Rabiya Mateo falls into the pool during Miss Universe photo shoot

Miss Universe 2020 Rabiya Mateo after falling off the pool for a Miss Universe photo shoot
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MANILA, Philippines — Like a clip from the '80s high camp "pageant" movie, "Temptation Island," Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo fell into the swimming pool during a shoot with Miss Universe India 2020 Adline Castelino.

Fortunately, she recovered one of the studs from her pair of diamond earrings that fell into the water. Yet, despite the mishap, Rabiya gamely informed fans she was alright, showing her drenched clothes — to the amusement of those who've watched the post.

The number of admirers and fans at the Seminole Hardrock Casino Guitar Hotel's lobby areas has increased in number. They now throng the public areas to catch a glimpse of their favorite contestants. It would seem it's not only Pinoy fans who are rooting for Rabiya but foreign media fans as well.

"Rabiya Mateo was one of the standouts during the first day arrivals. She was not only beautiful and had a terrific walk but was very kind and polite as well. We were so shocked she recognized me and the Thai Sashes team. We were also touched when she apologized to us for coming late and making people wait the other day. She really endeared herself to us and because of that, we will continue to cheer for her," wrote Thai Sashes chief executive officer Nok Schrinda in a post.

Miss Universe Ukraine 2020 Yelezaveta Yastremseka thanked Pinoy fans for their support. Her social media followers increased to over 50,000 from 2,000 after posting that she felt unsupported and alone, in tears, during her arrival and registration.

Meanwhile, Miss Universe Myanmar 2020 Thuzar Wint Lwin, whose country is in state of political turmoil, is seeking help for an essential garment for the preliminaries. The Burmese beauty said she needs a gown to wear as she lost her things, in transit, during her connecting flights to Florida.

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To answer the nagging question on whether there will be a regional/continental selection for the semifinal round, the Miss Universe Organization has finally announced that there will be no continental grouping in determining the Top 21 contenders this year.

A Miss Universe staff in charge of the stage said, in an online clip, that there will be a runway connecting the stage to the judges. During the deliberations to the crown, Miami-born rapper Pitbull, aka Armando Christian Perez, will be performing/serenading the ladies in their Final Look.

In a week's time, the world will know who the 69th Miss Universe winner will be. Stayed tuned for more updates leading to the final days of the competition.

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