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This six-minute skin lightening treatment gives that holiday glow

Julie Cabatit-Alegre - The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - All it takes is six minutes. No pain. No downtime. There could be no better way for you to get that beautiful glow, just in time for the holidays. It’s the new Crystal Bright Laser Whitening System that combines both “machine and medicine to deliver significant skin lightening and brightening,” says Dr. Boncheol Leo Goo, a famous dermatologist from Korea, who was in Manila recently for the launch of the new machine at the Aivee Clinic at the Fort. 

 “For many Asians, their concept of beauty is to have lighter skin,” Dr. Goo observes. “Koreans are known to have very nice, silky white skin.  It’s like an obsession.”

While there are many skin-lightening products and treatments available on the market, not all are equally effective. In many cases, the effect is superficial.

 “When you use cosmetics, such as creams on your skin, the penetration is less than three percent. We need a means to get inside the skin. With the Crystal Bright Laser Whitening System, the penetration is 82.5%,” Dr. Goo explains. “The LASEMD (an acronym for laser-assisted single effective molecule delivery)  machine makes optimal use of a cutting-edge laser device that creates precise and controlled micro channels deep into the skin, which is needed for the ideal delivery of the Crystal Bright whitening serum. The micro channels or holes are extremely small so that they cannot be seen from the outside. No anesthesia is needed. There is no discomfort for the patient. No irritation, no redness, no burns. No swelling or scabs after treatment.”

While the laser prepares the path for the serum to be distributed through the deep layers of the dermis, nano-size whitening molecules are processed fresh for application. When the solution is mixed, it cannot last more than two weeks since it has no preservatives. The serum has no parabens, no chemicals, no harmful ingredients. Depending on the patient’s problem, in consultation with the doctor, customized cosmeceutical ampoules are prescribed containing either vitamin C, which is best for photo-damaged skin and blemishes, or vitamin A for aging skin, to increase skin elasticity and tensile strength, and decrease wrinkles; or Tranexamic acid, which is specially good for whitening.  Both vitamin C and vitamin A also have whitening properties. A recovery cream is then applied for occlusion and to restore the barrier function of the skin. The safe and fast treatment takes no more than six minutes.

The micro channels in the skin are maintained for 10 to 12 days. The patient gets to take the ampoules home for continuous care and apply the serum two times a day for two weeks, after which he/she returns to the clinic for another session.

“The number of treatments will depend on the patient’s problem and goals, but the average number would be about four to five times,” Dr. Goo remarks. “The results can be seen quickly, within a few days, however your skin will continue to repair and renew over many weeks.”

A unique feature is that you can apply your makeup after the laser treatment. It can even make a good base or foundation for makeup. You can continue with your regular beauty regimen and go about your normal routine.

Dr. Goo had a patient who was a TV personality. He relates that the makeup artist in the studio found that it took a shorter time to put on his makeup after he got the treatment.

Crystal Bright safely treats all skin types and can be applied not only on the face and neck but also on other areas such as the underarms, elbows, knees, groin, and armpits. “Some patients would even ask treatment for the whole body,” says Dr. Goo who has had over 300 patients in Korea, both male and female. A male patient, a doctor, loved to play golf and could not avoid the skin damage caused by the sun. “But he wanted to look whiter for his  wife. He did not want to be mistaken for a laborer in the field,” Dr. Goo quips. “It is  important to catch the skin before it’s damaged.” 

Pregnant women usually experience darkening of the skin on certain areas of the body, which starts at about the second trimester. “Timing is very important when you get treatment,” says Dr. Goo. “It’s safe since it’s only for skin purposes.”

Other skin problems that the treatment can address are the marks left by mosquito bites or the common so-called 25-centavo coin-sized scars or peklat.

The Crystal Bright Laser Whitening System also helps improve the texture of the skin. It smoothens, aside from whitening the skin. It’s good for those who travel because it’s also helpful for dry or dehydrated skin. Hydration is a secondary benefit. Major indications are whitening and brightening. Many Filipinos just want to have glowing skin. They want to look fresh.





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The Aivee Clinic Fort is located at the second floor, East Building, Burgos Circle, BGC Fort. For inquiries, call 403-3245 and 09175210222; visit www.aivee.ph.

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