LIST: Public utility jeepney 'Libreng Sakay' routes no longer free in June

LIST: Public utility jeepney 'Libreng Sakay' routes no longer free in June
Daily commuters pay for their jeepney fare in Marikina on Thursday, June 9, 2022.
THE STAR / Walter Bollozos

MANILA, Philippines — Amid skyrocketing fuel prices, at least 135 routes being serviced under Libreng Sakay will gradually no longer see the King of the Road giving out free rides starting mid-June, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board said Tuesday. 

Of that number, 118 transport service corporations and cooperatives halted their operations on June 16, while the remaining 28 will set up shop by the end of the month, according to a consolidated master list sent to reporters. 

"For the buses, Busway will end by July also as well as Commonwealth Route 7 bus from Montalban to Quezon Avenue," LTFRB executive director Tina Cassion told reporters in a text message Tuesday. 

Here's a full list of the routes where free rides will no longer be available, according to the LTFRB:


  1. Parang-Cubao (Sorraia Corporation) 
  2. SSS Village-Cubao via Aurora (DCM Transport Service Corporation)
  3. Parang-Cubao via Aurora (DCM Transport Service Corporation)
  4. Cubao-Roces (A Roces Transport Service Coop Inc.)
  5. Cubao - Project 4 (Project 4 Cubao Transport Cooperative)
  6. Cubao - Sta Lucia Pasig (Cubao Bagumbayan Rosario TSC)
  7. SSS Village-Cubao (SSS Marikina and Associated Routes TC)
  8. Cubao - Buendia (Central TC)
  9. Novaliches- Cubao Farmers Market
  10. Novaliches-Cubao  (Spark 01 Transport Opc)
  11. Novaliches - Cubao (Sauyo TC)                 
  12. Cubao - Sta. Lucia (Curoda TSC)           
  13. Novaliches - Cubao Farmers  (Speed Wheelers TC)
  14. Novaliches - Cubao Farmers   (Speed Wheelers TC)                     

Quezon Memorial Circle/Commonwealth/Quezon Ave

  1. QMC Loop (Tolfetano Corporation)
  2. QMC-Lagro (Tolfetano Corporation)
  3. Quezon Ave - LRT-5th Ave (A Roces Transport Service Coop Inc.)
  4. Lagro QMC via Commonwealth Ave (Lagro TSC)
  5. Bagong Silang - Philcoa via Commonwealth (Basicano Transport Service and Multi-Purpose Cooperative)
  6. West Ave - Tm Kalaw via Quezon Avenue (Hi West TSC Inc)         
  7. Quezon Ave - LRT 5th Ave (A Roces Transport Service Coop Inc)           
  8. Espana - Rizal Ave via Blumentritt (España Blumentritt Modernize Vehicle Operators Corp)                                                                           


  1. Novaliches - Malinta (Novaliches Development Cooperative Novadeci)
  2. Novaliches - MRT North Edsa C.I.T. (Speed Wheelers Transport Corp)
  3. Novaliches - Rizal Ave via A.Bonifacio   (A. Doringo TSC)                                                                              
  4. Novaliches Bayan- MRT North Edsa (Exodus)                                                                                                 
  5. Novaliches - Rizal Ave via a Bonifacio (Nobablum TC)                                                                                      
  6. Lagro - Novaliches via Zagala (Juan Transport Services Cooperative)
  7. Lagro - Novaliches via Zagala (Lagro Novaliches Jeepney Drivers and Operators TC)
  8. Novaliches to Bagong Silang via Susano Road (Basicano Transport Service and Multi-Purpose Cooperative)       
  9. Bagong Silang Kaliwa - Robinson Fairview via Zabarte (Basicano Transport Service and Multi Purpose Cooperative)       
  10. Bagong Silang - SM Fairview via Zabarte Road (Basicano Transport Service and Multi-Purpose Cooperative)
  11. Novaliches - Mrt North Edsa  (Spark 01 Transport Opc)
  12. Novaliches - Rizal Ave via a Bonifacio (The New Sta Quiteria TSC)
  13. Lagro - Novaliches via Zagala  (Juan Transport Services Cooperative)                                                                                              
  14. Lagro Novaliches Jeepney Drivers and Operators Tc                                                                                                
  15. Lagro -Novaliches via Zagala        
  16. Novaliches - Rizal Ave via a Bonifacio  (A. Doringo TSC)         
  17. Novaliches - Rizal Avenue via A Bonifacio  (Centenaryo TSC)                         
  18. SM Fairview - Buendia   (Centenaryo TSC)
  19. SM North - Sm Fairview  (Spark 01 Transport OPC)       
  20. Novaliches - Tala  (Metrotala)                        
  21. SM Fairview to Bagong Silang via Maligaya  (1 Pasada MTC Corporation)                                                                                          
  22. Novaliches to Bagong Silang via Susano Road  (1 Pasada MTC Corporation)                                                                                                
  23. Bagong Silang - Sm Fairview via Zabarte Road  (1 Pasada MTC Corporation)                                                                                                                     
  24. SM North - SM Fairview (Fairthron Transport Service Cooperative)                                                                                                    
  25. Novaliches to Rizal Ave via a Bonifacio  (Nobablum Transport Cooperative )                                                                                    
  26. Bagong Silang - Novaliches via Susano (Makabayan Bagong Silang Tsc)
  27. Bagong Silang - Novaliches via Susano (Bagong Silang Blumentritt Modernize Cooperative) 
  28. Cielito Homes - Novaliches via Zabarte Rd  (Cazanova TSC)             
  29. SM Fairview-Buendia (997 Sandigan TSC)  
  30. Bagong Silang - Novaliches via Susano   (Makabayan Bagong Silang TSC)                                                                                
  31. Bagong Silang - Novaliches via Susano  (Bagong Silang Blumentritt Modernize Cooperative)                                                                          
  32. Novaliches - Malinta (Novaliches Development Cooperative)         
  33. Robinsons Novaliches - Buendia  (997 Sandigan TSC)
  34. Novaliches - Tala  (Metrotala)
  35. Novaliches - MRT North Edsa (Centenaryo TSC)                                                                                      
  36. Novaliches - Malinta (Novaliches Malinta Jeepney TSC)
  37. Capitol Park Homes Ii - SM Fairview  (A. Doringo TSC)                                                                                            
  38. Kiko Camarin - Sm Fairview via Maligaya Park  (Maps TSC)                                                                                                                                                   

Manila City/Pier South

  1. Punta - Quiapo (Libra Jeepney Operator TC)
  2. Proj 8 to Quiapo (New Gsis Transport Service Cooperative)
  3. Navotas - Monumento (Daanghari Modern Jeepney TSC)
  4. Navotas - Divisoria (Daanghari Modern Jeepney TSC)
  5. Malanday - Pier (Blumentritt TC)
  6. Malanday - Recto (Blumentritt TC)
  7. Malanday - Sta. Cruz (Blumentritt TC)
  8. Divisoria - Malanday  (Metro Valenzuela TSC)
  9. Malanday - Recto  (Metro Valenzuela TSC)
  10. Malanday - Recto   (Metro Valenzuela TSC)
  11. Divisoria - Malanday    (Metro Valenzuela TSC)
  12. Paco - Sta. Mesa Trotonda via Nagtahan   (On-Us Solutions)
  13. Divisoria - Pier South via Delpan  (On-Us Solutions)
  14. Malanday Pier South (Metro Valenzuela TSC)
  15. Malanday - Divisoria  (Blumentritt Tc)
  16. Dagat Dagatan - Delpan via R10 Divisoria (Jeepney Ride Dagat Dagatan Navotas TSC)
  17. Brgy. Northbay Blvd- Pier South via R10 (Jeepney Ride Dagat Dagatan Navotas TSC)                  
  18. Gasak - Recto (Malabon Jeepney TSC)
  19. Gasak - Divisoria (Malabon Jeepney TSC)
  20. Monumento -Polo (Malabon Jeepney TSC)
  21. Polo - Sangandaan (Malabon Jeepney TSC)
  22. Munoz- Quiapo (PM Jeepney)
  23. Sangandaan Maypajo - Divisoria    (El Verde Transport Services Corp)      
  24. Karuhatan - Ugong  (Kartujoda TC)    
  25. Sta Quiteria – Blumentritt (New Sta Quiteria TSC)    
  26. Munoz – Remedios via Sta Cruz (Responsible Operators and Drivers TSC)                                                                                          
  27. Monumento - Munoz via Roosevelt Ave   (Munoz Monumento Jeepney Operators and Drivers TSC)                                                                                

Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange

  1. Buendia-PITX (Tolfetano Corporation)
  2. PITX-Southmall via San Dionisio (Alabang TSC)
  3. PITX-Nichols (Baclaran Nichols TSC)
  4. Nichols - PITX (Pm Jeepney)
  5. PITX - Lawton  (Eco Dyip,inc.)
  6. Buendia Taft Lrt Line 1 Extension-PITX Loop (Senate Employees TSC)     
  7. Nichols- SM MOA via Macapagal Blvd. (San Dionisio TSC)                                                                                                


  1. Baclaran - Nichols (San Dionisio TSC)
  2. Baclaran - Sucat  (San Dionisio TSC)
  3. Baclaran - Naia/baltao (San Dionisio TSC)
  4. Baclaran - Sucat (San Dionisio TSC)
  5. Baclaran - Divisoria via Mabini ( Bacoor Transport Service & Multi-purpose Cooperative)   
  6. Munoz – Vito Cruz (Responsible Operators and Drivers TSC)    
  7. Baclaran - Nichols MRT LRT (Baclaran Nichols TSC)       
  8. Sm Fairview - Buendia  (Buendia TSC)
  9. Robinsons Nova - Buendia  (Buendia TSC)
  10. SM Fairview - Buendia  (Spark 01 Transport OPC)
  11. A Mabini - A Bonifacio via 10th  
  12. Punta - Divisoria    (Libra TC)
  13. Malibay - Libertad via MOA (Malibay Driver's Transport Service Multi-purpose Cooperative)                                                                                                                                                  


  1. Market Market - Rosario via C5 (Dragon Pacific TSC)                                                                                          
  2. Market Market - Pasig via San Joaquin (Dragon Pacific TSC)                    
  3. Guadalupe - FTI via C5 Kalayaan  (C5 Transport Cooperative)     
  4. Pateros - Market Market  (Pateros Market Market Operators and Drivers TSC)          
  5. Eastwood Libis - Capitol Commons  (Eco Dyip,Inc.)
  6. Comembo - SM Megamall (Fort Bonifacio TSC)


  1. Alabang - Zapote (Alabang TSC)
  2. Alabang - Baclaran via San Dionisio (Alabang TSC)
  3. Alabang - Zapote (South Metro TC)
  4. Alabang - Baclaran via Imelda Ave (Alabang TSC)                                                                                            
  5.  Alabang - Baclaran via San Dionisio (Alabang TSC)     
  6. Filinvest City Loop (Electric Vehicle Expansion Enterprises Inc.)           
  7. Diego Sierra - Las Piñas  (Metro Express)                                                                            


  1. Bagumbayan Taguig-Pasig Palengke via San Joaquin (Taguig Transport Service Cooperative) 
  2. Pasig Ayala Center (Pasig Green City TC)
  3. Pasig Megamall via Robinson (Pasig Green City TC)
  4. Pasig Quiapo (Metro East and West TSC)
  5. Deparo-C.I.T. (Speed Wheelers Transport Corp)
  6. Cainta Junction - San Juan via Pinaglabanan (San Juan Rosario TSC)   


  1. Boni Pinatubo- Stop & Shop (Cvams TC)
  2. Boni-kalentong (Mandaluyong TSC)
  3. Boni to Stop and Shop (Mandaluyong TSC)
  4. MRT Buendia to Mandaluyong City Hall (E-sakay, Inc.)
  5.  Boni Pinatubo - Kalentong JRC (Mandaluyong Alliance TSC)                                                                                             
  6. Edsa Shaw Central - Kalentong JRC (Mandaluyong Alliance TSC)                                                                                                       
  7. Kalentong JRC - Namayan via Vergara  (Mandaluyong Alliance TSC)                                                                                                     
  8. Kalentong JRC - P Victorino via P Cruz (Mandaluyong Alliance TSC)                                                                                                       
  9. Boni Pinatubo - Stop and Shop   (Mandaluyong Alliance TSC)  

Jeepney groups have said that with the two oil price hikes in as many weeks, almost one hundred pesos has been added to the daily cost of the 20 liters of fuel that jeepney drivers consume per day, prompting many of them to give up riding and find other ways to support their families.

However, this figure doesn't include traditional public utility jeepneys that did not qualify for the Libreng Sakay under the LTFRB's service contracting program. 

The LTFRB is set to finally decide on the petitions calling for a P5 fare hike by the end of the month. 




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