Belo Medical Group bags international award from EMFACE

(From left) Dr. Hayden Kho Jr., Shirley Hiranand, Dr. Vicki Belo, Audrey Puckett-Chiu and Dervla Louli Musgrave
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MANILA, Philippines — When it comes to raking in the recognition, Belo Medical Group shows no signs of stopping. Dr. Vicki Belo spent a productive 24 hours in Hong Kong as she ran a full day of panel talks, keynote speeches and an awards ceremony that gave Belo three new titles under its belt.

Belo Medical Group was in full participation mode at the EMFACE Symposium and Awards Night, attended by 80 top doctors from Southeast Asia. The EMFACE Masterclass welcomed Dr. Belo as a guest speaker, where she discussed all about the EMFACE Submentum Applicator, a device especially designed to taper the double chin area.

Another landmark achievement from Belo, the EMFACE The Emface Submentum (double chin) applicator is exclusively available in select Belo clinics in the Philippines, highlighting its status as one of the most trusted dermatological clinics in Asia.

The awards speak for themselves: in the same event, Belo took home the EMFACE Best Medical Aesthetic Center (Diamond Award), the EMFACE Outstanding Marketing for 2023, and the EMFACE KOL Appreciation Award for Dr. Vicki Belo, recognizing her efforts as an influential thought leader in the field of medical aesthetics.

Belo Medical Group CEO and founder Dr. Vicki Belo as a key speaker in the recent Emface Symposium and Awards Night in Hong Kong

In the Philippines, EMFACE remains to be one of Belo Medical Group’s most popular treatments. Loved by many for its transformative power without the use of needles nor surgery, EMFACE is a needle-free procedure with zero downtime that treats both facial skin and muscle—restoring muscle density of our youth, tightening facial muscles and producing collagen and elastin for tighter skin.

Think of EMFACE as a weight-training workout for the face: at 75,000 electrical pulses in a 20-minute procedure, the result is a more chiseled appearance, lifted cheeks, bright-looking eyes and more radiant skin with no downtime at all.

It’s the pursuit for these transformative yet non-intimidating solutions that sets Belo apart from other aesthetic clinics that offer similar services. Apart from always striving to be first in the market, Belo prides itself with expert client handling that makes each visit to the clinic a VIP experience.

Belo Medical Group’s commitment to its customers make it a shoo-in for regional awards such as EMFACE, placing the Philippines in the beauty world map once again.


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