream has this great intense color that looks like sunshine.”

As homage to the original ice cream sandwich from the 80's, the brand presents Vanilla Classic. “We have always given credit to Coney Island's Eskimo Roll from the 80s as the original inspiration for the Chilly Burger, and this was actually the very first Chilly Burger we put over 15 years ago, and the Chilly Burgers themselves were the very first Novelty we came up with. There's a lot of history in this Chilly Burger, and for the first time ever we are making it available at the online store. Coney Island was the original artisanal ice cream brand and we hope ice cream fans who try this will want to learn more about this trailblazing company and their flavors.”

This October, the ice cream cake of the month is Blackout Cake. Invented during World War II by a Brooklyn bakery chain named Ebinger's in recognition of the mandatory blackouts to protect the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Blackout Cake is a much loved dessert that is simple in concept but delicious in execution. It is available in nine-inch whole and slices at sebastiansicecream.com for delivery and pick-up. 

“As such, we wanted to do an Ice Cream Version. This is more of a back to basics approach where we put layers of Devil's Food Cake and Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream, and then top it with a layer of Chocolate Frosting made in-house and finally crown it with even more Blackout Cake crumbs.”

As the weather begins to slowly get colder, we turn to warm treats to comfort us, and ginataan is at the top of that list for our head sorbetero, whose favorite treat as a child was Ginataang Mais. When he closes his eyes, he can still taste the memory of that perfect mix of sweet corn and tender rice in rich creamy gata. 

And thus the inspiration for last month’s new flavors. Presenting the Ginataang Ice Cream Collection. These three coconut cream-based ice cream flavors were inspired by traditional ginataan recipes. We infuse the gata with special ingredients (Fresh corn, toasted munggo, fresh ube), simmer it low and slow to infuse the flavor (and color) into the coconut cream, and finish by adding even more mix-ins for a greater flavor and texture. As bonus, since the flavors use coconut cream instead of milk, cream and egg yolks, these flavors are all 100% vegan and dairy-free.  

The Ginataan Ice Cream flavors are as follows:

•    Ginataang Mais - Coconut Cream Ice Cream simmered with fresh corn, mixed with sweetened corn and malagkit rice
•    Ginataang Munggo - Coconut cream Ice Cream simmered with toasted red munggo beans, mixed with sweetened red munggo beans and malagkit rice
•    Ginataang Halo-Halo - Coconut Cream ice cream simmered with fresh ube and langka, loaded with sweetened saba, yellow kamote, orange kamote, gabi, langka, and bilo-bilo chunks

Highball concoctions to try

Highball recipe
Photo release


It’s a Johnnie Walker lover’s dream come true: the world’s no. one Scotch whisky brand has launched the Johnnie Highball Mix It Up Contest. A bar cart set, with P50,000 worth of Johnnie Walker bottles – including a bottle signed by global K-Pop star and Johnnie Walker’s newest global brand ambassador CL – is up for grabs at Johnnie Walker’s Philippine Instagram page. 

Open to participants who are at least 18 years old and based in Metro Manila, the steps are easy and open for creativity:
1.    Make your own highball and post the best photo on your Instagram feed. You may replicate Johnnie Walker’s signature serve, the Johnnie & Lime, or make your very own recipe. 
2.    In the caption, include a name for your concoction and add in the recipe. 
3.    Tag the official Johnnie Walker Philippines IG Page (@johnniewalkerph) and use the hashtags #MixItUp and #JohnnieHighball. 

Three lucky winners will be selected based on the following categories:
1.    The Picture Perfect Johnnie & Lime – nail that best-looking shot of a tried and tested recipe
2.    The Bar-Ready Johnnie Highball – mix it up and share your newfound favorite drink
3.    The People’s Choice – rack up those double taps because the most liked photo wins.

Five winners will also be selected at random and will each get a highball kit and P10,000 worth of products. And for CL fans, here’s some added motivation: all winners will get a signed bottle from CL. Participants are free to publish as many posts as they want for more chances of winning, as long as it’s a different photo per post. One post will be counted as one entry. Don’t forget to set your profile to “public.” The contest ends on October 31. Winners will be announced on November 8. 

The Johnnie Highball 

This is a vibrant and versatile serve that challenges traditional whisky conventions. It’s delicious, customizable, very easy to make. Quick tip: all you really have to do is Build, Mix, and Dunk:

  1. Build – build your drink by pouring 40ml of Johnnie Walker over ice
  2. Mix – mix in 120ml of your preferred mixer and stir
  3. Dunk – dunk your garnish to complete your drink 

The Johnnie and Lime

The Black Label’s signature serve. It’s a delicious drink that packs a smoky flavor and a citrus taste. Try your luck in the contest with this tried and tested recipe – or feel free to elevate and add a twist. 

  1. Build your drink by pouring 40ml of Black Label over ice 
  2. Mix in 120ml of lemon lime soda and stir
  3. Dunk a slice of lime to complete your drink 

New square pizza, garlic bread flavors 

Detroit Style Pizza and Parmesan Crusted Garlic Bread
Photo release


The Detroit Style pizza is one of the most sought-after pizza crusts today, bringing out the best and full experience true pizza lovers long for. With its distinctive rectangular, thick-crust, crispy, and chewy pizza baked with edge-to-edge cheese, tomato sauce on top, and other toppings, Detroit Style pizza was built for savoring.

Corner Pizza’s new Detroit Style Pizza – Pepperoni is made extra thick with 50% more cheese. Topping it with 50 flavorful pepperoni slices on a chewy and cheese-crusted pizza crust layered with rich tomato sauce.

Wondering what makes Detroit Style pizza unique from other types of pizza? First, the cheddar crust aims to give that extra cheesy crunch. Second, a double layer of mozzarella and cheddar cheese are added for a cheesy pizza experience. Third, it is made richer with an extra heaping of tomato sauce on top to balance the extra cheesy pizza. Lastly, it is made thick and chewy for even more extra pizza goodness.

In addition, Corner Pizza debuted Parmesan Crusted Garlic Bread. You can enjoy four thick parmesan-crusted garlic bread slices that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, perfectly paired with their special salsa sauce. 

These offers are now available via 8-555-9000 or Cornerpizza.com.ph for delivery. Get a free four pieces of Parmesan Crusted Garlic Bread with every Detroit Pizza purchase until October 17.

Last November 2020, the pizza brand introduced a square-shaped pizza that is bigger by square inch than its ordinary 12” round counterpart. Marco Siy, who ideated the concept, shared how he thought of it as a delivery-driven virtual brand during the pandemic: “The brand was born given the pandemic situation last year, by maximizing the delivery service and products of Kenny Rogers Roasters.” 

Have a chicken party


Whether naughty or nice, Pancake House now serves its Classic Pan Chicken in new forms: nuggets, fingers and bucket. Pair it with a BBQ or Smoky Mustard dip or go for the restaurant chain's timeless gravy, and you’re all set for a chicken-crazed holiday. Get this through dine-in, takeout, curbside pick-up and delivery in Pancake House stores nationwide. 

Add some fizz to your cookie snack time

If you're bored of the same thing day in and day out and are ready to sample something new, try out Oreo's newest flavor, Fizzy is the newest seasonal variant with a unique flavor and a sweet fizzy sensation.


When was the last time you had fun trying something out for the first time? Do you remember when you were little and your heart would beat with excitement because you just found out about an exciting family vacation? Or maybe your stomach was full of ticklish butterflies and giddy anticipation from opening birthday presents? 

Nowadays, trying new things can be a bit of a challenge, especially with everyone stuck at home. But what if we told you, you could try something that’s unique and exciting right in the comforts of your own home?

If you're bored of the same thing day in and day out and are ready to sample something new, try out Oreo's newest flavor, Fizzy is the newest seasonal variant with a unique flavor and a sweet fizzy sensation. You get that zingy, citrus tang with a delightful fizzy sensation from the orange soda-flavored cream. It’s a throwback to your childhood favorite thanks to the sprinkling of pop rocks. You get all that and more still sandwiched between your favorite cookies.

The Oreo Fizzy is available for a limited time only at your nearest supermarket. Twist it apart, take a lick of the cream, and feel a tingly fizz travel all over your tastebuds! It’s a taste you can’t quite describe but opens up your playfulness and creativity, just like when you were a child. To shop in the safety of your own home, log on to Lazada or Grab Mart to purchase your delightfully tangy and fizzy snack. 

Guiltless pancakes

Whole wheat pancakes
Maya Kitchen/Released


Never before have we been more focused on our health, and that includes being mindful of what we eat. Good thing is eating healthier doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or tasteless.

Maya is giving your breakfasts and baked treats a healthier twist. The Maya ThinkHeart line is the tasty and easy way to be healthy, with the goodness of oats, whole wheat and muscovado sugar. Enjoy the nutritious and delicious benefits of the ThinkHeart line with these offerings: the all-new Oatmeal Pancake Mix and the tried and tested ThinkHeart Whole Wheat Pancake Mix and ThinkHeart Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Mix.

The newest Oatmeal Pancake Mix combines the beloved flavor of the classic hotcake mixes with all the benefits of another breakfast favorite: oats. These oatmeal pancakes may have the same hotcake taste the entire family enjoys, but they’re now thicker and chewier because they contain real oats. 

Oats are among the most nutrient-dense food in the planet, loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that can improve health. They are a good source of carbohydrates and fiber, and they also contain more protein and fat than most grains. Oats can also help in the improve heart health by lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels in the body. 

Longtime favorites Whole Wheat Pancake Mix and Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Mix, moreover, contain whole wheat flour that’s an excellent source of some B-vitamins, vitamin E, iron, magnesium and zinc. It can also prevent lower blood cholesterol and reduce weight because of its high dietary fiber content. Food made from whole wheat ingredients also have lower glycemic index than the usual counterparts, which can prevent blood sugar spikes and keep one satisfied for longer.   

To make the Whole Wheat Pancake Mix even healthier, this mix also has muscovado sugar which is said to be the purest form of sugar. It contains antioxidants, minerals, proteins and vitamins which all play a role in decreasing risk of certain diseases and contribute to other health goals. The ThinkHeart line are also cholesterol-free and contain zero-gram transfat.

Kickstart your day with a great cup of coffee

What better way to do just that than to have your perfect cup of coffee, right? Not only can it help give you the energy that you need, it can also put a smile on your face.
Photo release


Admit it, getting up in the morning can be one of the most challenging things you do in a day, especially with the weather getting a wee bit more relaxing lately. The temptation to have a slow and sluggish start to your day may get way too difficult to fight.
But being late to anything, whether to your morning ritual or to your work is never a good way to start the day. No matter how inviting it is to sleep in, you’ve got it in you to seize the morning and make it a great one.
If you’re looking for that “tamang timpla” in your cup of coffee, try the new Great Taste Duo — the first 2-in-1 coffee mix in the market. It’s got the bold coffee flavor you crave for in the morning, mixed with just the right amount of sugar to sweeten your days. This mix of dark roast coffee and brown sugar could make you feel energized and ready to conquer a busy day ahead. Since it’s also easy to prepare, you can enjoy this at any time of the day too. What’s best about it is it’s available both online and in your nearby sari-sari store for only P5 per sachet.
Sometimes all you need is the ideal 2-in-1 coffee companion to put a smile on your face first thing in morning or in the middle of a challenging task. So, don’t forget to grab some when you go out to get buy your favorite pandesal and palaman breakfast combo.

Calling all ‘Batang ‘90s’: New snack flavor

Roller Coaster Barbecue comes in two sizes: solo pack for snack times by yourself, and buddy pack, which is perfect for sharing. Let the balanced sweet, savory, and smokey barbecue taste tickle your taste buds. Enjoy it as is, or pair it with your favorite refreshing drink.
Photo release


Remember Jack ‘n Jill Roller Coaster? Yes, that iconic ring-shaped potato snack continues to capture the hearts of Filipinos. Many Pinoys who fell in love with these cheesy playful rings will be thrilled to find out about its quirky new look and exciting new flavor -- barbecue!

Universal Robina Corporation, the maker of the snack and other famous Jack 'n Jill snacks, released a barbecue variant to delight snack-loving Pinoys. What better way to surprise them than with a flavor that Filipinos especially love, which is why URC chose to make this new delicious creation.

The classic Cheddar Cheese also debuted its brand-new look that screams “Keep the Fun Rolling!” If you haven’t seen it yet, perhaps now is the time to grab a bag of these yummy chips and have yourself a playfully fun snack experience.

These snacks are available in Shopee, all leading supermarkets nationwide, and in select grocery apps. 

Drink up for good vibes


Royal, one of Coca-Cola Philippines’s biggest brands and the country’s leading fruit-flavored sparkling drink, has announced the launch of a new advertising campaign inviting consumers to combat the ‘gray’ in everyday life by being?playful and?colorful. 
This is the first?global campaign for Fanta, the international brand name for Royal, since 2017. "Colorful People" is given a local flavor to celebrate those exceptional people who are?young?at heart?and do not let the gray or low parts of their life win.   

“Royal is a colorful,?playful and delicious drink that Filipinos love,” said Cesar Gangoso, Coca-Cola Philippines Marketing Director. “This new campaign encourages?consumers to fight the gray in their lives by being?authentic and playful and ultimately, to enjoy?life to the fullest, regardless of their age.”? 
As people grow old, they tend to be overruled by conformity and seriousness of adulthood. Royal wants to break that monotonous cycle by reminding Filipinos to stay colorful by injecting fun and humor in their daily life and giving them an avenue to unleash their inner child. Royal has been a popular drink amongst teens for decades. However, the beverage brand recognizes that playfulness and being childlike never stops at a particular stage in life. Thus, regardless of how times change, what Royal stands for will remain the same – having fun is something that everyone can do no matter the age. In the Philippines, these ‘colorful fun-loving people’ are called Generation Kulit – a playful generation defined by attitude and not by age.  
"Colorful" recognizes and celebrates a Generation Kulit of Filipinos to keep the good vibes coming. These are your street performers?or karaoke singers who work hard to make strangers smile?and are not afraid of looking foolish. As a start, Royal is partnering with fun and young-at-heart Filipinos like Kim Chiu, Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga to talk about how they fight back everyday grays with playful fun, do wacky challenges, and give away prizes and surprises to their fans. A series of livestreams will be scheduled starting October 1, Friday on the Royal Philippines Facebook. Kim and Luis will be joined by TikTok sensations Teacher Dan and Berto Berioso, actress and vlogger Alex Gonzaga with her mom, Mommy Pinty, for an afternoon filled with lots of laughter and kulitan. 
In addition, people from different walks of life will be featured in a short film – hoping to inspire others to be part of Generation Kulit. As more people become part of this new generation: “Generation Kulit,” Royal will be sharing their fun-filled videos and colorful personalities each week. 
To make it even more exciting, Royal is also inviting everyone to join their Play On! Promo where consumers can win awesome prizes. To join, consumers need to buy a specially marked Royal bottle, look for the 8-digit alphanumeric code underneath the bottle cap or label, and enter the code via the Royal Philippines Facebook Messenger any time until November 6, 2021.   
The campaign also features a new television ad called "Colorful" and over 50 pieces of digital content, and out-of-home assets. The campaign was created by SANTO Buenos Aires?and?adapted?by Craft Philippines;?and will roll out in various markets around the world beginning in 2021.

Mercato Centrale launches cloud kitchens for delivery

Ibarra's Kitchen Crispy Sisig (left) and Kahatea Iskrambol Milk Tea
Photo release


Ten years after it was initially launched, the popular Bonifacio Global City's weekend night market Mercato Centrale on Friday, August 6, opened its first physical restaurant called Mercato United Kitchen, a cloud kitchen housing 19 vendors for takeout and delivery. 

Aiming to serve not just the customers but also "foodpreneurs" amid the pandemic, Mercato Centrale had been able to pivot into the growing global restaurant model of cloud kitchens while retaining the original Mercato spirit with al fresco dining setup and considering all protocols in place.

With its new brick-and-mortar concept, The Mercato United Kitchen is located in Ayala Circuit Mall in Makati City. It allows customers to order various dishes from different merchants under one delivery fee. 

Their local brand partners include: Above Sea Level, Bounty Sprouts, Capa's Seafood, Crisp,s Chef Rocky's Kitchen, Green Meat Hub, Cabanatuan's Harvest Cafe and Bistro, Ibarra's Kitchen, Cavite's Pizza, Didi Kahatea PH, Khuttz Diner, Kuranosuke, PARES Express, Takoichi, The Gourmet Kitchen, Tipsy Cream, Wildsmoke, and Woke Brothers. They are also introducing international brands The Cheesecake Factory and Cebu's Zubuchon Lechon to their roster. 

Mercato United Kitchen is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. during general community quarantine (GCQ). Customers can order for citywide delivery via 7719-0808, Mercato's website, GrabFood, Foodpanda, or DingDong PH. Contactless ordering in-store is also available via a QR code.
Meanwhile, al fresco dining with protocols is allowed for limited capacity under GCQ.

Mercato Centrale's Midnight food fair was first launched in 2011 at the BGC Tent, featuring several local startups and food businesses in one place. The weekend food festival closed for business at the start of March 2020's lockdown. But they were able to launch their first online delivery portal in June 2020. They reopened for outdoor dining in October 2020 at High StrEAT, an outdoor takeout food market at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater in Taguig City.

RJ Ledesma, an award-winning host, serial entrepreneur and also serves as Honorary Vice Consul of Monaco to the Philippines, co-founded the food and lifestyle night market.

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