Sharon Cuneta leaves family, country to 'collect myself'

Actress Sharon Cuneta with husband Sen. Francis Pangilinan with their three children
Sharon Cuneta via Instagram

MANILA, Philippines — Kapamilya actress Sharon Cuneta left the country and her family to rest abroad. 

In her Instagram account, Sharon posted her passport, saying she’s flying to her Mommy’s Gramp’s country. She, however, didn’t specify where country she was bound to. 

“I’m going home. Of course my real home, where my heart is, is where my husband and children are. But tonight I am flying home to my Mommy’s Gramps’ country, where only my eldest and I are legal residents,” Sharon wrote. 

“I need to breathe, collect myself, gain strength. Love you all and will miss you guys. Please pray for me, @mariano.peachy and @annadasig . God bless you always!” she added. 



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In another post, the “Megastar” posted photos of her with Sen. Francis Pangilinan and their three children being emotional for their farewell. 

“Praying and saying bye to my family…” she wrote. 


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