The baby next time

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The baby next time
Megan Young and Mikael Daez are taking their own sweet time, saying, ‘Times are uncertain, very scary. We will attend to it when things return to normal.’

For sure, being good friends before getting married is a big factor in the lives of Megan Young and Mikael Daez. They understand each other so well that perhaps they shrug off whatever “faults” they see in each other. Unlike some beauty queens who, well, “discard” their boyfriends as soon as the crowns are placed on their pretty heads, even before she brought home the country’s first (and, so far, only) Miss World honor in 2013, Megan was already going steady with Mikael.

They have traveled the world together (name the place and they have been there). They are one of the few showbiz couples who are fun and playful, teasing each other (walang pikunan), spending their time with laughter...even when they are playing their favorite games.

Read between the lines in the following Conversation and you will see what that means. They love food, no wonder Mikael was tapped as endorser of the delivery service foodpanda (with 20,000 restaurant partners nationwide), with Megan giving him a thumbs-up. (Mikael’s username is Beefbelly and Megan’s is Boneezy.)

They are playmates in more ways than one.

“It’s been super cool because we support each other,” Mikael told Conversations. “If I want to play my game solo, she doesn’t mind because she understands. Then, she plays her own game solo, too. If there’s a new game that we find intriguing, we are excited to try it out together.”

Married twice last January, first in Nasugbu (Batangas) on Jan. 10 with “only 10 loved ones” invited and then at the El Kabayo (Subic) on Jan. 25, they have decided to put having a baby on hold pending the uncertainty of the times. No worries. They have more than enough time for that when the pandemic is over.

Let’s see how they fare together in a “body talk.”

Do you follow the same kind of diet?

Mikael: “No, not really. We eat what we want to eat. But since we live in the same house, whatever is cooked we usually end up eating the same thing. Pero paminsan-minsan, Megan orders her own snacks and I order my own. Of course, we order through foodpanda.”

Do you always eat together?

Megan: “It depends. If I wake up earlier, I take breakfast without Mikael. Otherwise, if I have to wait for him, I would get hungry. Hindi naman kami particular doon sa dapat sabay kumain. If you’re hungry, go ahead and eat; you don’t have to wait for the other person.”

Mikael: “Yes, we are not particular about kain kami together or at the same time.”

Mikael is the endorser of foodpanda and Megan enjoys the food that he orders. ‘We share meals,’ they say, ‘and we have the same food preference.’

Do you avoid the same kind of food?

Mikael: “There are some kinds of food that I don’t like and some food that Megan doesn’t like. Megan likes her sinigang super-duper maasim. Ako, katamtaman lang.”

Megan: “I like my sinigang with different ingredients, more gabi. Mikael doesn’t like it.”

Mikael: “Not naman ayaw. Bawasan lang ang asim.”

Do you take the same amount of water every day?

Mikael: “I guess the same. We also take the same kinds of vitamins.”

Megan: “We have a water bottle beside us all the time.”

Do you work out together?

Mikael: “We work out together sometimes. But since limited ang spaces sa condo namin, we’d rather work out individually.”

Megan: “Besides, Mikael and I follow different kinds of programs. But we do cardio workouts together.”

Do you like the same kind of music and movies?

Mikael: “We listen to a lot of music and watch all kinds of movies but we cannot do that now. We are more into games.”

Megan: “Games, games, games!”

How do you beat boredom?

Mikael: “We don’t get bored. We have a lot of work. We are producing vlogs, podcasts, Facebook and Instagram videos, and that takes a lot of time.”

Megan: “And games, games, games! Hahaha!!!”

Do you get the same amount of sleep every night?

Mikael: “We usually sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. Our goal is to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.”

Megan: “Actually, before the lockdown, Mikael was shocked at the amount of sleep that I took, more than nine hours of super-super deep sleep. But after the lockdown, my sleep has grown pretty low and that’s because we are into a lot of things.”

Favorite sleepwear?

Mikael: “Megan has her pajamas and I have my…”

Megan: “...basketball shorts, hahaha!!!”

Mikael: “Basta maluwag na basketball shorts, okey na ako.”

Megan: “Para mag-basketball siya in his dream.”

Who between you snores?

Megan: “We don’t snore.”

Mikael: “Only our dog snores.”

Last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

Mikael: “Games, games, games!”

Megan: “Games, games, games. Hahaha!!!”

First thing that you do as soon as you wake up?

Mikael: “Games, games, games!”

Megan: “Games, games, games. Hahaha!!!”

How do you cope with stress?

Megan: “Games, games, games!”

Mikael: “Megan bought a back massager and it works very well!”

Baby plans?

Mikael: “We are taking our time. It hasn’t even been one year since we got married. Right now, it’s a scary time, very uncertain. We’ll think about it when things are relaxed, when things become normal.”

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