Camille Villar and dad former Sen. Manny Villar: Everything can be achieved through hard work and perseverance
Moments with my dad
CONVERSATIONS - Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) - June 21, 2020 - 12:00am

(Last of Three Parts)

Today is Father’s Day so here’s wishing “all the best” for fathers everywhere, whether a happily-married father, a separated father, a widower father, a foster father, a single father or a soon-to-be father.

In the first two parts of this series, 15 celebrities talked about the best lessons they have learned from their dads. This time, eight more celebrities reveal not only similar lessons but also precious moments with their dads.

KC Concepcion and dad Gabby Concepcion: Our three-hour phone talks are so special

KC Concepcion (Biological dad: Gabby Concepcion/adoptive dad: Sen. Kiko Pangilinan)

On Gabby: “Our long, three-hour talks over the phone are so special. He always keeps in touch and checks up on me and likes to spend time even when we are apart. I love all our Thai/Japanese dinners or our kayak dates in the middle of the sea. We have always bonded over the ocean and telling stories over good fresh seafood. Papa is like a buddy to me, we are not just father and daughter, but we are good friends, too.

Dad Sen. Kiko Pangilinan

“The past may not have been ideal nor perfect but what counts is what we do to make up for lost time today, and in the future. And he surely does! We laugh about his YouTube vlogs, he gets passionate about brainstorming for mine (The KC Diaries), he constantly encourages me to work hard and believe in myself. When I am heartbroken, he says, ‘As time stretches, people change. You will see the true character of the people around you and who will stay in your life as time stretches.’ He’s right. And I’m glad that although I lost him once, he came back to my life and stayed.”

On Kiko: “The one who completed my sense of family when he married my mother. He taught me about ‘adulting’ or mature things — how to be a responsible, socially-aware adult (I was 12 going on 13 when we officially became a family). When we lived in Boston, he arranged our daily schedule and did everything for our family to function well even while mom, dad and I were all studying at the same time...Dad in Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Mom in Boston College, and me in Beaver Country Day School.

“He not only brought me to my dental appointments, ice skating training and to see my favorite musical bands, he also cheered the loudest at soccer games and skating competitions. At home, he taught me how to do household chores, assigned me my favorite chore which was doing the dishes, and taught me how to do the groceries, budget my money, maintain a diary, and also toughen up because ‘life is hard and not always fair.’ I’m forever thankful for the patience, discipline, support and order he put into our lives. I still remember how proud I was as a teen to finally have someone to call Dad.”

Camille Villar (Dad: Former Senate President Manny Villar)

“I learned from my dad that in business and in life, everything can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. Don’t be afraid to fail, failure is not bad as long as you learn from it, pick yourself up and try again. Also, never forget that your family, especially your children are the most important and your main priority. When you sometimes feel lost, keep that in mind and everything will fall into place.”

Oyo Boy Sotto and dad Vic Sotto: Not to forget where I came from

Oyo Boy Sotto (Dad: Vic Sotto)

“Every moment with my dad is memorable so I cannot point out just one. During those moments, he always reminded me to keep myself grounded and to not forget where I came from.”

Iñigo Pascual and dad Piolo Pascual: Our hikes in Palawan are eyeopeners.

Iñigo Pascual (Dad: Piolo Pascual)

“One of the best memories I have with my dad was during one of our hikes in Palawan.

“We were running the trails of Pangulasian Island. Going to the peak of the trail, my dad was ahead of me leading the way and going back to the resort, it started pouring so we had to rush back down. My dad let me lead the way and the run felt like it came out of a movie.

“A rainforest and a muddy trail, and both of us just running. One of the things I appreciate about my dad is how he lets me be myself. That hike became more than just a hike; became a life lesson for the both of us in a metaphorical way. It felt like my dad was ready to let me be my own man and to start running the trails of life without him leading me but still there behind me, always guiding me.”

Liza Chan-Parpan: The most unique memory is when we performed together at the Carnegie Hall in New York

Liza Chan-Parpan (Dad: Jose Mari Chan)

“Several enduring memories come to mind, but the most unique would definitely be the ones of us performing at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I’m so grateful he invited me to join him for those performances! They were both unforgettable and completely thrilling for us!

Dad Jose Mari Chan

“I was 21 when I sang at Carnegie Hall (just a kid!), a complete ball of nerves; but my dad was in his element, connecting with EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the hall — that was filled to capacity with over 2,800 attendees — and loving every minute of it. And to think he was just 47, younger than I am now!

“Too bad this was before camera phones were invented, so we don’t have any photo or video recordings of our performance; but what a role model! I mean, how lucky am I...?!?”

Veronique del Rosario- Corpus and dad Vic del Rosario Jr.: He has a way of making even our meetings memorable
Courtesy of the respondents

Veronique del Rosario-Corpus (Dad: Vic del Rosario Jr.)

“Dad has a way of making every moment memorable. Even our meetings in the office are memorable. My dad has taught me the value of hard work and discipline. He always reminded me that anything is possible through hard work and to just stay focused to achieve my goal.”

Rachel Alejandro (Dad: Hajji Alejandro)

“My dad and I don’t have many character traits in common. He’s a cool cat and even-tempered, hardly ever impulsive, and thrifty. I’m emotional and believe in making money so I can spend it to enjoy life to the fullest. One thing about my dad that I try to emulate is his grateful attitude.

“Many years ago, he shared with me this perspective: Everything we achieve as singers is a blessing. We don’t get regular paychecks. People need to think of us and hire us to sing and somehow that’s enough to pay our bills and then some. ‘It’s nothing short of a miracle,’ he said. He has taught me never to take that for granted and I believe that is the greatest thing I’ve learned from him.”

Paolo Valenciano (Dad: Gary Valenciano)

“My all-time favorite picture of dad shows him sitting alone amidst empty seats waiting for his turn to rehearse. That picture basically tells the story of our working relationship.

“I’ve always wanted to be behind the scenes and here we are at the concert that I’m directing. He sits in front waiting for his time to rehearse. I like the idea of being behind major artists, helping them go beyond themselves. I find so much fulfillment in it and the fact that no one really sees me when I’m working. It makes me feel safe.”

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