Tips when planning to upgrade your family car into an SUV

If planning to upgrade the family car, you’ve most definitely look into SUV options, which are great for your growing kids and needs. Toledo and Anj Andaya

MANILA, Philippines — There will come a time when your kids will outgrow the family car. Whether or not a booster seat is still needed, there will be new mobility requirements that your good ‘ol family car may not be able to address anymore.

If indeed planning to upgrade, you’ve most definitely look into SUV options, which are great for your growing kids and needs.

But why is this so? To help you decide further, here are some useful tips plus SUV features to consider:

1. Choose the right vehicle size

The top reason for a family car upgrade, undoubtedly, is the need for a bigger car. And as we know, SUVs are among the bigger car models.

But nowadays, there are various SUV sizes to choose from. If not meticulous enough, you might end up choosing the smaller ones in the market—which may defeat your purpose of upgrading.

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In this regard, nothing beats a seven-seater SUV. First off, this provides ample space for the whole family, as well as your kid’s friends, your relatives, and even furry family members.

What’s more, you should also look into SUVs with proper third row seating so those who’ll have to sit in the back won’t feel crammed in.

This is exactly what the Next-Gen Ford Everest provides as it caters to families who are ready for everything ahead of them.

2. Make sure cargo is as spacious

Even if an SUV can seat seven or more, it won’t matter if the cargo is lacking. A spacious cargo is a must because it could mean you’re also moving into a new house, or doing some DIY or renovation projects.

Your new SUV must be able to carry big and heavy loads from point A to point B. Also remember that chores as simple as grocery shopping may be affected if your family car has a small cargo.

Pro tip, look for SUVs with liftgates that can open automatically even when your hands are full. For example, the Next-Gen Everest liftgate will open just by kicking your foot under the sensor for more convenient loading.

If not home projects and household chores, a big cargo is also a must during family trips. Big enough to carry the entire family’s luggage and other stuff when going on vacations. For example, if you plan to go on beach or camping trips, it should fit even the bulkiest equipment like tents or picnic boxes.

3. Consider tough design and build

Speaking of family trips, you’re probably expecting to drive to more distant destinations now that the kids are older and more grown up. In this regard, the Next-Gen Everest is built with tough Ford DNA—designed and engineered to be an SUV that can take on everything. 

For every type of road, for different destinations, there are different drive modes to choose from.

You don’t even need to worry about floods as the Next-Gen Everest is designed with 800mm water wading capacity.

For on-road driving, the Next-Gen Everest has the Normal mode that is tailored for everyday use and is calibrated for all conditions. Eco mode, on the other hand, is best for fuel efficiency.

The Trend variant offers these modes in six-speed automatic transmission and 4x2 drive.

4. Go for safety and technology

Besides opting for a bigger and better SUV, you should choose one that will give you peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones and passengers are safe.

For the Trend variant, you’ll get seven airbags so you and all your passengers are protected, wherever seated. It also comes with some assist features such as the Traction Control System and Hill Launch Assist & Roll Over Mitigation.

The Security Alarm System adds another layer of safety.

In terms of technology, the Trend variant is designed for the busy and modern family. It has a USB access for the front and second row, as well as a 12V socket for the third row and luggage area. It even has a wireless charging pad for compatible phones.

Another advanced feature is the SYNC®4A, a cloud-connected in-vehicle communication and entertainment system with a 10.1-inch colored portrait touchscreen.

5. Looks, a bonus!

If you can have all these offerings in a good-looking family SUV, then that’s definitely a big bonus and a bang for your buck.

Now stronger and wider, the Next-Gen Everest has an updated chassis and refined suspension. The C-Clamp headlamps on the front grille and the LED taillights are more striking than ever. Overall, the SUV’s bolder and more rugged exterior reflects its uncompromising capability.

But while it’s tough on the outside, it’s a sanctuary on the inside. The interior also redesigned to feel more sophisticated with new soft touch finishes.

Best of all, Ford’s Next-Gen Everest now comes with a 5-year warranty so you’ll be worry-free. Ready? Embark on your next family adventure in style, comfort and safety.


Reserve yours today at your nearest Ford dealership or by visiting this link.

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