Unboxing Erika Vinculado for the world

As Adam Rex once said, “there’s a little bit of magic in every box!” Indeed, when little Erika was featured as a print ad model in milk boxes and packagings of Lactum 6+ and Alactagrow her undeniable charm worked like magic. So much so that she also landed the entertainment box, becoming a television commercial model for the same brands and for Memory Plus.

Erika Tiangco Vinculado was noticed early on not only for her dazzling eyes and infectious smile but also for her magnetic personality and exceptional wit. One could say that this is expected of her, being the only daughter of outstanding professionals Dr. Eric Vinculado who is an Ironman triathlete and Judge Kristine Tiangco-Vinculado who was legal counsel for award-winning broadcast journalist Ted Failon prior to becoming a distinguished Judge. Yet this Roxas City lass is delivering so much more than expected!

At seventeen, Erika has blossomed into a stunning young woman who gained high honors at Capiz National Highschool with her general weighted average (GWA) of 97%. Apart from being part of the top 1% from a batch of 1,062, she is a high ranking student government officer, a school paper publication Editor-in-Chief, a champion team vlogger, a Panghanas Governor’s Cup TV broadcasting champion, a Dancesport Champion, and a Word Cup National Champion, and the list goes on and on.

Consistent with her manifest nature to excel, on April 21, 2022, Erika was chosen as one of the only 35 candidates who will compete for a crown at Miss World Philippines 2022. Certainly, this is no easy task for Erika who is one of the youngest contestants in this year’s MWP batch of extraordinary young women. Unknown to even pageant aficionados, Erika was in the middle of school examinations periods during the MWP events.

It appeared herculean to juggle final exams and pageant events. Maintaining one’s standing at the top 1% of her class while aiming to impress at pageant events is truly taxing for a young woman. Well not for Erika! In a training session with one of her trainers, Erika was asked how she feels with all that she is going through. She radiated and unflinchingly answered with an exquisite smile, “I’m doing good and I’ll just keep giving it my everything!”

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Without a doubt, this same radiance and positivity is what the MWP selection panel saw during her application interview. Erika gained the panel’s admiration with the clarity and profundity of her answer. At seventeen, she surprised the panel as she exuded the wisdom of old. The room was filled with applause and compliments.

This remarkable interview performance also caught the attention of a renowned and uncompromising pageant expert-vlogger, HEYADAMG, who posted on his Instagram account: “I love this teen newbie @msworldphil! I can’t believe this girl has so much depth and substance for a 17-year-old!!! Get outta here, Ericka VINCULADO (hands up in praises emoji)”.    

In a world that translates youth to naiveté, Erika has proven that her generation has come of age and can take on significant social issues. This makes her and her generation a force to reckon with.  

Yes HEYADAMG, Erika has gotten outta here and she is here ALL OUT! This package of beauty and acumen, the charming girl from the milk and television boxes, is now unboxed for the world!

Emil Ongkiko is a senior lawyer at Zobella & Co., an accredited immigration and resident visa specialist, a crisis management consultant, a motivator, a fitness enthusiast, and an advocate of wholistic personal wellness.

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