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Viva Magenta: How to wear 2023's color of the year |

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Viva Magenta: How to wear 2023's color of the year

Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo, Kathleen A. Llemit -
Viva Magenta: How to wear 2023's color of the year
From left: Beyond The Vines' Dumpling Bag; model wearing pieces from COS’ Lunar New Year Capsule Collection 2023
Beyond The Vines, COS / Released

MANILA, Philippines — “Brave and fearless” — that’s how Pantone describes 2023’s color of the year.

For those who want to be in-trend and wear this pulsating color as “a new signal of strength,” celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga recently gave tips at the opening of Look, a premium multi-brand beauty store in Level 2, Main Mall of SM Mall of Asia.

Viva Magenta, Mayuga told in an interview, ranges from pinks to deep pinks and reds with hints of pink. 

“A very magenta lip color (is something) that you can wear on your own or with a winged eyeliner,” he advised.

Shine bright like Viva Magenta


"If you're already wearing magenta on your lips, I'll probably keep all other colors more muted like shades of bone, taupe, brown, bronze. Nothing too colorful. The eyes are more neutral so the focus is on the lips,” Mayuga said.

Since Viva Magenta is already a bright color, you can wear it on its own especially if you already have a clear face. Prepare a canvas for Viva Magenta and any makeup color by checking out the following beauty breakthroughs:

Actress Liza Soberano

Having a tone similar to Viva Magenta is pomegranate, a super food. It has been known for its medicinal and skincare benefits since ancient times. It’s a remarkable fruit that’s rich in polyphenols, responsible for detoxifying the skin of free radicals all while repairing damaged cells caused by environmental stressors.

Pomegranate is among the key ingredients of Deoproce Skin Reveal line, on which actress Liza Soberano currently relies on to take care of her skin given her hectic schedule as a budding Hollywood star.

“My beauty routine is quite simple. I've made a conscious effort to keep it minimal given my busy schedule these days. Late nights can really take a toll on my skin. And this why Deoproce
is perfect for me. Its amazing ingredients are really working overtime to enhance my skin’s vitality,” enthused Liza, the new face of Deoproce Philippines. 

Available in Watsons and SM Beauty and online on Amorfia, Deoproce’s Skin Reveal line is composed of Cleansing Foam for not only removing makeup and grime, but also for added skin nourishment; Toner to help balance the skin's pH levels and prepare it with a bit of hydration; Ampoule for skin radiance; and Moisturizer for locking in moisture and fortifying the skin barrier.

Liza is currently in Los Angeles, engaged to a number of projects while continuing to perfect her craft. “I’ve been taking vocal lessons and have had a few studio sessions. Hopefully by next year I will have a single or two to drop! I’ve also been attending acting workshops and working on a few undertakings that I’m self-producing and directing! Lisa Frankenstein will come out next year—that’s exciting!”

Amid her packed professional and social calendars, the movie and television darling has managed to keep her skin healthy and glowing.

One of its bestselling products is the face lotion (selling out a bottle every five seconds in Japan), which is considered as the first step to that coveted mochi-mochi skin, a hallmark of healthy skin for its soft, bouncy, velvety matte, healthy-looking texture.
Hada Labo/Released

The new year is always a good opportunity to reevaluate one’s habits and switch up routines. For “skinthusiasts,” this means reviewing their skincare regimen. As beauty experts round up the hottest beauty trends for the year, there’s one that has always been part of the list: skinimalism. 

Skinimalism, which means skincare minimalism, isn’t really a trend. Rather, it’s an approach, a philosophy on one’s skincare routine. The rule is simple. Instead of piling up products on your skin or stocking up on the next big holy grail, why not give your skin a much-needed breather, go back to basics, and use effective products that your skin needs? Beauty experts and other skinthusiasts have all started swearing by their skinimalism approach to skincare for their healthier glow.

When it comes to going back to basics and effective simple routines, there’s one popular Japanese skincare brand that you can rely on: Hada Labo. This cult favorite is beloved throughout Japan for embodying the beauty of simplicity. Its products are all formulated free of all unnecessary additives, colorants, fragrances, and mineral oils that burden the skin. In fact, only the finest and purest ingredients like its star ingredient hyaluronic acid are retained to ensure maximum effectiveness.  

One of its bestselling products is the face lotion (selling out a bottle every five seconds in Japan), which is considered as the first step to that coveted mochi-mochi skin, a hallmark of healthy skin for its soft, bouncy, velvety matte, healthy-looking texture. Known for nourishing the skin through deep hydration, Hada Labo offers two lines of face lotions in the Philippines available in Watsons and Zalora, and through the official Mentholatum store on Lazada and Shopee.

Gokujyun Hydrating Lotion is Japan’s No. 1 face lotion that’s perfect for daily use, especially if you have dry or normal skin. And it’s now improved with five kinds of hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrate the skin, replenish optimum moisture, create a moisture-locking shield to prevent moisture loss, and enhance absorption of other skin-care ingredients. This formula also has the world’s first fermented hyaluronic acid that significantly improves how it locks in moisture deep into the skin. The line also has Gokujyun Hydrating Light Lotion that contains four types of hyaluronic acid and a light, non-greasy formula specifically created for oily or combination skin. 

Skinimalism also encourages use of multi-functional products, and Shirojyun Premium Whitening Lotion fits the bill. Apart from the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid, it also offers brightening ingredients to give you that crystal bright glow, making it the perfect choice if you’re worrying about dull, tired skin. It’s infused with Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C to brighten and even out skin tone. Alpha Arbutin can prevent skin pigmentation and dark spots. It’s a natural antioxidant and skin brightener reduces melanin formation in an effective and safer way. Niacinamide is known for helping protect skin from environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution, while Vitamin C can help exfoliate the skin to reveal a brighter complexion. For best results, use it twice a day and apply the product by patting it onto the skin.  

The brand (left) sources its ingredients from the Amway Organic Farm (right)
Photo release

For many skincare gurus today, effectiveness is no longer the strongest barometer in choosing what goes into their daily beauty regimen. Most of them are also choosing clean beauty. 
While there’s no official definition of clean beauty, skincare experts agree that these products are free from harmful toxins like parabens and phthalates—known to interfere with hormone functions—that can be absorbed by the skin. This is why many clean beauty brands opt for natural ingredients to avoid industrial chemicals that can be carcinogens or even pesticides.  

Choosing clean beauty also helps divert toxic chemicals away from water sources like streams and rivers, helping reduce marine pollution that can threaten wildlife and ecosystems. Clean beauty products aren’t only good for you, they can also be great for the environment and are made cruelty-free. One of the significant tenets of clean beauty philosophy would be traceability, as beauty experts, safe personal care product advocates, and even environmentalists believe that transparency in business is one of the best ways to ensure that a beauty brand is delivering on its promise. 

Filipino “skinthusiasts” can experience a new approach to skincare, one that promises healthy beauty without compromises, with Artistry Skin Nutrition, the clean, traceable, certified vegan skincare line from the global leader in health and wellness, Amway. Artistry Skin Nutrition works like supplements for the skin, thanks to its cutting-edge skin science and the infusion of powerful phytonutrient botanical ingredients like acerola cherry, pomegranate, and spinach from Amway’s Nutrilite, the only vitamin brand in the world to grow, harvest and process plants from their own organic farms which are maintained using sustainable, chemical-free methods with the careful guidance of Amway’s own agricultural experts and scientists.  

This makes Artistry Skin Nutrition the only brand in the world that can truly claim traceability from seed to skin so you’re sure that the products are pure, safe, and effective. This also means that the beauty brand can identify the manufacturing location, extraction location, all the way to the specific crop of the raw material for every final product that touches your skin. Every formula is infused with White Chia Seed grown in certified-organic Nutrilite farms, the line’s star ingredient, which is a nutrient-dense, ancient grain superfood packed with omega-3, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to effectively achieve healthy-looking skin.

The brand’s products are also formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and over 1,300 other iffy ingredients that discerning clean beauty followers may be concerned about. The brand also conducts clinical, consumer, safety, in-vitro and ex-vivo testing to support its safety and efficacy claims for its formulas. These studies are performed to ensure the products are well-tolerated and effective and satisfy consumer expectations. As a responsible beauty brand, its formulas are free from animal-derived ingredients and are registered with The Vegan Society, one of the oldest vegan organizations in the world that are based in the United Kingdom and work to educate consumers about the value of going vegan. 

The brand has also taken concrete steps to improve operational sustainability. The brand’s cartons are produced from paper, a renewable resource. The paper comes from sustainably managed forests practicing responsible forest management. These products are also produced in a 90% landfill-free facility. It can also be highlighted that 100% of the electricity required by Amway to manufacture Artistry products in the United States is offset by the company’s continuing investment in sustainable wind power. 

Skincare routines don’t have to feel like selfish acts of indulgence. With brands that take the responsibility of offering healthy beauty seriously with clean, traceable, vegan skincare products, you can achieve your skin goals without causing harm to animals, communities, and the environment. 


Skin is the body’s largest and most visible organ. It serves to protect everything, trapping moisture in while keeping allergens, irritants, and pollutants out. Having sensitive skin is natural, but it’s often overlooked or misunderstood. Many don’t realize that sensitive skin isn’t a skin type, but rather a skin state, may it be dry skin, hormonal skin, sunburned, red, or eczema prone – it’s all sensitive. So, paying attention to your skin, learning about skincare, and adopting good habits can prevent skin flare-ups and lead to a lifetime of healthier skin.

November is National Healthy Skin Month, making it a great time to give your skin that extra care it needs. It is also a good reminder for everyone to know more about the products they use to manage their sensitive skin. Aveeno has once again unlocked the power of oats with its science-based formulation that appeals to a wide range of people with sensitive to eczema-prone skin. These are people who are looking for a better solution to relieve them from their skin conditions. 

“We know that sensitive skin is real and can have a tremendous impact on one’s quality of life. Aveeno’s commitment is to care for people with sensitive skin—dry, itchy, and eczematic by combining scientific research with the strong power of oats. As a leader in skin science, Aveeno has everyday solutions made with effective formulations proven to soothe, help heal and protect dry, sensitive skin.” Said senior marketing manager for skin health franchise Nica Rollan.

The brand is also recommended by dermatologists as our products are thoughtfully formulated for sensitive skin, free of parabens, phthalates, and dyes. Johnson and Johnson research and development scientist for skin health, Chernis Low, shared: “We are mindful of our consumers’ concern, and seek to address their needs by unlocking the power of natural ingredients in our science-backed solutions.”

Through the years, the brand has innovated solutions for different levels of skin needs and sensitivities all with the power of oats. The brand’s Daily Moisture is for people with normal/ sensitive skin. Its key ingredient is prebiotic colloidal oats which helps prevent daily skin sensitivity and dryness by locking in moisture. For those experiencing dry to sensitive skin, Skin Relief helps restore moisture loss, soothes, and relieves dryness. It also provides long-lasting protection with its triple oat complex and natural colloidal oats. The label also offers a specialized line for eczema-prone skin by combining triple oats and ceramides in Dermexa, which aims to provide immediate comfort, prevents flare-ups, and the recurrence of extreme dryness.

The brand’s new and improved line of products continues to build on its heritage of care by continuously researching ingredients on nature’s soothing and healing properties to help provide care for all skin, even the most sensitive. The new formulation now has 50% more oat extract in prebiotic triple oat complex for immediate relief from your dry and itchy skin in as fast as 60 seconds. These products are available in Watsons or on the official Johnson and Johnson Lazada and Shopee pages. 

Dr. Sheena Bautista-Angeles, founder and CEO of Sheena's Choice Skincare and Beauty with the Ultherapy machine 
Photo release

With all the information available online, sometimes you feel that you are already an expert when it comes to skincare. But before you go further and (skin) deeper, ask yourself first – are you really sure about that product for your skin type? Is that product endorsed by an influencer really meant for your skin? Are you making the right choices when it comes to skincare or are you just unwittingly harming your skin?   

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, why don’t you talk about skin with someone who is passionate about skin perfection. Dr. Sheena Joyce Bautista-Angeles, a certified Aesthetic Physician and Chief Executive Officer of Sheena’s Choice Skincare and Beauty, is a fast-rising beauty specialist who is now known for her personalized patient care and curated dermatological solutions.  

Sheena’s Choice was born during the pandemic — with Dr. Sheena using social media to market her products as clinics were not allowed to open because of the lockdowns. “Even with the challenges of the pandemic, I still considered myself very lucky… my products were all sold out just days after launching online,” she said.

Her clients and patients welcomed her new products, which sparked a successful business startup. From products for skincare, weight loss, whitening, and oral healthcare, Sheena’s Choice helped women maintain their beauty and achieve younger-looking skin despite being in lockdown in their homes. 

Dr. Sheena named her brand “Sheena’s Choice,” which was inspired by Ye Jin, a businesswoman whose brand (a curated clothing shop) is “Seri’s Choice” in the popular K-drama “Crash Landing on You.” Sheena’s Choice is somewhat similar to the fictional Seri’s Choice as Dr. Sheena also personally curates the skincare regimen or treatment for each patient. 

Curated dermatological solutions such as having a skincare regimen allow the skin to look younger and healthy. There is no “one skincare product that fits all.” 

“We don’t sell something that we really haven’t tried, or we don’t believe in,” Dr. Sheena said. “Each skincare product is carefully chosen, tested, and curated.” 

As the pandemic restrictions are easing up, people are once again looking into their skin as they’re going out. Even though skincare products are very popular now – from local to international brands – a lot of consumers don’t know how to properly use them. This is where Dr. Sheena comes in as her personalized skincare considers a clients’ needs, budget, and even personality. 

As of the moment, Sheena’s Choice Skincare and Beauty offers home service, which was very appropriate during the pandemic. Dr. Sheena also invested in various machines, which were brought to the homes of the patients. She even caters to those living outside Metro Manila, allowing clients to receive beauty treatment without the hassle of traffic. For more information, visit, Facebook page:, Instagram: @sheenas_choice, or contact +63 912-4071178.

Monochromatic Magenta

Once you have prepared your face for Viva Magenta, you can now try bold looks like a full-on magenta.

"You can also go for a more on a monochromatic look, so you can do like a magenta stain on the lips, a touch of magenta like blush high on the cheeks, then on the eyes, like an ombre magenta. Parang Korean na monochromatic... Your lips shouldn't be like a full-on magenta lip. Actually, maraming multi-use products that you can use for the eyes, cheeks and lips,” celebrity makeup artist Jig Mayuga said.

Viva Magenta in style

When wearing a Viva Magenta OOTD (outfit of the day), make sure to neutralize it with natural makeup, reminded Mayuga.

"If you're wearing a magenta dress, I'm not a fan of matchy-matchy. I can probably do a smokey eye, bare lips. Or I can do even a neutral lip and also neutralize and maybe bronze the skin, para lang the focus, it doesn't take away from the person.”

According to Jigs, “Euphoria” has greatly influenced not only the color of the year, as the HBO series "Euphoria" starring Zendaya has been big on its use of magenta, but also much of this year’s beauty trends, particularly the use of many colors and rhinestones for spring.

“I'm seeing on runways, there are a lot of colors. There's a lot of rhinestones, colored liners and eyeshadows, pastels, bright blues and greens, purples,” he shared.

A wide range of colors, including hues of magenta, are included in the portfolio of Beyond The Vines, a multidisciplinary design studio and contemporary brand that puts the spotlight on its signature Dumpling Bags. 

Carrying Micro, XS, M, and XL sizes and a myriad of neutral, pastel, and bold colors, the cult favorite Dumpling Bag combines form and function that makes it an everyday and travel must-have.

Made with lightweight water-resistant nylon, the iconic packable bag is designed with short handles and an adjustable crossbody strap, allowing wearers to use it as a handbag, crossbody, or shoulder bag. It features an outer flap pocket, a snap tab to attach keys to, a magnetic closure at the opening, and is able to fit basic necessities and all the extras. It is available online at or visit Beyond The Vines stores located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Power Plant Mall, and TriNoma. 

Based in Singapore and established in 2015, the brand is co-founded by a husband-wife team, both have always believed that good design should be accessible to all. It is committed to working with their generation’s most courageous creatives and designers to create a diverse range of products that are available to a wide audience. 

Likewise, magenta is visible in COS’ Lunar New Year Capsule Collection for 2023. As Lunar New Year marks the arrival of Spring, the COS Lunar New Year 2023 campaign is a nod to the auspicious belief that flowers in full bloom bring good luck in the new year, injecting an overall sense of freshness and optimism into the imagery. Shop the collection at the COS Store in SM Aura, 26th Street, corner McKinley Parkway, Taguig City.

Featuring supermodel Ju Xiaowen, bright contrasting colors further enhance these visuals by adding drama, while showcasing luxurious material details and inventive layering. Consisting of looks for women and men, the edit puts forward a palette of vivacious pastels the likes of lavender, cornflower blue and muted teal, accompanied by a range of elevated wardrobe staples for more dressed-up occasions. 

Bold, tonal suiting acts as a stylish day-to-night solution while graphic stripes are here to make a colorful statement. Smart padded pieces are introduced to provide warmth and style in the transitional months; light enough to wear as a buildable layer or as outerwear when the weather gets warmer. 

Inspired by contemporary culture, the London-based fashion brand is known for collections that balance innovative design with enduring style, with every piece made to last beyond the season. 

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