In making such history, the racer or driver are backed with time-tested virtues, reputable carmaker, and of course, a trusted fuel brand.
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What it takes for ordinary cars to achieve motoring world records
Euden Valdez ( - September 30, 2019 - 4:30pm

MANILA, Philippines — Whether for professional racing or everyday driving, motorists are always in pursuit of powerful, fuel-efficient and best-performing cars. Thankfully, our race has come a long way in terms of automotive technology.

That’s why every now and then, we also get to witness record-breaking cars driven by individuals who have the grit to not just test but actually break limits. In making such history, the racer or driver are backed with time-tested virtues, reputable carmaker, and of course, a trusted fuel brand like Caltex.

These historic feats are able to explore both the boundaries of automobile and human ability in whatever challenge imaginable.

In motoring records, there’s no better benchmark than the prestigious Guinness World Records. Photo Release

In this league, there’s no better benchmark than the prestigious Guinness World Records. In this list, get to know five of the world’s most amazing motoring records that have set names on stones.

1. World’s fastest car

We can’t deny having that need for speed. Nothing compares to the exhilarating pace that has the air whipping around us during a high-octane adrenaline rush. In the autumn of 1997, Andrew Green from UK definitely got his fix, and set a world record to boot.

In his fastest land-speed record, Green tore through Black Rock Desert, Nevada in his Thrust SSC, reaching speeds of 763.035 miles per hour or 1,227.965 kilometers per hour. It was too fast it broke the sound barrier and produced a sonic boom so loud it caused buildings in a nearby town to shake.

With a supersonic car looking as if it came out of a sci-fi movie, one would immediately think that such speed is attainable. But there’s much science involved. Carmakers had to ensure that the Thrust SSC and its driver would hold together at such speeds. It was powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce Spey 205 turbojet engines, enough to steer three naval ships.

2. Longest ramp jump

While not the most mainstream motorsport event in the planet, rallying remains to be one of the most challenging. Basically, it involves a car taking off from a ramp to jump and land.

When American Travis Pastrana decided to “test the laws of physics” and attempt a world-record in 2009, he chose a Subaru Impreza STI. Yes, the Japanese carmarker’s iconic compact sedan. Of course, he had to employ modifications such as increased horsepower, stiffer suspension and a roll cage—worth about $250,000.

It was also worth a Guinness World Record. Pastrana replaced the previous 98-feet record with a staggering 269-feet record. He more than doubled the distance by “flying” his Subaru over water, before skidding to a halt after reaching the landing barge, where he emerged safe and victorious.

By the way, the car is still legal for the street, Pastrana said. Beat that!

3. Lowest fuel consumption

Speaking of cars meant for the street, one Honda Civic Tourer was able to set the record for the lowest fuel consumption in 2015.

Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren proved just how fuel-efficient a Honda could be. The duo used up a total of only 2.82 liters spanning 100 kilometers while visiting 24 countries in European Union in 25 days. They were even able to exceed the Civic Tourer’s previous fuel consumption figure of 3.8 liter per 100km.

4. Highest vehicle mileage

From the lowest fuel consumption, we now go to the highest vehicle mileage—made by a 1966 Volvo 1800S, which in “distance” was able to circle the earth for over 120 times!

It was in 2014 when New York schoolteacher Irvin Gordon took his personal car and drove it over 100,000 miles per year. He was just visiting car shows.

His dedication to proper maintenance—changing the oil every 3,000-3,500 miles and changing the transmission fluid every 25,000 miles—had ultimately led to his crowning glory when he clocked his total mileage on the odometer at a whopping 3,039,122 miles by the time he won the world record.

5. Fastest mountain road ascent

Old cars, new tricks? Well, here’s another one. This 28-year-old Honda showed how it’s capable of achieving extraordinary feat last summer in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Behind the wheel of this 1600 cc Honda Civic Hatchback is professional racecar driver Natasha Chang, also known as Chiney Dolly. Challenged to race up the roads of Doi Chiang Mountain, Chang followed the route of “less is more.” She shed every unnecessary ounce of sheet metal, trim and plastic from her 28-year-old Honda, breathing second life to it. Once done, she used Caltex with Techron to clean and improve the power of her engine.

As result, she was able to reach the finish line in just 6 minutes and 52.69 seconds, while gaining an elevation of 1,000 meters. She also set a Guinness World Record to beat.

World record-setting fuel

This only proves that both car and fuel play a big part in a motorist’s journey—whether plying the roads on an ordinary day or setting impressive records to leave a mark in history.

Trusted brand Caltex delivers the world’s record-setting fuel with the unbeatable cleaning power. Caltex with Techron contains an innovative formulation, Techron®, which has been scientifically proven to clean and protect engines.

Fuel up at Caltex and feel the difference. — With Gerald Dizon

The Guiness World Record for the fastest mountain road ascent by car clocked in just 6 minutes and 52.69 seconds, while gaining an elevation of 1,000 meters. Photo Release


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