Body Talk with Edward Mendez
FUNFARE - Ricky Lo () - September 19, 2011 - 12:00am

Flawless like, among others, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Lorna Tolentino, Barbie Forteza, Joshua Dionisio, Yasmien Kurdi, Mark Herras and, of course Richard Gutierrez.

And now, Edward Mendez.

“He’s not just flawless,” said Rubby Sy-Coyuito, head of Flawless. “He’s also sexy. Obvious, isn’t it?”

A Cancerian, Edward is 6’1” tall; weighs 182 lbs.; and wears large-size shirt, medium-size underwear and size-12 shoes.

I asked Edward to write a sketch of himself and here’s what he came up with:

Born in the Philippines. I grew up and studied in USA. Sports Science and Medicine in University Maryland. I grew up in a strict environment with my dad acting like a sergeant drill when it comes to grades in school. Family of doctors on my dad side. Grandfather was a doctor, my dad is and all his siblings. I have a brother who is an elite tennis player, name Matthew Mendez, and he is part of the national junior rankings in the USA.

My ambition is to become a very successful author. I wrote a fitness book and will be released early next year. The title is Your Dream Body Come True. The idea of my fitness book is revolutionary because the principle of it is “to eat more and exercise less, and to get your best dream body in less than three months.”

I was lucky to get a part in the hit ABS-CBN teleserye called Magkaribal after auditioning for a role last year and my subsequent project was a day-time show called Alyna, also on ABS-CBN. Currently, I’m doing another soap that will hopefully be televised soon.

I have done commercials and ramp modeling in the Philippines and abroad in the past. Projects I did: Pantene Shampoo, Lux, Lucky Me, Medicol and Safeguard. I was in an Ai-Ai delas Alas movie called Pinay Pie and I was part of MTV VJ Hunt.

How did you prepare for the Flawless pictorial?

“I prepared for the pictorial by changing the quality of the foods that I eat. I focused more on eating less refined foods, and avoiding fried and sugary foods as much as possible. And I made sure that I exercised in the gym at least three to four times a week.”

What’s your regular workout?

“I keep everything pretty basic and very fundamental when it comes to my workouts. For instance, I train my upper body for a day and alternate it with cardio (running on treadmill) the next day and on the third day I exercise my lower body and so on. My principle when it comes to exercise is to keep it short but intense; therefore every session I do would only last for about 40 to 60 minutes.”

What part of your body needs improvement?

“I think I’d like to improve my leg muscles some more.”

What part of your body is most vulnerable?

“My knees. I had problems with them before due to wear and tear from running and playing basketball.”

What part of your body is your favorite?

“My shoulders.”

What part of a girl’s body do you notice first?

“The butt and thighs.”

What else in a girl turns you on?

“The eyes and lips.”

And what turns you off?

“Bad attitude.”

Do you have a girlfriend?


What kind of diet do you follow?

“I eat every four hours. My diet consists of high protein and high-fiber carbohydrates.”

What’s usually for breakfast, lunch and dinner… and snacks between meals?

“For breakfast: Egg-white omelette and rye or whole wheat bread. For lunch: Grilled- chicken sandwich on whole-wheat bread. For dinner: Fish or lean beef with brown rice and steamed vegetables. For snacks: Fat-free yogurt or protein shake.”

Food that you always crave for… food that you don’t like.

“I always crave for burgers. Food that I don’t like? Chicken feet.”

How much water do you take per day?

“Three liters per day.”

Do you take vitamins or minerals or anything herbal?

“Yes I take multi-vitamins daily and anti-oxidants of Flawless Neutraciticals.”

How much sleep do you get per night?

“About six to eight hours.”

Are you a pillow person? How many pillows do you sleep with?

“Not really. I sleep with only two pillows.”

Do you snore?

“Yes, sometimes when I’m very tired.”

Do you talk in your sleep?


Do you sleepwalk?

“Nope. I’m so glad that I don’t.”

Do you sleep in the nude?

“No. I sleep in boxers.”

Last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

“I say a little prayer.”

First thing that you do when you wake up.

“Drink lots of water and then brush my teeth.”

How’s your love life?

“I’m in love with my family. But romantically, nothing going on for now.”

How’s your sex life?

“It was great when I wasn’t single.” 

How do you cope with stress?

“I watch a really funny movie and pig out on sinful foods to forget about the stress.

Do you get a massage, do you meditate or simply listen to music or watch movies to unwind?

“I get a massage sometimes, but I listen more to music particularly to jazz and neo-soul genres to relax my mind.”

Favorite city?

“Cebu City.”

Favorite hideaway?

“Boracay Island.”

Name three women that you find sexy.

“Angelina Jolie. Beyoncé Knowles. Anne Curtis.”

And three men that you think have bodies as nice as yours.

“I’m not sure if I have as nice a body as theirs but I’ll mention those who I think are in amazing shape — Ryan Reynolds from Green Lantern, Chris Evans from Captain America and Chris Hemsworth Thor.”

Using only body language, how would you make a girl know that you admire her?

“I’d give her a little smile and eye contact for two seconds.”

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