4 ways you can gift better for loved ones – and the planet – this holiday season

There are ways for you to gift better this holiday season, so you can put a smile on your loved ones’ faces, and even do some good for planet!
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MANILA, Philippines — We Filipinos have a love-hate relationship with gifting. 

While we grew up looking forward to receiving gifts every holiday season—whether receiving pamasko from our relatives, collecting aguinaldo from our godparents, or having monito-monita with our friends—gift-giving can also be grueling. 

This is because we spend so much time and effort looking for the best gifts for our loved ones. And the truth is, not everyone is a good gifter. How many times have we been tempted to take the easy route: give cash or a GC, or worse, a photo frame or album!

Fortunately, there are ways for you to gift better this holiday season, so you can put a smile on your loved ones’ faces, and even do some good for planet! Here’s how: 

1. Find the best deals

Budget is one of our major considerations during Christmas shopping. Having a tighter budget can limit the options you have for a present. But actually, gifts do not have to be all that expensive.

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During the holiday season, there are sales and promos left and right, especially holiday sales that offer special prices. Additionally, you can also consider looking for bundle deals, which will give you more savings for holiday treats!

2. Give useful gifts

When shopping for gifts, you would want to look for things that do not add clutter and aren't simply decorative. Find gifts that are practical and actually useful for them in their work, their hobbies or for their home.

3. Give gifts that support an advocacy

Make Christmas more meaningful by giving gifts that can spread the holiday joy to many. 

This you can do by choosing gifts that support a social cause, like donating and planting a tree in your Kris Kringle’s name, buying face masks and clothes woven by local artisans, or ordering handmade products by our local inmates. 

Unilever and Watsons have also made it possible for you to give everyone’s favorite care products, and at the same time create meaningful impact. A portion of your purchases will go to the recycling efforts of Watsons' partner Plastic Bank, an eco-organization that provides livelihood to more than 1,500 Filipinos as plastic collectors. 

4. Gift for Good

Beyond making our loved ones happy, our gifts this holiday season can be more meaningful if we choose to gift for good. 

This Christmas, Unilever and Watsons are launching their biggest sustainability partnership yet! Gift for Good: Share to People, Care for the Planet encourages people to share love and beauty while caring for the environment through the people- and planet-positive Unilever products available at Watsons.

Shop your gifts online at Watsons this November 19 to 30 and December 20 to 31, and score Buy 1 Get 1 deals, cashbacks, free shipping and other discounts on your favorite Unilever Beauty products from Pond's, Cream Silk, Dove, TRESemmé and more!

As the holiday spirit comes upon us, let’s strive to give back—not just to our loved ones, but also to the community and planet. Because at the end of the day, what can make Christmas. — JAP TOBIAS

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