How Accenture’s winning formula helped 5 businesses transform with intelligent operations

Accenture Operations has been working with the biggest companies locally and globally and has contributed to the industry’s success here.
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MANILA, Philippines — Launched in 1985, Accenture Philippines is the first delivery center in Accenture’s global network.

As one of the pioneers in the country’s information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry, it has been working with the biggest companies locally and globally and has contributed to the industry’s success here.

With an innovation-led approach, new technologies and cutting-edge methodologies, Accenture Operations has helped clients address the toughest business challenges. It has delivered such outcomes with its winning formula: human ingenuity + technology = intelligent operations.

By reimagining traditional work into intelligent operations, companies can save more, do more and grow more.

“Accenture Operations brings together human ingenuity and the power of technology to transform businesses intelligently,” says Benedict Hernandez who leads Accenture Operations for the Philippines and Asia Pacific.

Here are five businesses that Accenture Operations has helped transform with its winning formula in the digital era:

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1. Multinational beverage company

Accenture Operations generated nearly $30 million in savings for a multinational beverage company.

Accenture Operations has enabled predictive, near-real time decision-making for a multinational beverage company, as well as generated breakthrough insights through analytics and artificial intelligence.

This resulted in highly automated processes that have generated nearly $30 million in savings for the company. This translated to an average savings rate of 15% per year, with an additional expected 5% savings.

2. Global IT company

Accenture Operations helped a global IT company achieve $140 million in savings, and 50% increase in productivity.

With robotics process automation, Accenture Operations has led a digital transformation in the finance and accounting department of a global IT company. This enabled the company to launch new ideas more quickly and respond more effectively to changing market conditions .

It also achieved a staggering $140 million in savings, and 50% increase in productivity for the company.

3. Global beauty leader

A global beauty leader has a forecast of $50 million in total savings thanks to Accenture Operations.

A global beauty leader has undergone a procurement “makeover” together with Accenture Operations.

Using Accenture SynOps’ blend of human expertise, machine efficiency, and data analytics, the company was able to provide consistent and hyper-personalized digital experiences across all stakeholders—including end-clients, suppliers, partners and employees.

This global beauty leader has significantly increased the efficiency of its day-to-day indirect procurement, with a forecasted $50 million total savings in sourcing alone.

4. Healthcare solutions company

Accenture Operations solved a healthcare solution company's issues in invoice mismatches and policy comliance.

Also with SynOps, Accenture Operations has also helped an international healthcare solutions company reinvent its procure-to-pay processes and performance.

This transformation in the company can now respond to fast-evolving business needs in modern times. $117 million worth of invoice mismatches was resolved to prevent overpayment, while over 133,000 shopping carts were checked to ensure compliance with buying policies.

5. Food and beverage company

Accenture Operations has standardized a global food and beverage company’s HR and finance operations.

Accenture Operations can also improve risk management and compliance. It has standardized a global food and beverage company’s HR and finance operations with robotic process automation (RPA) and analytics.

The company’s new and standardized processes, coupled with RPA and analytics, have led to productivity gains of 36% in HR and 35% in finance.

Going beyond traditional operations

Indeed, Accenture Operations has gone beyond the traditional business process services. Not only has it helped global companies capitalize on innovations and new technologies, but it has also upskilled its people as they improve critical-thinking skills, boost industry capabilities, work with industry leaders, and ultimately make an impact.

“Accenture Operations is doing things differently by unleashing the power of human ingenuity and intelligent technologies to reimagine business operations. Our people have gone beyond voice and transactional jobs—they help global companies solve challenges through innovation, make their businesses future-ready and improve the way we work and live,” concludes Hernandez.


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