Meet moto-taxi 'kuyas' who will help you ‘Move It’ around Metro Manila

Move It is a local motorcycle taxi solutions provider specializing in moto-taxi or on-demand motorcycle taxi rides.
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MANILA, Philippines — If you’re looking for a cheap yet efficient way to travel around Metro Manila, then it’s time for you to move to Move It! Move It is a local motorcycle taxi solutions provider specializing in MotoTaxi or on-demand motorcycle taxi rides.

What sets Move It apart from other on-demand transporters in the city is their well-trained and well-disciplined riders. Move It prides itself with riders who are passionate about their jobs, boasting of riders who are trained to be polite, maginoo and friendly. You’ll definitely feel safe and at ease the entire ride.

Move It doesn’t just help passengers travel within the metro, they have also helped many Filipinos make an honest and sustainable living. One of the riders who are enjoying the company’s perks and benefits is Kuya Mike, a Move It rider for 10 months.

Si Move It po kasi hindi pinapabayaan ang mga rider niya. Tumutulong siya sa mga kailangan ng rider at ‘di ka iiwan,” Kuya Mike shared. Through Move It, he has been able to sustain his livelihood and his family’s welfare.

Kuya Mike will help you Move It.
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What Kuya Mike likes about working at Move It is that he can help people go wherever they need to go. For him, it’s his little way to contribute to other people’s lives.

For Move It rider Shim “Shoot Shimmy” Rallos, a rider who’s been with Move It for seven months, what he enjoys about his job is the opportunity to travel to new places and meet new people. He also feels delighted that he got to inspire his friends to sign up to become Move It riders.

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With Move It, you’re assured that there’s always a rider ready to assist you because it has many dedicated riders ready to accept your booking. With just a few clicks on the Move It app, you can travel around the city with the lowest fees on the market.

Plus, Move It is very generous with promos and special discounts. You can use the promo code TIME2MOVEIT to get P20 off, valid for four rides!


To start moving it at Move It today, download the Move It app via PlayStore or App Store.

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