Pinoy family dishes that will bring holiday festivities to our homes

If there’s one thing that’s bound to remain unchanged this year, it’s the way we Filipinos celebrate the holidays.
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MANILA, Philippines — If there’s one thing that’s bound to remain unchanged this year, it’s the way we Filipinos celebrate the holidays. This is best exemplified by the care and hard work that we pour into our cooking, ultimately capturing the spirit of Christmas and strengthening one’s sense of being home.

As we slowly close in on the most important season of the year, let’s look at some of the best Pinoy family dishes that turn up the dial on the festivities in our homes.

1. Mechado

Mechado is a tomato-based, braised-beef stew borne from the influence of Spanish cuisine. It owes its name to the Spanish word “mecha,” meaning ”wick” in English, explained by the larding on the meat. When the dish is finally ready, you get soft, succulent beef chunks swimming in thick, savory, and gravy-like sauce that’s best served with hot steamed rice.

2. Morcon

Morcon is an especially delicious dish that comes in beef roulades traditionally layered with hard-boiled eggs, sausages, carrots, cheese, and pickles. It’s a Pinoy favorite that fits the tradition of having round-shaped foods on the table that attract prosperity in the New Year.

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3. Pansit

A most versatile noodle dish, Pansit is regularly seen on the holiday spread. It can be cooked as simple or as complex as you wish, the latter being truer especially since Filipinos are given to adorning dishes with something extra they can find in the kitchen.

4. Lechon Paksiw

Pinoy cuisine teaches us to be more creative with our leftovers, and this is where Lechon Paksiw excels. It is a dish made from leftover meat from spit roast pig, simmered until tender in a thick, sweet-sour sauce, enriched by spices and some good ol’ liver spread, giving the sauce extra texture and character.

Showcase your culinary flair

If you are a cooking enthusiast and happen to have your own take on the recipes above, then why not showcase your culinary chops?

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