Newbie cooks, Tita Chatbot is here to give you helpful tips in the kitchen

MAGGI has introduced to us its own version of this tita, guaranteed to be a cooking ally who will help you prepare tastier and healthier meals in the kitchen.

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines is a nation that values family ties and keeps close connections with our extended families, and here, no one quite compares and could be equally as endearing to many of us than our beloved titas.

Conventionally, “tita” is the Filipino word for aunt or auntie—any female sibling of either one’s mom or dad. But in modern times, the meaning of tita has evolved in different ways.

Today, titas have also come to be known as women—usually mid-career professionals in their 30s or older—who, while not necessarily one’s kin, are regarded with equal respect for their wisdom, wit and wide interest, among others.

A certain kind of tita, for example, is one that professes knowledge in nutrition and skills in meal prep and cooking, one who is most concerned with the latest health food craze. She would not think twice about sharing her expertise with either her biological inaanaks or chosen inaanaks.

This is the kind of tita we look to for health advice, kitchen guidance and of course the occasional brunch, sometimes with her amigas in tow.

It is in this understanding that MAGGI has introduced to us its own version of this tita, guaranteed to be a cooking ally who will help you prepare tastier and healthier meals in the kitchen.

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Now’s the time to meet Tita MAGGI Chatbot.

24/7 kitchen partner

Given these challenging times, we’ve all come to practice at-home meal preparation as the norm. But sometimes this can be difficult especially if we have a limited grasp of kitchen know-how.

Now, with Tita MAGGI Chatbot, MAGGI’s very own machine learning bot, Filipinos can benefit from tips on recipes, shopping, meal planning, nutrition, and so much more. As a stand-in online tita, Tita MAGGI Chatbot makes the process much easier and faster, so you can have more time to go about the daily grind of work from home or online learning.

All you have to do is engage Tita MAGGI via Facebook Messenger. Right off the bat, she offers the ability to search for specific recipes you need via the Search for a Recipe function, and for any occasion, via the Cook for an Occasion feature.

If you already happen to have a recipe in mind, just type it in the chat and Tita MAGGI will give you the deets on ingredients and instructions for cooking.

Once you find the recipe you need, just click on View Recipe to see instructions in detail.

To quickly access the recipe again for another time, just tap the Save Recipe button and Tita MAGGI will keep it handy for you via your Facebook Profile under My Saved Recipes.

Speaking of easy access, Tita MAGGI also has quick links to the official MAGGI e-commerce platforms via Shopee and Lazada, so you purchase MAGGI products all from the comfort of your home.

Working with limited ingredients? No problem. Tita MAGGI can assist you with recipes that work depending on the ingredients you have on hand. Just click on the Cook My Ingredients button and then type in what you have and she will do the rest. She’s that resourceful.

Don’t forget to ask her for Sarap-Sustansya Tip. She has an arsenal of advice for every recipe she has!

So if you’re looking for an online tita who really knows her stuff, go head and reach out to Tita MAGGI chatbot to experience kitchen convenience for yourself today.


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