Small business, big dreams: Turn your passions into profitable ventures through e-commerce

With the offer of safe and convenient payment options, a wide assortment and exciting Shoppertainment features like livestreams and games in the app, it’s no wonder Lazada has become such an integral part of Filipinos' everyday lives.
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MANILA, Philippines — Previously, Filipinos might have been hesitant to start their dream businesses because of high start-up costs to get the business registered, set up a physical store and advertise products.

As some would even say, “'Yung plano, naging drawing nalang.”

Now, thanks to the rise of e-commerce platforms like Lazada, these plans are no longer just a drawing. From new to seasoned entrepreneurs, countless Filipinos now have access to the right resources to help them transform their business ideas into profitable online ventures.

Marking its 10th birthday this year, Lazada has continuously gained the trust of sellers, through consistent innovations that empower local businesses and MSMEs in the Philippines to scale their operations, and ultimately help to boost the country’s digital economy.

With the offer of safe and convenient payment options, a wide assortment and exciting Shoppertainment features like livestreams and games in the app, it’s no wonder Lazada has become such an integral part of Filipinos' everyday lives!

So, if you’ve been looking to kickstart your entrepreneurial dreams, here are 10 reasons why you should start with Lazada: 

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1. It’s an eCommerce platform trusted by many

Lazada is a top online shopping destination, with over 150 million monthly active users across Southeast Asia. How legit is that!

2. Registration is free

Worry no more about high start-up costs to become a seller on Lazada. With 0% commission fees1, you can register as a seller and get the tech and logistical support you need for free—saving you your resources for other important business expenses. 

3. Registration is easy

It’s not complicated to register as an individual or corporate seller at Lazada Marketplace. Lazada’s registration processes are simple and easy to follow, with tons of seller perks for your business!

4. Seller support to guide you to start your seller journey

Everyone could use a helping hand when starting a business, and Lazada is very happy to offer that support. 

Lazada offers new sellers a 90-day jumpstart program, to guide you on the process of getting started and selling on the platform. You also get to learn useful tips for growing your business, and access to Lazada University, an exclusive online knowledge portal with helpful tutorials on how to build your online business.

5. Lazada has a wide consumer base who loves Shoppertainment

As a leading e-commerce platform, Lazada also focuses on innovations that add to consumers’ lives through an enjoyable shopping experience.

With access to its suite of Shoppertainment features such as LazLive, its in-app livestream platform, sellers can connect with customers directly, and interact with existing and prospective customers while sharing more details on their products.

6. Drive traffic and sales to your store

If you’re aiming to drive awareness for your business and products, Lazada is the right platform for you. Enjoy access to campaigns and tools like flash sales, free shipping, discount vouchers, Lazada Bonus and cashback, so you can create better value and experiences for your customers!

7. It’s a safe and secure platform

With different features such as Easy Returns, Product Ratings and Review, Safe Payment options and 24/7 customer support, Lazada has gained the trust of sellers and shoppers alike, as a safe platform that provides a secure online shopping experience for everyone.

8. Easy communication with customers

Take care of your customers by making sure you give them the best service, just like you’re selling to them face-to-face!

Through Lazada’s real-time messaging chat functions, it is easier for sellers to engage with customers, answer their questions and provide solutions to their concerns. 

9. Brands can scale online through LazMall

Brands and their official distributors brands can also scale online through LazMall, which is trusted by customers for 100% authentic items. 

As a LazMall seller, your business will have exclusive access to brand campaigns and enjoy boosted product visibility and search.2

Plus, you’ll also have access to exclusive services such as dedicated store manager, pick-up priority and free product photography, freeing up your time to focus on other important things like sourcing suppliers, developing new products, and strategizing. 

10. Selling is made simple for everyone

Summing it all up, Lazada’s features and programs are designed to make selling simple for everyone. That includes anyone, from working students, newbies, part-time sellers, plantitas, artists, retailers and brand distributors!

Having produced numerous success stories of aspiring entrepreneurs in its 10 strong years, Lazada has proven that it is a reliable platform. It has and will continue to innovate to open up more opportunities to Filipinos to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. 

And just like them, you could be Lazada’s next success story too! Start selling today as Lazada makes their 10th year an epic one for shoppers! 


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1. Seller Terms and Conditions

2. LazMall Terms & Conditions

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