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Goma’s world, Goma’s rules

- Kathy Moran -

Richard Gomez. Matinee idol, accomplished athlete, family man. One of the few actors who has remained a bankable presence in showbiz for the last 23 years.

Today, he is still one of the 10 sexiest men in the country. Keeping himself on top of his craft and in shape are things that Goma, as he is fondly called, works on. He is no gym rat; rather he is a successful athlete. Goma has won several Southeast Asian (SEA) Games medals in fencing as part of the Philippine team. He is one of the pioneers of Dragon Boat Racing in the country. He is a champion shooter and has a seven handicap in golf.

He got into politics after he married Lucy Torres in 1998. It was in 2001 that he began his foray into politics. He ran under the partylist MAD (Mamamayan Ayaw sa Droga) where they won a seat as a partylist representative. But politics got in the way and he was not allowed sit in Congress. He ran for the Senate in the last elections, but did not make it.

The athlete in Richard is not one to let any defeat bring him down. He takes it all in stride and knows that there is always something good that he can contribute whether in government or not.

“I treat life like sports,” says Richard. “Sometimes I win, sometimes I fail, but that shouldn’t stop me from trying and always doing my best.”

PHILIPPINE STAR: How did you get the nickname Goma?

RICHARD GOMEZ: When I was in grade school most of my classmates would shorten my family name. So, Gomez became Goma.

Why did you use it in your showbiz career?

It is unique. Also, in the ’90s I would always have a new set of tires. They would say, “Si Goma, goma talaga ito kasi laging bago ang goma niya.”

How long have you been in showbiz?

I started in 1985, so 23 years.

How did you start in show business?

I was very lucky when I started. I was given the proper breaks. I had a movie right away with Maricel Soriano and William Martinez who at the time made up the hottest love team. After that, I had a series of good movie breaks.

Where you always into sports?

I was into sports at a very early age. I was in the varsity team in volleyball in high school. I have maintained a “sporty” lifestyle.

How has sports helped you keep your body sexy?

Now that I am over 40 I still play a sport every day. Of course this helps me stay in shape.

How many sports awards have you won?

I have been part of the national team in rowing, fencing and shotgun shooting. In fencing I have eight Southeast Asian games medals (two gold, four silver and two bronze). In the Southeast Asian Games Fencing Federation I won a gold and a silver. I was also a five time national champion for fencing. In shotgun I was two-time national champion, one for sporting plays and one for combat shotgun. In rowing we won medals, but these were in smaller competitions. At that time rowing had just started to gain a following here.

What other sports do you play?

I am not too seriously into golf although it did reach a point where I had a seven handicap. I play baseball. My team is the defending champion of the Baseball Philippines League. Baseball players from the national team, college varsity teams, and players from the provinces join this league. It is a very serious competition and I am enjoying it.

Is there any other sport that you want to try out?

I am trying out archery. I do Muay Thai to stay fit. It keeps my cardio up and keeps my muscles really firm.

Do you work out in a gym?

I am not a gym person. I only do weight training if I need to strengthen a muscle for a certain sport. I really get bored in the gym.

Do you have plans of working in government in the future?

At present, I have no political plans. I am not ready for 2010. We ran in the partylist in 2001 and we won but we were not allowed to sit so it was really heartbreaking. I tried my luck in 2007 and hindi suwerte, so ganun talaga. I know my place and I am not going to try again.

What do you think of the current political system in the country?

With the problems we have in the country it would be nice to serve in the government. I think that something should be done about our political system, about the electoral system.

Do you still think there is hope for the country?

Yes, I do. I would like to encourage more people to join sports. I believe that through sports not only can they be fit, but it is also a good way of uniting the country. When there is a big sports event, like the Manny Pacquiao fights, you’ll see Filipinos united, at least for the moment. Or even during the Asian games or the South East Asian Games. Or maybe even in the coming Olympics you will see people praying together hoping that the Filipino athletes will bring home at least a bronze medal.

What kind of car do you drive?

I have an SUV that I drive every day. It gets me to work, or if I go outdoors or to the mountains my SUV gets me there.

What other gadgets do you have?

I love cameras. I have seven.

What is your favorite camera?

My favorite is a Canon Mark 31 DS. But I always bring a point-and-shoot with me. The newest one is Canon G9.

Do you always have a camera with you?

Yes, because I love photography. Anywhere I go I take my camera with me. Sometimes I am lucky and I get beautiful pictures.

What kinds of photos are important to you?

I think what is important is that when I see something unique in a place I want to capture it. And I have such a great feeling when I do capture that “something” that I saw. I call it the X-factor. You only see the photo once it is there in front of you.

What are you currently busy with in showbiz?

I am starting a teleserye on GMA-7 with Richard Gutierrez and Heart Evangelista. We are doing Codename Masero. It is on GMA. The last teleserye I was on is Marimar.

What is your schedule like?

I have a lot of time because I tape three times a week. I have four days off.

How do spend you non-taping days?

I make time for sports and my family.

How do you begin your day?

I wake up early so that I can see Juliana off to school.

What is Lucy’s favorite part of your body?

She loves my legs and my butt. I laugh at her when we are in the dressing room and I am getting ready. “What great legs you have,” she says. “Oh, my God, what a butt you have.” I answer, “Ano ka ba ang tagal na natin mag asawa ganyan ka pa rin.”

What is your favorite part of Lucy’s body?

I love her legs, she has beautiful legs.

Have you ever brought Lucy and Juliana with you to ULTRA?

Yes, I have. Once in a while Lucy runs with me.

Do you go to church with Lucy?

Yes, every Sunday. But Lucy goes to church three times a week.

Does Lucy pray for you?

Si Lucy pinagdadasal niya ’yung mga shortcomings ko (laughs). That is why I am so blessed. I have a happy family.

What brand of briefs do you wear?

Bench. Not only because I endorse Bench but because the underwear is really superior.

Boxers or briefs?

I wear briefs under my pants. Boxers when I sleep. Parang ang sikip kasi if you wear boxers under your jeans. Like some of my friends sina John Estrada they love wearing boxers, so I tried it. Sabi ko, pare ang sikip ng boxers.

What is the secret to your staying married for 10 years now?

A lot of humor. Marriage can be very complicated. But since I am a very positive person I always look at the brider side of things. Even when Lucy and I are having a heavy discussion or when we are trying to solve a problem, I always make sure that we add a little humor. Kailangan na optimist ka lagi.

What is married life like?

We are still very, very happy. It actually seems like we just started our married life together.

What do you and Lucy do together?

I think that it is good that we always have time for each other. Whenever we have free time, or if we have time to go on vacation, we take it together. We love to travel. We also have dinner together a lot. I think that togetherness is very important.

Do you share a lot of things with Lucy?

We have a very good and open line of communication.

What do you admire in Lucy?

What I admire with Lucy is that I can even talk about my past girlfriends and it is okay with her.

How many girlfriends have you had?

A couple (laughs). Serious girlfriends? I would say about seven.

Who are they?

Some of them are known personalities. Some are not. Melissa Perez Rubio, Dawn Zulueta, Sharon Cuneta and Tricia Borromeo. And the rest are not well known. A couple of beauty queens, too.

How many kids do you want to have?

I want to have five. Lucy wants to have six.

Why do you want a lot of kids?

Ang sarap kasi ng may anak. I am an only child. My parents were not around so I grew up with my Lola.

What was your life like as an only child?

I loved to be with my friends outside in the street. I practically grew up with friends in the neighborhood. It is funny because at a very early age — I must have been eight or nine years old I already knew how to commute from Quezon City to Paranaque.

What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without my wife and Juliana.

And gadgets?

I can’t live without a watch and a cell phone.

What cologne do you use?

I have two favorites. One is Nenuco, and the Richard Gomez spray of Bench. When Ben Chan gave me the chance to choose a scent I chose three scents. I like mild scents.

Have you ever received indecent proposals?

I have not gotten any indecent proposals since I got married.

Do women still flirt with you?

I feel that sometimes they still do.

How do you handle that?

I just smile at them. But when I was young and single siyempre attack mode ako (laughs). “Oh, cool, let’s go.”

Sexiest women?

Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johannson. 

Favorite foreign actors?

Harrison Ford, Al Pacino — my all-time favorite actor. Robert Downey Jr. and Richard Gere.

Any local actors you admire?

I really admire Eddie Garcia. How he has handled his career over four decades. His health. There is so much class in him. I am sure a lot of women find him sexy.

Any local actresses that you find sexy?

Katrina Halili is sexy. Angel Locsin.

Define sexy.

She should have a nice contoured body. She can also have a sexy personality. The way a woman carries herself can also be sexy. How she stands out in a crowd, that is sexy. Sometimes there are girls who are not so beautiful, but may dating and that makes them sexy.

Do you use any cosmetic products for your face?

I just wash my face with soap. I put on a vitamin C treatment.

Do you enjoy your life as an actor?

I love acting.

What kind of roles would you like to play?

I love doing odd roles, yung mga offbeat. Or even bad boy roles. But a lot of times I am given the leading man roles na siyempre goody-goody ako.

Do you and Lucy fight?

We don’t fight. I hate fighting.

How do you settle arguments?

We talk about it. And most of our differences are normally shallow ones only.

What is one of the things you have disagreed on?

There was one time during the early part of our marriage, in 2001 when I wanted to do more advocacies on family planning and family health. The USAID approached me and asked me to do a project with them on family health and family planning. Si Lucy kasi is a devout Catholic. So some of the ways and means of family planning are really against the Church. I gave in to what Lucy wanted and refused the project with the USAID.

What is the real Richard Gomez like?

I am a very happy person. And my outlook in life is always positive.






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